How to treat a Yellow Jacket Nest in the Ground

  • Published: 09 August 2014
  • Ground Dust: In this video we demonstrate how to treat a yellow jacket nest using Drione Dust. You'll get to see yellow jackets entering and exiting a large nest and then we'll show you how easy it is to control this pest with just a few puffs of Drione. Within a few minutes, the treatment will kill most all of the active yellow jackets when the treatment is done properly. More information on yellow jacket control can be read at here: Yellow Jackets: The Drione Dust used in this video can be seen here: Drione: The duster used in this video can be seen here: Hand Duster:
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  • Jen Vlogs and stuff
    Jen Vlogs and stuff  2 years back

    I have half my back yard filled with yellow jacket holes and every year have the lawn treated but they still come back and attack. There are a billion little holes how do I treat all of them

    • Jonathan Schaefer
      Jonathan Schaefer  2 years back

      It could be you have digger bees or some kind of digger wasp if you're seeing as many holes/nests as you describe. We have articles on how to handle this problem; I suggest you look it over and if you still have any questions, give us a call: Digger Bees:

  • Mekratrig
    Mekratrig  2 years back

    Do you come back and plug the hole to prevent it being reoccupied.

    • Jonathan Schaefer
      Jonathan Schaefer  2 years back

      If you dust with Drione, you do not need to plug the hole but doing so will allow the treatment to last a lot longer so yeah, its a good idea. Yellow Jackets:

  • Lil Leslie
    Lil Leslie  2 years back

    What happens when it rains? Don't they get all wet?

    • Lil Leslie
      Lil Leslie  2 years back

      @U-Spray Bugspray.Com I meant what if it just rained in general? Like in the wild when it rains. Doesn't water get into the whole and they all drowned? Or are these nests underground only located in dry areas?

    • U-Spray Bugspray
      U-Spray Bugspray   2 years back

      Not sure what you're asking. If you dust as explained in the video, the nest will be dead within minutes so even if it does rain after you treat, there won't be any stages left to repopulate the community. That is as long as it doesn't rain within an hour of the treatment. I guess if there was a downpour a few minutes after you dust, it could have an adverse impact on the treatment but I can't say I've ever seen or heard of this happening in over 30 years of treating so I'm confident saying the chances of this happening are low.

  • LordThunderPimp
    LordThunderPimp  3 years back

    The best creampie I've ever seen

    • Doggo Luz
      Doggo Luz  3 years back

      Yellow Jackets? More like Yellow JackASSES!

      • KyleTheCakeKid
        KyleTheCakeKid  3 years back

        7:06 This is SPARTAAAA!!!

        • swanse1971
          swanse1971  3 years back

          I tried to burn mine out and they just dug a new hole,thanks for the info:0

          • Jeremy Soulier
            Jeremy Soulier  3 years back

            hi i have a question i found a hole in my yard with remnants of a nest i thought it was empty but when i looked in and around the hole there were yellow jackets in the hole. but also the nest was all torn apart and all over the ground what does this mean. any idea

            • Jeremy Soulier
              Jeremy Soulier  3 years back

              ok thanks wasent really sure.glad somrthin took care of it for me lol

            • U-Spray Bugspray
              U-Spray Bugspray   3 years back

              Could be an animal got into the nest expecting to find some food. There are many different animals that will dig into the turf seeking grubs, worms and most any insect they can find. And yes, many are not afraid to take on a nest of yellow jackets. The "short" list would include badgers, raccoon, armadillo and skunk.

          • Jamie Yoder
            Jamie Yoder  3 years back

            what is it he is using and where can I buy it?

          • Pmoss
            Pmoss  3 years back

            This is so satisfying

            • D. Davis
              D. Davis  3 years back

              Do they make more than one hole? I found 4 holes in close proximity. Maybe less than a foot apart. Each was about the size of a quarter. I found them while mowing the lawn over presumably the ground nest. Got stung 3 times.

              • D. Davis
                D. Davis  3 years back

                Well I need an immediate solution as I have not been able to mow that area of the grass.  I'll try the dust first to at least eliminate the immediate threat. Hopefully, I'll find all of the holes.

              • U-Spray Bugspray
                U-Spray Bugspray   3 years back

                The dust would knock them out immediately. As for removing the stump; that might help a bit but only if you get deep with the removal and take away a lot more than the top section. The deal is simple; as the roots under the soil decompose, the voids in the ground make great spots for insects to nest. They naturally look for such areas and can literally "smell" them. So grinding the stump down won't help; only if the roots are removed a good 2-3 feet down and then replaced with a good amount of soil will the area be ignored by insect and animal pests.

              • D. Davis
                D. Davis  3 years back

                I guess I need to order that dust. BTW they are located next to an old tree stump. I guess I should get rid of that also, Thank you for the quick reply.

