• Published: 15 August 2017
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  • someone someone
    someone someone  4 days back

    *GET THEM OUT!!!*

    • Siberian girl and friends

      Ryland and Shane have the prettiest eye colors ever 💞💞💞

      • Chelcea Quigley
        Chelcea Quigley  3 weeks back

        Who's here after they got engaged


        • Jezza Belleza
          Jezza Belleza  3 weeks back

          And now Shane is a beauty guru! ✨

          • Grace Kirchgessner
            Grace Kirchgessner  3 weeks back

            Cheeto is an asshole. lol

            • McDonald’sFrenchFries

              Lmao 😂 right now god can’t stop ✋🏻 who els

              • McDonald’sFrenchFries

                Lol 😂

                • McDonald’sFrenchFries

                  O god

                  • Stella Ransom
                    Stella Ransom  1 months back

                    I love that all of your makeup is in a cardboard box <3

                    • Luci Licious
                      Luci Licious  1 months back

                      I live for your vlogs! please dont stop

                      • Cbo
                        Cbo  1 months back

                        Gay with two three Y's

                        • Cbo
                          Cbo  1 months back

                          This is not cute it is G A Y

                          • Louise _890
                            Louise _890  1 months back

                            are u sure that’s a swan ryland

                            • Javier Delgado
                              Javier Delgado  1 months back

                              I hope Ryland picked up that inflatable.

                              • Bonnie Baszkiewicz
                                Bonnie Baszkiewicz  1 months back

                                I like watching these vlogs but please change the days of the week clips. Please 😭

                                • Eve Backhaus
                                  Eve Backhaus  1 months back

                                  I am crying because my grandma died and you made me feel so much happier and not upset thank you♥️♥️

                                  • Skinny witch
                                    Skinny witch  1 months back

                                    Shane has steep up his makeup game

                                    • Breeana Looney
                                      Breeana Looney  1 months back

                                      Where is that husky you guys got? she was so pretty

                                      • WhatcanIwriteinhere
                                        WhatcanIwriteinhere  1 months back

                                        2019 anyone? When Shane is actually good at makeup.

                                        • Yaiel Ghaffaar
                                          Yaiel Ghaffaar  2 months back

                                          I love this channel. I want my BF to watch it.

                                          • Esther Pratt
                                            Esther Pratt  2 months back

                                            Hilarious!!! Your eyes look a little zombie like. Maybe Shane could work for Walking Dead. Lol

                                            • koko18409
                                              koko18409  2 months back

                                              They gay I swear to god

                                              • Pikalop
                                                Pikalop  2 months back

                                                Guys guess what?

                                                UPDATE TIME

                                                • Morgan Mcaneney
                                                  Morgan Mcaneney  2 months back

                                                  Can we get an updated video of this?!? 😍

                                                  • Annalise Bash
                                                    Annalise Bash  2 months back

                                                    Wait are y’all not concerned that uno can just run away into the “forest”

                                                    • mia mendez
                                                      mia mendez  2 months back

                                                      Why is shanes work space cleaner than yours. I thought he was the messy one

                                                      • cyber - saint 自殺
                                                        cyber - saint 自殺  2 months back

                                                        why is the carpet asKEWWWWW

                                                        • Queen Pinkitty
                                                          Queen Pinkitty  2 months back

                                                          7:35 you can't can't go outside like that, yet you can show your face like that on camera for millions of people to see

                                                          • Hailey allen*
                                                            Hailey allen*  2 months back

                                                            2019. When shane got engaged with rylane

                                                            • Ashley Norton
                                                              Ashley Norton  2 months back

                                                              It's a flamingo not swan lol

                                                              • Violet Newman
                                                                Violet Newman  2 months back

                                                                Who is watching in 2019 when Shane and ryland are engaged xx

                                                                • Kate Ohman
                                                                  Kate Ohman  2 months back

                                                                  I'm ready,I'm ready,I'm readay!!!!!

                                                                  • Sam Bo
                                                                    Sam Bo  2 months back

                                                                    When Shane becomes his inner beauty guru, everyone will look back at this video and notice how good he has got

                                                                    • Amie Clegg
                                                                      Amie Clegg  2 months back

                                                                      Do an update XD

                                                                      • Victoria Fleuty
                                                                        Victoria Fleuty  2 months back

                                                                        I feel that we need an update

                                                                        • Kassandra Lopez
                                                                          Kassandra Lopez  2 months back

                                                                          Did he say swan ???😂😂

                                                                          • Trip
                                                                            Trip  2 months back

                                                                            8:50 You should have add flames in his eyes

                                                                            • Memtron 22
                                                                              Memtron 22  2 months back

                                                                              3:57 rip

                                                                              • Maggie Rich
                                                                                Maggie Rich  2 months back

                                                                                Flaming hot Cheeto killed me

                                                                                • AsherConniff LuvsToLearn
                                                                                  AsherConniff LuvsToLearn  3 months back

                                                                                  why aren't 20million people subbed to Ryland

                                                                                  • Abby Allen
                                                                                    Abby Allen  3 months back

                                                                                    Yes the swan not a FLAMINGO at all...

                                                                                    • PATTYY L
                                                                                      PATTYY L  3 months back

                                                                                      When Shane did the helium he sounds like Trisha lmfao

                                                                                      • Jada Eyler
                                                                                        Jada Eyler  3 months back

                                                                                        he posted this the day i turned 14

                                                                                        • amelia j
                                                                                          amelia j  3 months back

                                                                                          And how’s hes Lowkey good at makeup

                                                                                          • Roseanne Park
                                                                                            Roseanne Park  3 months back

                                                                                            0:54 Taylor Swift

                                                                                            • Billie Gene
                                                                                              Billie Gene  1 months back

                                                                                              That's exactly what I thought 😂

                                                                                          • Imma Walrus
                                                                                            Imma Walrus  3 months back

                                                                                            Flaming hot Cheeto. Lol

                                                                                            • Darlene Mac Donald
                                                                                              Darlene Mac Donald  3 months back

                                                                                              Face it, Cheeto, Uno , and Honey rule the house

                                                                                              • Zoe McKenzie
                                                                                                Zoe McKenzie  3 months back

                                                                                                "This is why we can't have nice things."

                                                                                                -Ryland Adams (Taylor Swift)