4 Reasons Why You Feel So ALONE

  • Published: 17 May 2019
  • With this video, you will learn how to stop feeling lonely and depressed, and you'll understand why you feel so alone all the time, and the cure to it all. If you're looking for some motivation to stop feeling sad and to start living a happier life, this video is for you!


    Music: "Piano Moment" from Bensound.com

    Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (narration), and HowlingCreations (animation) for helping to create this video!
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  • Be Yourself
    Be Yourself  22 hours back

    I'll be honest.. Growing up as a kid I was always alone and I didn't have many friends. I got bullied constantly for being the "quite one" I didn't know how to interact or start conversations with people because I was so worried about being "perfect" I was also scared. And fear is actually the main reason why I didn't reach my goal. Because I doubted myself along the way .... This video helped me understand why I felt so alone. 😥 Thank you💓

    • A k
      A k  1 days back

      The best video for loneliness

      • Anon Bwoii
        Anon Bwoii  2 days back


        • Anon Bwoii
          Anon Bwoii  2 days back

          My life experiences have made it nearly impossible to truly connect with anyone and trust that they won't harm me consciously or otherwise. Lol.

          • Cindy Langit
            Cindy Langit  2 days back

            Yes I'm lonely and getting depressed

            • Joel’sacunt Ye man
              Joel’sacunt Ye man  2 days back

              When he said there’s a way out , I thought he was going to say suicide

              • Be Yourself
                Be Yourself  2 hours back

                @Joel’sacunt Ye man Strangers actually have the strongest meanings. You may not know me, but At least take it bud. There are people who care for you.

              • Joel’sacunt Ye man
                Joel’sacunt Ye man  3 hours back

                You are a stranger , your advice has no meaning

              • Be Yourself
                Be Yourself  22 hours back

                Suicide will never be the way out. You may think the pain will end for you But it will never end for your loved ones. Suicide is not a solution, but becoming your greatest version and believing in your self will always become a solution.

            • F. B. I
              F. B. I  2 days back

              Always take being alone over talking to these fake as nibbas

              • Juliet Rose keogh
                Juliet Rose keogh  3 days back

                A am half a like being a lonely some times but a like being around men chatting to me.

                • Juliet Rose keogh
                  Juliet Rose keogh  3 days back

                  A dont have close friends all my friends are men but a only have 3 are 4 out of them all are a bit close frends🤔. But a am single been single for 2 years🤔😔 a all why's go out by myself clubbing cos most of them us me and a can't be bothered most of the time.

                  • Kiara 786
                    Kiara 786  3 days back

                    I've got 4 school friends, one is my best friend, the other two are just friends. A year ago I found out one of my friends was back biting about me and my bff was agreeing with everything she was saying. I don't know what happened, but sense then, I don't have that feeling of connections with them. They said sorry quickly, well at least one of my friends. My best friend genuinely apologized and I don't doubt she feels guilty, but those two have become practically best friends. Now, my cycle is to go to school, do homework and come home, eat, finish homework, sleep. Ya, I've got a family but they are already broken! I've got no social life, I kinda asked my parents if I could see a therapist and they brushed it off. I tried to find online therapy, but you have to pay for everything and need adult approval until you're 18. Is there an app were I could make some friends with out us meeting in real life?

                    • faris rayn
                      faris rayn  4 days back

                      I think i am a perfectionisme.I always make thinks perfect.When i watch this video,i realised i have almost no friend.

                      • Lexi Love
                        Lexi Love  5 days back

                        I believe im an introvert but can also be extroverted I dont think me feeling lonely has anything to do with my personality it has alot to do with my childhood ive been isolated for so long cast aside for so long as I can remember that loneliness is 1st nature to me but I just wish for that one best friend or that one boyfriend that can bring sunshine to my life but I dont persue it because I have to many responsibilities and I'm sick of it

                        • we all need it
                          we all need it  5 days back

                          I am here to talk to anyone who needs someone to talk to and listen to anyone who needs someone to LISTEN. If you don't want to talk publicly you can send me an email in the description of my channel. I WILL REPLY.

                          • Bob C
                            Bob C  5 days back

                            One side result - being 'lonely-alone' is making me scrutinize my financial decisions, and IF I spend or 'waste' money it's on ME.... only can look 'me' in the eye about the 'decisions'..

