Mushroom Casting with Zinc and Aluminum (First Attempt)

  • Published: 18 February 2017
  • This was my first attempt at casting a mushroom with molten metal (zinc and aluminum). I've put out two mushroom casting videos so far which I actually did after this one and they turned out much better. While my first attempt was not perfect, I thought it was pretty interesting and the finished cast turned out great.

    I actually first got the idea to make mushroom casts when I saw this mushroom. I thought it looked really cool, like the mushrooms in Super Mario Bros with specs all over (amanita) . I grabbed some plaster I had lying around and poured the mold without really having any idea how I would make the finished metal cast. As an amateur with plaster, I didn't mix it good enough and the form I placed around the mushroom was insufficient and allowed the plaster to pour out as you can see in the video. No biggie though, you live you learn.

    I experimented with different ways of getting the mushroom debris out (picking at it, heating it, washing it) and in the end I didn't get all of the mushroom out of the mold the first time. I also didn't dry the plaster mold enough (which is why it bubbles so much). I tried to use molten zinc first, thinking that would work better because it's more fluid, but that didn't work out very well. Mainly because I didn't have enough of the mushroom debris removed.

    Upon breaking the plaster mold open after the zinc cast attempt, I realized that the mushroom was not fully cast. Many days later I was inspecting the broken plaster pieces to see if I could figure out what went wrong, and I had the idea of piecing the mold back together and trying again. There were many large pieces still intact but I still had to patch several parts with new aluminum.

    Anyway, I cast the mushroom and it turned out pretty awesome. Most people I show the casts to say this is the best one.

    This was the first one that I cast in plaster, but I actually cast another one with metal first just as a test. You can see that one here:

    After I saw that one turned out good, I decided to go ahead and cast this one. You can see more pictures of this cast here:

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  • MoKhatib21
    MoKhatib21  24 hours back

    Everyone stfu bout the ant hill, y’all late anyway it was in 2013. Making him feel like shit over something so long ago is so dumb and childish.

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      0:42 Bullfrogs

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        Very cool

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          Surfercurtis  2 months back

          That was 4 minutes I’ll never get back.

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            Leina Nightray  2 months back

            Oddly satisfying

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              DonutCovered Kitty  3 months back

              R.I.P Toad from Mario you will be missed

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                  Tj Kruse  4 months back

                  Mmmmmmmm chunky milk

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                    The best thing about this video is the Chuck-Will's-Widow at the beginning.

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                      *tinker bell has left the chat*

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                        0:52 That isn't good for Mushroom's stomach :3

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                          real life ron swanson over here

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                            Savon Blanchard  6 months back

                            I would’ve given up after the first try lmao 😂

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                              U get ur first play button at 100k

                              U now 460k

                              *JUST DO IT* MAN!!!

                              (and by me saying just do it I mean cast ur play button)

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                                Now this i can get behind

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                                      Binoo patel  8 months back

                                      Please show your full collection of casting

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                                        Manic Mechanic Man  8 months back

                                        That's too EPIC! Never would have thought of that! Incredible art!!!

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                                          UndyingWrath  8 months back

                                          That toad has seen and been through some shit

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                                            Cayden Evenson  9 months back

                                            That was just amazing

                                            • carlie jo
                                              carlie jo  9 months back

                                              love this wow !

                                              • ItsFrankiLove ;D
                                                ItsFrankiLove ;D  9 months back

                                                Piecing the mold back together? Hella the patience. The mushroom? Hella epic. I love the bumps and stuff on it, i needs one

                                                • User
                                                  User  9 months back

                                                  When the day comes for you to mastering casting on mushrooms... will you cast my mushroom?

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                                                      Stop trying dope

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                                                            • مرتضى وفتخر علي

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                                                                You glued the broken pieces!
                                                                Level of patience: GOD

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                                                                  R.I.P mushroom

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                                                                        Why kill the mushroom?
                                                                        LEAVE THE MUSHROOMS they did nothing to you, well maybe one poisoned your friend

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                                                                          Very cool, Kanye!

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                                                                            I love that he shows the failure and the retry. That is an awesome lesson for people.

                                                                            • Min min congrats on changing your name also

                                                                              It looks like a mushroom

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                                                                                                Metal mushroom

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                                                                                                  Underdark art