Gaming on the iMac Pro - How bad can it be?

  • Published: 12 March 2018
  • Despite its "pro" marketing, the iMac Pro still has a Vega 56 inside - Can it possibly hope to drive that beautiful 5K display? And can we do better?

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Comments • 5 175

  • Mint Mindy
    Mint Mindy  7 days back

    Do you think the Mac Pro 2019 will have better luck?

    • SSJ GØD
      SSJ GØD  3 days back

      @Mint Mindy still fools will buy that shit

    • Mint Mindy
      Mint Mindy  3 days back

      @SSJ GØD LOL ikr. and the crowd reaction to it was HILARIOUS!

    • SSJ GØD
      SSJ GØD  3 days back

      999$ monitor stand!! Have a good day

  • Cookie Frtiz
    Cookie Frtiz  1 weeks back

    This is the brand that launched the first dual core what has happned

    • theloniousMac
      theloniousMac  1 weeks back

      I moaned so loud when you stopped and didn’t go to a better eGPU, then I saw how old this video is.

      • ji ribu
        ji ribu  2 weeks back

        cooling and power consumtion

        • Karen
          Karen  2 weeks back

          You have committed crimes against skyrim and her people what say you in your defence

          • RadiantNoob
            RadiantNoob  2 weeks back

            what if you add liquid cooling and a Rtx 2080ti to iMac pro

            • Ondiek Owaga
              Ondiek Owaga  3 weeks back

              so why even bother buying an imac?

              • R. KARTHI
                R. KARTHI  3 weeks back

                How much price

                • dogunit100
                  dogunit100  4 weeks back

                  Thermaltake nice if you're angry while gaming you could smash your face right on the glass for stress relief...

                  • Autumn Brown
                    Autumn Brown  1 months back

                    I bought the iMac 27-inch for what I’m going to do, which is photoshop, animation, cgi, etc and apple is good for that, but I also play CSGO in esports at my school. When school is out I want to continue playing so but I don’t have the money to get a pc or monitor, so I use what I got. Now at our school we only have iMacs. Everything’s apple. So, we play csgo on them and the experience is phenomenal. No lags, no frame drops, nothing. But those computers are connected to an Ethernet, so I’m roughly confused. Csgo on my iMac for me hasn’t been too bad. I do have the occasional frame drops and lags but it is what it is. I’ve invested in an Ethernet cord and honestly, it makes the experience worse. I get 44 ms on discord and my frames drop heavily and the game get laggy real bad. But when I disconnect from the Ethernet and connect to the WiFi, it seems to work a bit better. I still have frame drops but not as bad as with the Ethernet. But I’m gonna invest more of my time in trying to figure out how to perform better on my iMac while saving money for a pc and monitor. If anyone has any ideas of how to help me figuring how to perform Csgo better on my iMac, please let me know lol

                    • KodyXXVll
                      KodyXXVll  1 months back

                      People who like apple computers are like religions people. They have literally no evidence or proof for why they like what they do, they just do.

                      • Noctum
                        Noctum  1 months back

                        I used to game on a 9yo Mac in Australia..

                        • RadiantNoob
                          RadiantNoob  2 weeks back

                          U can build a 3000 pc way better than a mac

                      • Novis
                        Novis  2 months back

                        I think Apple could make a lot if they invested in the gaming community. How much would they charge for it tho...

                        • CrazyScammer123 PD21H
                          CrazyScammer123 PD21H  2 months back

                          Who else thinks that if it wasn’t for the sponsors he would have a thousand criticism for their products.

                          • Shaymin
                            Shaymin  2 months back

                            Welcome, *iMac* ..
                            *Invitation Notification [1]*
                            You've been invited by *Gaming PC Gang* !

                            • RadiantNoob
                              RadiantNoob  2 weeks back

                              No gamers wast money on a iMac because it’s overpriced

                          • Rohan Jain
                            Rohan Jain  2 months back

                            To all of these people saying Macs are not worth it, that thunderbolt 3 is so valuable for pros. The 5K resolution at half resolution is 1440 at 220 ppi vs 1080 for 4K. Audio drivers and colour management is the best on the Mac hands down. Windows is worth it for gaming. For pro stuff it really does depend. But name anywhere where a 5K display that is basically best in class (and better when calibrated) with DCI p3 and 92 percent Adobe RGB, thunderbolt 3, 10 bit GPU external gpu support, an Xeon for good AVX instructions with great software optimization. It might not be for everyone, but it is FAIRLY priced and a jack of all trades build.