                            • Belly Noven
                              Belly Noven  6 days back

                              Fact im alone..but i gurentee..its just your feeling feel you lonely..my messege is.."you need training your self and knowing your self make your self happy even no one with you..dont always think what will people will say.

                              • son goku
                                son goku  7 days back

                                GAMERS WHERE U AT

                                • Yuri Playz
                                  Yuri Playz  1 weeks back

                                  Well when i heard my bff said "i have only one friend" i did think thats not me well i now he'll pick kean are other friend but he did not pick one of us he pick gian. gian is in my back gian's front is me well it made me like alone like going to the park and think of him
                                  his name is Carlisle i just like him so i always Sad***
                                  1like=1friend for me

                                  • Qui Phan
                                    Qui Phan  1 weeks back

                                    Most of my friends at school say they care about me and when I am alone only 1 friend come up to me if I was OK and rest of them they just walk pass me like I am not there

                                    • Criminal 234
                                      Criminal 234  1 weeks back

                                      I feel lonely because I feel as if no one really cares about me nor nobody really talks to me,I haven’t been in any relationships nor had any long lasting friendships with people,they always seem to come and go.The cycle just keeps repeating...

                                      • Avengers: Endgame is the movie of the century

                                        All my friends are unlucky for not having me.

                                        • Avengers: Endgame is the movie of the century

                                          I want to be alone but I hate being lonely.

                                          • Daniel Pyro Cho
                                            Daniel Pyro Cho  1 weeks back

                                            This video is so accurate.

                                            • M C
                                              M C  1 weeks back

                                              I'm enjoying me time! 😃

                                              • Micah Bell
                                                Micah Bell  1 weeks back

                                                Im lonely cuz i just moved to a new country :(

                                                • I F
                                                  I F  1 weeks back

                                                  I'm lonely because I'm almost 100 % introvert and people don't like me since childhood and now I don't like people. I wasn't very interested in people since childhood. I don't like company, party, drinking, loud laughing people and etc. 10 years (from 15 to 25) I tried to make a good friendship with people, but people fucked my brain, betrayed me, always lied to me. I'm tired of empty talks and gossips and I'm not talkative. For me friends is a great waste of time. Then from 25 to 28 I sent all false friends to hell and it was amazing: I live my life. I have time for self education. Have time for thinking about my life. And I found more information good job (without people) the way to gain good sum of money. Friends are useless. Friends poison life I'm sure But my trouble is.... I think I will never find the man of such psychological type as mine. Last three month I think I will never find someone who will love me and someone to whom I can give my love. That's real loneliness.

                                                  • Shermadini
                                                    Shermadini  1 weeks back

                                                    Because I have no friends?

                                                    • tkh1001
                                                      tkh1001  1 weeks back

                                                      this video is spot on and point 3 hits the hardest

                                                      • Sarah Gaming
                                                        Sarah Gaming  1 weeks back

                                                        I feel alone because I am going too a new school and I feel so horrible for leaving my friends.
                                                        I feel like a horrible friend...

                                                        • Rizwan
                                                          Rizwan  1 weeks back

                                                          My friends do criticize me sometimes but when I'm in need, that's when they help me.

                                                          • Moon Child
                                                            Moon Child  2 weeks back

                                                            I'm sad lol

                                                            • さくらGiihh
                                                              さくらGiihh  2 weeks back

                                                              In the past I didn't have any friends. Now I got some friends, not many but a few. And I do talk to a lot of people (specially if I compare to what I were in the past). But still I do feel lonely. Idk why but well I'm in a new school now and talk to a lot of people but I don't feel like a part of any group...I have a group but they are, Idk I like them but I wish I had friends that could make me lose my shy self and just be happy, I wanted friends to dance with even thou I don't know how to dance I think it must be so cool. But I don't have these.....and everybody I talk in this new school It's always superficial, nobody really seems to care for me. I smile but that hurts but then I remember that in the past I had no one to talk and I feel grateful....and I have a friend, she is a friend (really nice) from my old school and she is now in the same school as me but in other class...we were a bit like it other but she was less shy than I was. Now she got really "famous" at her class like she is beautiful so a lot of guys have a crush on her and that stuff...I'm truly happy for her and I don't want to be jealous and stuff I don't care if people has a crush on me or not but it's just that their new friends are always really sweet with her and they all hug her....and I want a hug too.
                                                              I even talked to some of her friends but they are from other class and I can't be in their group...I'm not the kind of girl to be in their group too so It's alright
                                                              I'm just writing it cause I can't tell anyone about that
                                                              Ps: I'm almost crying I feel bad. I shouldn't feel like that I know. I have great friends too that hugs me and I love them all but I almost never see them. I feel really lonely....I thought that talk to a lot of people would make me feel better but It's not like that.

