Joe Rogan on Conor McGregor Becoming 2-Division Champ at UFC 205

  • Published: 16 November 2016
  • This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #871 with Brendan Schaub (, also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (

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  • Kyle Wilhelmsen
    Kyle Wilhelmsen  8 hours back

    "almost bizarre" X5

    • Kyle Wilhelmsen
      Kyle Wilhelmsen  8 hours back


      • mike
        mike  2 days back

        Love the way brendan says nooo at 11:03

        • joseph martin
          joseph martin  2 weeks back

          At the end They are so right... I have bought all Conors Ppvs

          • Kieran Mallon
            Kieran Mallon  2 weeks back

            5:31 - 5:33

            • ImagesHD
              ImagesHD  3 weeks back


              • Henry Solstice
                Henry Solstice  1 months back


                • SoGiga
                  SoGiga  1 months back

                  8:27 😂😂😂😂

                  • Ninerz 415
                    Ninerz 415  2 months back

                    Joe “almost bizarre” Rogan

                    • D B
                      D B  2 months back

                      Daniel Ireland
                      A bit better.

                      • Linas Kaskonas
                        Linas Kaskonas  2 months back

                        Well, i think lots of haters gonna come up, but i think this Connor would have made waaaaay better fight for Khabib, not saying he would win but it would be close fight. I love Khabib as a fighter, he is good, but guys, lets be real, Conor was his shade that fight

                        • S M
                          S M  1 months back

                          The in and out style Conor had against Aldo is what he needs to beat Khabib. Conor stopped bouncing because it wastes energy and that’s why in the Alvarez fight he just stepped forward and back and wasn’t bouncing. He needs that quick precision bounce in and bounce out / sprawl out against khabib. Khabib and Alvarez are two different wrestlers. Alvarez brawls and then shoots close/wrestled them down from the exchange while Khabib shoots from a distance. In the Khabib fight you could see Conor actually wanted to see how his wrestling compared to Khabib, otherwise he would’ve stood up and ground and pound from the first shoot, instead of hopping on top of Khabib and transitioning. Conor can definitely do it, Khabib has a lot of holes, McGregor just needs the motivation. Everyone that talking shit will never know what it’s like to have $100 million dollars +... he never needs to do anything. If he can get the same mind set and hunger back, he’ll do it easily.

                        • TheGuy
                          TheGuy  1 months back

                          When the bell rang for the first round, I was watching with a buddy of mine, I just went "this isn't Conor". he has always been about timing and precision, his footwork, his calm posture, his calculated tragedy... come 229 he runs at Khabib like a fucking rookie.

                      • Joey Joyner
                        Joey Joyner  3 months back

                        Conor needs to be on podcast ASAP

                        • d 9
                          d 9  3 months back

                          Why didnt this Conor show up to the Khabib fight. I really want to see him fight Khabib again because he looked off after that long MMA lay-off.

                          • SoccerScoutsBDTM
                            SoccerScoutsBDTM  3 months back

                            Schaub almost got it right. We had to wait almost 2 years.

                            • Alexander Hughett
                              Alexander Hughett  3 months back


                              • Nick B
                                Nick B  3 months back

                                literally the best fighter ever, even 3 times better then khabib

                                • B randon
                                  B randon  3 months back

                                  Funny how Brendan was wrong that the next fight for Conor was technically Khabib

                                  • RyanJL337
                                    RyanJL337  2 weeks back

                                    B randon Yeah Brendan couldn't possibly imagine the whole Khabib/Artem Lobov confrontation and Connor throwing the dolly at the shuttle bus. That shit made the khabib fight huge.

                                • Jason Swift
                                  Jason Swift  3 months back

                                  Eddie should of 73d like his corner kept shouting

                                  • YUNG ACE
                                    YUNG ACE  4 months back

                                    and then there was KHABIB......

                                    • Big Smoke
                                      Big Smoke  4 months back

                                      Joe is so real and the other rat is so fake.. brenden seems acting in a reality show his whole life.

                                      • kabreu
                                        kabreu  4 months back

                                        4:59 "If you think he's fighting Ferguson or Khabib next, you're batshit crazy."

                                      • Red Hook MMA
                                        Red Hook MMA  4 months back

                                        He was never a 2-division champion. He was merely a 2 belt winner. Champ is someone, who defends his belt. Conor never defended his any belt, let alone 2 belts. DC won 2 belts and defended both of them. DC is the real 2 division champ.

                                        • cian mcgrath
                                          cian mcgrath  1 months back

                                          He became a champion in two divisions therefore he is a 2-divison champion

                                        • Hayden Mullins
                                          Hayden Mullins  4 months back

                                          Red Hook MMA Shut your fookin mouth.

                                      • Ninerz 415
                                        Ninerz 415  5 months back

                                        Joe “it’s almost bizarre” Rogan

                                        • Dawgnation_ 04
                                          Dawgnation_ 04  5 months back

                                          Sub me

                                          • Matthew Wolfe
                                            Matthew Wolfe  5 months back

                                            Khabib was his boundary.