                          • Flash Tutorials IOS
                            Flash Tutorials IOS  3 months back

                            bro, your voice is hard to listen, hurts my tympanum

                            • Eric Kwak
                              Eric Kwak  3 months back

                              I love all the comments from PC-Only users saying stuff like "I get the same FPS for ___ less" - If this is you, clearly you've missed the point as to why people purchase Mac over Windows. First and foremost, OSX. Sorry, but Windows has nothing on OSX when it comes to stability as its a Unix platform. In a work environment, this means significantly less BS crashes where you lose work that you just did. You can say you have the best hardware out there, but who cares when you run into stability issues? The next thing about Apple products over whatever you think is "better" - The amount of R&D that goes into each component within a Mac is infinitely more than the laptops which are slapped together every few months. Theres a reason why you only see hardware revisions every year or so with Apple, and thats because they thoroughly test every single component prior to releasing it. Most other brands may come out with 2 or 3 "new" editions, however you will most likely need to update drivers on individual components as time goes on to fix issues that weren't caught during QA/testing as there simply wasn't enough time before production.

                              With all this being said, yes Windows-based computers can be purchased for less money. However, if you want a computer that has all of its components working harmoniously together as well as a more stable operating system for more "mission critical" applications, then clearly you will be able to justify the higher price tag of Macs over whatever other brand you're a fan of. To make this more understandable, take a look at the Surface Pro lineup by Microsoft. They come with HEFTY price tags for the latest models, and the reason behind this is because they have a similar process to Apple's when selecting parts and manufacturing the hardware.

                              Lastly, I'd like to point out a pretty obvious factor when comparing Apple products to most other competitors: Build Quality. Yes, individual components can fail in any computer, however every Mac I've purchased since the early 2000s has outlasted any of the PC computers that I've purchased by at least two or three fold. Especially since they introduced the unibody aluminum cases, they've lasted that much longer and have withstood some drops and hits that no plastic laptop could. There's a reason why other companies are starting to do the same and build their laptops out of solid aluminum frames, and it's not just because of aesthetics. Go purchase a brand new MacBook Pro and a brand new top of the line Dell laptop and tell me which one feels like it will last longer. It's no wonder that Apple gear tends to retain its resale value years later, while the supposedly "better" PC gear from the same period of time can be purchased at pennies on the dollar. I actually use both Mac and PC, however due to the profession I'm in as well as the experiences I've had over the years, I definitely prefer Macs over PC in most use cases. If your intent is to only play games on your hardware, then get a PC obviously. But if you plan on doing anything productive on your computer, I'd at least consider a Mac. The OSX operating system absolutely kills Windows in every way when it comes to multitasking and productivity. If you haven't tried out the latest MacOS Mojave, I suggest you at least give it a try. You might be quite pleased with what you experience.

                              • Benjamin von Steinbach
                                Benjamin von Steinbach  3 months back

                                The iMac Pro can correct memory errors, your custom setup not. Also, when you use an external card... you must connect an separate monitor to the external graphics card... so you unload the thunderbolt bandwidth... it has to send all the data to the card and send the rendered data back... also your custom build has 1K less pixels... not 100% correct comparison. The iMac is bullet proof performance, the PC is not... no Workstation features.

                                • Benjamin von Steinbach
                                  Benjamin von Steinbach  3 months back

                                  Or compare the next time to a pc with ecc memory, everyone knows that the ecc is slower because of the error correction.

                              • BaseFocus
                                BaseFocus  3 months back

                                Another Solution if you really love MacOS and Want a gaming pc:
                                Just Get a gaming pc that is compatible with Hackintosh, Install MacOS & booloader, install windows

                                That solution is Great for the People who want the Softwares that work only with MacOS and Want to actually play games on the same computer.

                                • innplanet
                                  innplanet  3 months back

                                  can anyone please what game he was playing on 5:45 with small car please please tell me.

                                  • JD Willemsen
                                    JD Willemsen  3 months back

                                    Couldn’t you with 3D printing and all, now improve on cooling ? With 2 noctua fans perhaps ?
                                    That might a challenge.

                                    • Jay Playz - ROBLOX & More!


                                      • Pushplar
                                        Pushplar  3 months back

                                        A 5K display for $5,000 seems about right

                                        • Travis Mix
                                          Travis Mix  3 months back

                                          turn down the resolution to 1440 and it works great in gaming

                                          • Thehulksterbeast
                                            Thehulksterbeast  3 months back

                                            im watching this video for the first time March 12th 2019 lol

                                          • Spiral modding
                                            Spiral modding  3 months back

                                            is 5k really necessary and damn the Thermaltake Core P90 case looks so cool.