                                                              • charles ryanlee
                                                                charles ryanlee  2 weeks back

                                                                When you have God you are never alone. But you may have a severe lack of social interaction with people.

                                                                • CGI Future
                                                                  CGI Future  2 weeks back

                                                                  I rather be alone then have a fake friend

                                                                  • Mental Health Hygiene w/ Kumar

                                                                    Feeling alone is such a universal thing. It definitely takes time to find the right company and community who values you properly. In my opinion, the search is worth it. Hope everyone finds at least 1 true friend.

                                                                    • Shawn James
                                                                      Shawn James  2 weeks back

                                                                      F fhis shit#alfo jasons mr.perfect,this a bunch of bull

                                                                      • Cupid
                                                                        Cupid  2 weeks back

                                                                        y do we need other people it just doesn’t make sense to me, we only needed each other back then.

                                                                        • no need for my name
                                                                          no need for my name  2 weeks back

                                                                          Being lonely is not good pls every one try to understand this.....loneliness is soo powerful it can destroy u..

                                                                          • Hey Man
                                                                            Hey Man  2 weeks back

                                                                            Cause my body pillow stands on its own from to much....

                                                                            • Heidi Karin
                                                                              Heidi Karin  2 weeks back

                                                                              I can relate to a lot of the comments here. I have had the same problem. Now I am nearly 41 years old and my best friends are my family. I lost one of my best friends when she was 38 yrs old. My other friends weren't strong enough to stand the test of friendship even though I had tried to stay in touch. It's hurtful and you feel like you have done something wrong. I was never told, they just cut ties. It makes you feel that there is something wrong with you and this can lead to a whole host of other problems like self paranoia, depression, feeling unworthy, etc, etc.
                                                                              I think that the first step is to establish a relationship with yourself. Once you do this then other ppl are automatically drawn to you, your confidence and charisma. The journey of getting to on know oneself is so beautiful, sometimes scary but I found that when I stopped caring about making friends and "who still thinks about me" - torturing myself with questions, that people were more attracted toward me. We are all imperfect, we all have issues and flaws. You will meet so many different personalities. I found that my expectations were far to high and if ppl didn't meet them then I wouldn't let them into my life - at all - thinking like this made me feel lonelier in my own head. At the end of the day we are our own worst enemy but we are in control ultimately. If you are a good judge of character you will know who to keep in your life and who you shouldn't. My conclusion is to give people a chance to know you.

                                                                              • Big Boss
                                                                                Big Boss  2 weeks back

                                                                                You forgot Number 5. Be your own friend because sometimes that's all you've got.

                                                                                • Centurion Strength and Fitness

                                                                                  Hey TopThink... you absolutely nailed it with this one. Nailed it!

                                                                                  • assasinscreed45
                                                                                    assasinscreed45  2 weeks back

                                                                                    When i compare myself to other people, i get lonely and sad because everyone else has so many friends and they go and do stuff. Meanwhile I barely have anyone to talk to

                                                                                  • Mike Segarra
                                                                                    Mike Segarra  2 weeks back

                                                                                    I got a 3lb yorkie teacup

                                                                                    • Farzan Farahmand
                                                                                      Farzan Farahmand  2 weeks back

                                                                                      This will change my life

                                                                                      • dare devil
                                                                                        dare devil  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Help please I'm crying so much and I don't know why pls do something😭😭😭😭

                                                                                      • UniCat
                                                                                        UniCat  2 weeks back

                                                                                        I- I don’t want to be alone

                                                                                        • marquis halsell
                                                                                          marquis halsell  2 weeks back

                                                                                          I never asked for people to come into my life but they pushed themselves on me gotten whst they wanted from me then pulled away it's sad to know people like them because they make you feel so humiliated recognizing who they are fr fr all i asked for was true friendship from them and that was it but they used me instead sorry i allowed myself to be opened like that fr fr

                                                                                          • Kenjamin Slutton
                                                                                            Kenjamin Slutton  2 weeks back

                                                                                            I felt alone even when I had my love lol as an empath I always suffer always will I when I become the wolf is usually when I’m suad into becoming a empath again