                                            • Jdm Suspects
                                              Jdm Suspects  5 months back

                                              2013: The come up
                                              2014: a staple after injury
                                              2015: the best striker in the world making the featherweight divisions his
                                              2016: Huge loss, came back and became the double champ
                                              2017: Made close to 100mill yet loss to Floyd
                                              2018: Civil cases, proper 12, and getting smashed by khabib.

                                              • Eric
                                                Eric  3 weeks back

                                                J H hopefully man

                                              • J H
                                                J H  3 weeks back

                                                Jdm Suspects 2019: wins nate diaz trilogy, beats cowboy
                                                2020: gets back what is his

                                              • Joe Ross
                                                Joe Ross  1 months back

                                                Smeshed by khabib*

                                              • TheGuy
                                                TheGuy  1 months back

                                                His career is a book trilogy, 3 season TV adaptation, A whole ass movie franchise and a video game.

                                            • Jdm Suspects
                                              Jdm Suspects  5 months back

                                              Forward 2 years later and welll...

                                              • Killian carragher
                                                Killian carragher  5 months back

                                                Barry McGuigan like if you know that Irish warrior

                                                • Ross Cockcroft
                                                  Ross Cockcroft  5 months back

                                                  "If you think he's fighting khabib next you're bat shit crazy"

                                                  • william coleman
                                                    william coleman  6 months back

                                                    if Conor would have never fought Flloyd Mayweather, we'd all be looking a a much different Conor and a much different UFC. I feel Conor should have never fought Floyd. I'm sure Conor's bank account begs to differ though.

                                                  • Shawn Thompson
                                                    Shawn Thompson  6 months back

                                                    4:59 Cmon Bruh 😂

                                                    • Doctor Sk
                                                      Doctor Sk  6 months back

                                                      Now I see Brendan is good at predictions

                                                      • aaron morgan
                                                        aaron morgan  6 months back

                                                        The days before khabib

                                                        • Casey Brigham
                                                          Casey Brigham  6 months back

                                                          Crazy how this has aged

                                                          • Cammy Campbell
                                                            Cammy Campbell  6 months back

                                                            After all this He did fight khabib

                                                            • mak11t
                                                              mak11t  6 months back

                                                              I bet no one predicted Conor’s next two fights would be mayweather next then khabib in ww3. The future is crazy man, wonder I what will have happened in 3 years, “yoo aliens will do nuttin”

                                                              • jakegetscake
                                                                jakegetscake  6 months back

                                                                This is the Conor I wanted to see in the khabib fight. Really upsetting he was very slow and his timing was of if a rematch happens he needs to work a lot more

                                                                • mike
                                                                  mike  2 days back

                                                                  The 1st fight he didnt train to win he trained not to lose, plus i think he had a lot of shit going on in the background. Like opening a distillery making tonnes of 💸 was gonna lead to heavy drinking

                                                                • Everybody's Uncle
                                                                  Everybody's Uncle  3 weeks back

                                                                  ShortGrumpyMidget he was scared. He was confident the entire build up but 10 seconds after the bell rung he knew he was fucked

                                                                • Blueghostontoast
                                                                  Blueghostontoast  3 weeks back

                                                                  Khabib was clever, he kept Conor down for the majority of the first two rounds. By the third round, Conor didn't have anything in his punches anymore

                                                                • Brandon
                                                                  Brandon  4 weeks back

                                                                  He changed his fighting style after the mayweather fight. His stance is more like a boxer now, he needs to get back in his karate stance

                                                                • BACKSabbath420
                                                                  BACKSabbath420  4 weeks back

                                                                  THAT Conor would beat Khabib imo

                                                              • Margot Cappello
                                                                Margot Cappello  7 months back

                                                                Wow, Shaub was bang on saying Conor wouldn't be back for a long time!!!

                                                                • 00 00
                                                                  00 00  7 months back

                                                                  Joe doing Conor impression... love it

                                                                  • Brad Karren
                                                                    Brad Karren  7 months back

                                                                    Connor is the modern day Irish Bruce Lee with 100 million dollars to tinker with.

                                                                    • OMGKITTENMEWMEW1
                                                                      OMGKITTENMEWMEW1  7 months back

                                                                      Conor's fights look fixed. He's so good he can make his opponents look like they're trying to lose.

                                                                    • mr no_name
                                                                      mr no_name  7 months back

                                                                      Brendan was wrong what a dumbass he's so gay

                                                                      • B. Stone
                                                                        B. Stone  7 months back

                                                                        8:25 hahahaha

                                                                        • Andrew Armstrong
                                                                          Andrew Armstrong  7 months back

                                                                          Narrow he knocked Nate on his ass so many times wtf

                                                                          • roseslasher
                                                                            roseslasher  7 months back

                                                                            Do you like dags?

                                                                            • C S
                                                                              C S  7 months back

                                                                              Boxing WAS a bigger sport than MMA, not anymore.

                                                                              • Mangoshek
                                                                                Mangoshek  7 months back

                                                                                that's what movement did to Conor
                                                                                you beta males won't get it

                                                                                • The legend of Saint Charles

                                                                                  It’s not bizarre, it’s a fight. Which in fights outcomes are infinitely random.