                                            • Tysonthq27predator
                                              Tysonthq27predator  3 months back

                                              Custom pc and gaming PCs are for broke people with $1,000
                                              Be rich like me I have iMac NOOOOOB
                                              IT'S WORTH $4K OOLOLLOOLOLOLOLOL
                                              THANKS DAD OLOLOLOOLOLOLOLLOOLO
                                              RICH DADDYYYYY $$$$$$

                                              • Tysonthq27predator
                                                Tysonthq27predator  3 months back

                                                Also if you don't know I broke its screen on the third day it came....

                                                Me - #thuglife

                                                Dad - really nigga

                                            • Magnitude715
                                              Magnitude715  3 months back

                                              LTT: How about you guys DIY an AIO cooler (or custom loop) onto the back of the iMac pro? ;)

                                              • Joseph Thering
                                                Joseph Thering  3 months back

                                                Yes to that cooling vid!

                                                • lixdy
                                                  lixdy  3 months back

                                                  People are only buying imacs for the experience of having a really expensive pc 😑

                                                  • Thehulksterbeast
                                                    Thehulksterbeast  3 months back

                                                    i know just how can you Justify the Price for these things

                                                • Mitch Johnson
                                                  Mitch Johnson  3 months back

                                                  You're gaming on a 4k monitor like some kind of cave man?

                                                  • Crazy Reebro
                                                    Crazy Reebro  3 months back

                                                    I pLaY mInEcRaFt on my DAd’s iMac

                                                    • Flashing Comet86
                                                      Flashing Comet86  3 months back


                                                      • Daniel Zhang
                                                        Daniel Zhang  4 months back

                                                        Linus HATES apple, everyone should know that

                                                        • ktucker147
                                                          ktucker147  4 months back

                                                          I think the power consumption is critically important. Thus if you get all that power in a single screen yet it uses only a fraction of power normally associated with powerful equipment of that grade, than it’s likely to be the most valuable equipment on the market regardless of the current price.

                                                          • Maher Sbenati
                                                            Maher Sbenati  4 months back

                                                            What Apple should do to stand a chance is either simply incorporate an 1080Ti-level card in their products, or alternatively simply pay game developers to use Metal2. I see significant improvements with Metal supporting titles, but they aren't many. That streaming tip is very useful though .... I can get a Corsair One and stream the output to my iMac, which would be awesome.

                                                            • UncreativeUsername
                                                              UncreativeUsername  4 months back

                                                              the core P90?

                                                              • Phenomenon Fish
                                                                Phenomenon Fish  4 months back

                                                                Even if the mac is speced it could only run Roblox smoothly for me.

                                                                • marshall branin
                                                                  marshall branin  4 months back

                                                                  At least on my Mac, I find the amount of games is more limiting than the hardware

                                                                  • Idominuss
                                                                    Idominuss  4 months back

                                                                    i use imac for work purposes mainly but it does get the job done for gaming. definitley not at the level of custom made pcs but yeah

                                                                    • Fever
                                                                      Fever  4 months back

                                                                      I like how everyone on the comment section is hating apple nonsense. Really, stop ignoring that you are such retards not acknowledging that iMac is not meant for gaming and denying it's a good machine. Grow up. Linus Tech Tips and his followers are such a toxic community and I'm tired of watching an apple related video and seeing bombs of negative comments about how the ''PC GAMING MASTER RACE'' is by no means better and that apple is trash, they have contributed a lot in tech advancements but you people are not seeing that. I'm not an apple fanboy, I do enjoy PC Gaming but really, I get tired of seeing this types of comments.

                                                                      • DumleJäätelö
                                                                        DumleJäätelö  4 months back

                                                                        when you oh yeah yeah

                                                                        • DumleJäätelö
                                                                          DumleJäätelö  4 months back

                                                                          when you have 1%

                                                                          • MrWilson6600
                                                                            MrWilson6600  4 months back

                                                                            this video should be called "what can a mac actually do"

                                                                            • cooolloooll
                                                                              cooolloooll  4 months back

                                                                              Dude I know you get a lot of money from ads and sponsors but aren't you going to run out of money by buying like 500 imac pros?

                                                                              • Commandblock6417
                                                                                Commandblock6417  4 months back

                                                                                So, I have a macbook pro with thunderbolt 2 and I want something better than Intel iris6100 Graphics. Will using an external case with an rx560 do anything or am I just stuck with iris?

                                                                                • Kubomi
                                                                                  Kubomi  4 months back

                                                                                  Best way to game on mac is through windows in bootcamp. lol