The 10 Commandments of Chest Training (GET A BIG CHEST!)

  • Published: 25 January 2018
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    If you want to build a bigger chest you have to make sure you are avoiding the biggest chest workout mistakes while not forgetting to do the right things. In this video, we are going to cover the 10 commandments of chest training. The shalt and shalt nots of how to make sure every one of your chest workouts is productive and helping you to pack on those pec gains.

    This is the complete list of chest training tips found in this video:

    1. Thou shalt keep traps out of your chest training
    2. Thou shalt initiate every contraction from the chest
    3. Thou shalt adduct at every opportunity
    4. Thou shalt do drop sets
    5. Thou shalt do pullovers, yes pullovers!
    6. Thou shalt do squeeze ups
    7. Thou shalt protect your shoulders
    8. Thou shalt do overcoming isometrics for max fiber recruitment
    9. Thou shalt face pull for a bigger chest
    10. Thou shalt never train chest on Monday

    Taking from the chest master tip on our channel, you must remember to remove your traps from your chest exercises. Far too often, the traps will engage and shrug the shoulders up prior to doing dips, bench presses or any chest exercise for that matter, and it is taking away from the health of your shoulders and the amount of work the chest can do.

    It is important that every chest exercise starts with a contraction from the chest muscles and not the shoulders. A lot of this can be controlled by your posture and whether you remember to keep your shoulders back during the exercise. You will see an example of how to apply this to your bench press but it goes for any chest exercise you do.

    Adduction at the shoulder is one of the main functions of the chest. It is the movement that separates the function of the chest from that of the front delt and must be present if you want to achieve a complete chest contraction. Incorporate exercises at all opportunities that allow you to do this on your reps even if it means using lighter weights.

    Pullovers are actually not just a back exercise. I will show you how to tweak the exercise so that it really hits the upper chest hard and helps you to build a sculpted set of pecs that stand off your chest from top to bottom.

    Drop sets are a great way to increase the intensity put forth in your chest workout. Use a single exercise and simply cut the weight in half that you use after taking your heavier set to failure. This will allow you to not just train to failure (with the help of the larger assistive muscles) but then pushing through failure with just the chest doing the rest of the work.

    Protecting your shoulder joints at all costs should be a primary concern of yours during chest training. You can do this by including some more decline bench press or even turning the flat bench you have into a decline bench by putting a plate under the end of the bench. Either way, avoiding the traditional bench fly in favor of the floor fly is also a great way to prevent collateral damage to your shoulders when trying to build a bigger chest.

    There are more commandments of chest training to share but they are packed into this one comprehensive video. If you are looking for a complete program that will help you to build a big, ripped athletic chest while training like an athlete head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. See how to be explosive and powerful while still building functional muscle in just 90 days with Jeff coaching you every step of the way.

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      Are you trying to make fun of Christ??

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      I love Jessie's eyebrows....have you named them yet???
      P.s. thank you for all your help. So far I've lost 60 lbs of fat in the last 8 months, and have gain 20 of muscle in the last 2. Thank you

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    Forgive me for these gains father

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      You're messing with international chest day.😄

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          Great stuff. Saw an YouTube video by an online trainer; he advocates arching the low back off the bench when doing incline dumbbell training. what is your opinion about this?

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                        John Doe  2 weeks back

                        I have 40# and 25# DB's and no bench.You gave some good ideas for a few more exercises with limited equipment.Thanks.

                        • Dat-Vi Hà
                          Dat-Vi Hà  2 weeks back

                          I've tried this chest overcoming isometric for the first time 3 days ago. Unfortunately I also got my first headache making sport. I've stopped directly, scared of aneurysm rupture. These 2 last days I've tried to work lighter but got pain behind my right eye. I've taken a appointment with my doctor but can you talk about this please ?

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                            Until watching this video I never realized I would shrug my traps whenever I would bench. Thanks again .

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                                    Shane Power I write my sets on my phone in a little notepad document. I also have a mens health workout book that has photos and explanations of basically every work out known to man so my txt document not only has the exercises in the order that i planned them and also the expected weight to put on, but also i put the page # of each one incase i want to reference it for some reason.

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