              • U-Spray Bugspray
                U-Spray Bugspray   3 years back

                D., They will usually have at least two holes and if there are 4 holes close to one another, like within a 10 foot by 10 foot square, then its most likely the holes are all part of the same nest. Yellow Jackets:

            • Nicholas Papadimitriou
              Nicholas Papadimitriou  3 years back

              More like White Jackets

            • katelynn rogers
              katelynn rogers  3 years back

              LOL the white yellow jackets are coming out and some are falling back in

              • john Kosheluk
                john Kosheluk  3 years back

                do you chop up the ground around the nest what about if there is eggs in the nest

                • U-Spray Bugspray
                  U-Spray Bugspray   3 years back

                  John, In fact eggs and developing pupae are very much a concern. And when using most any insecticide, these stages will many times enable the nest to "rebound" and continue as if nothing was ever done. But if you treat with Drione, you'll be protected. Drione can last 6-12 months. And it can do so even in the ground. So a good dusting will more than outlast the time period required or needed for the developing stages to hatch and when they eventually "come out", the Drione will kill them too. Drione:

              • last
                last  3 years back

                mmm iced sugared yellow jacket s my fav

                • Im’a Potato
                  Im’a Potato  3 years back

                  Look guys there a new species of yellow jackets the white jackets

                  • Levente Giba
                    Levente Giba  3 years back

                    from now, they are white jackets (drum)

                    • mark marchiafava
                      mark marchiafava  3 years back

                      if you do this at NIGHT, when everyone is in the nest, you kill them all

                      • krypt i guess?
                        krypt i guess?  3 years back

                        I was stung by 9 hornets from a nest in the ground at the same time. OW. HORNETS ARE SO MEAN they got in my shirt!

                      • Alex Gehring
                        Alex Gehring  3 years back

                        I watched this simply because I enjoy seeing these creatures suffer. I mean.. for educational purposes.

                      • 42julian baseball
                        42julian baseball  3 years back

                        the yellow jacket at the bottom left, dies 7 times. lol

                        • homerun443
                          homerun443  3 years back

                          I have this gigantic wasp nest under my front porch that has been harassing me for some time now. I have tried spaying them with bifen i/t as well as attacking them with a shovel. Even the wasp poison I bought did not work, it just slowed them down a bit for 3 weeks and then they were back at it. I've been looking around some at your website. What is the most toxic, potent and harmful substance you sell? I don't care about ground water or animals, I just want those things dead and as dead as possible. Thank you

                          • U-Spray Bugspray
                            U-Spray Bugspray   3 years back

                            +homerun443 First, there is nothing we sell which will affect animals or ground water when used according to the label. In fact once our products are properly mixed and diluted, they won't persist in the environment nor will they pose a direct hazard to mammals, birds or other non-target species. But they will work. The key is choosing the right product for the job. And so far the products you listed would not be what we'd recommend. Bifen is a "repellent" and as such will effectively "chase" any survivors from their nest. This will enable them to reform and in many cases establish a new place to live, nest and breed (which sounds like has been happening). Many times this new nest will be adjacent to where you spray and if the nest is hidden, only new pathways will be needed for the old nest to continue. Wasp freeze and mechanical devices like a shovel won't work either. But what will work every time is a "non repellent" chemical. This family of actives is essentially undetectable by target pests. This means they cannot tell its been applied and will readily walk over the treatment. Now in the days following the treatment they'll be picking up the active and in turn, sharing it with other members of the colony as they go about their normal day to day activity. And after 3-4 days the active will "kick in" and start to work. At that point so much of the populous will have been exposed to the chemical that the whole nest will end up dying. And from our experience, the Optigard as been the best non repellent for the job. It mixes easily with water and should be applied to the areas where you see them landing, foraging, etc. Optigard will take awhile to do its job but within a few days of the treatment being applied, you should see positive results and within a week, the nest will be dead. But if by chance there is still activity, treat again. Optigard works on many pests including termites and can be seen in our car here:

                        • Metallic Chapel
                          Metallic Chapel  3 years back

                          My cousin was cutting grass and stepped in an underground yellow jacket nest. he was stung so many times he almost lost his life

                          • D. Davis
                            D. Davis  3 years back

                            That's exactly how I found my yellow jackets. Oops, I mean white jackets lol.

                          • Pika on Youtube
                            Pika on Youtube  3 years back

                            wtf damn that's a bad one to do

                          • krypt i guess?
                            krypt i guess?  3 years back


                        • P Markey
                          P Markey  4 years back

                          what's in this stuff?safe around people?

                          • P Markey
                            P Markey  4 years back

                            +U-Spray Bugspray.Com thank you

                          • U-Spray Bugspray
                            U-Spray Bugspray   4 years back

                            +Peter Markey It's primarily silica gel but contains pyrethrin to get targeted insects "agitated". Once agitated, they'll readily move over the Drione thus insuring they pick up some of the silica which in turn causes death by dehydration. The silica gel acts like tiny razors to cut through their exoskeleton. And Once their skin is cut, precious moisture is released which in turn causes them to die. In summary, Drione acts in a "mechanical" way making it resistant proof and very safe. Around people, it will cause you to sneeze if you breath it and when left on your skin, you would typically get a "drying" sensation in that area as it will absorb moisture like any other dust. Having used it for many years, I liken it to getting cement or flour dust on your hand and allowing it to sit for a few hours. You can feel it but it washes away easily and gets deactivated once wet so cleanup is easy if you do get some on you during an application. More details on this great all around pest control product can be found here: Drione:

                        • billinct860
                          billinct860  4 years back

                          Will this work with a hanging nest as well? I always used wasp spray at night and it ends up all over the area. Last year in July we found one hidden hanging under my deck by seeing them flying. It took 2 nights to kill the nest and most of the spray ended up on the ground. I assume a couple puffs into the opening and one on the outside would do the trick? I'll use this method for sure on ground nests! Thanks for the help!

                          • U-Spray Bugspray
                            U-Spray Bugspray   4 years back

                            +billinct860 It will definitely work. And you're spot on; simply puff the Drione into the entry/exit holes. Do this at night to minimize the chance of getting stung. And don't linger after the treatment. In most cases, 4-6 heavy puffs (which can be done in 2-4 seconds) is all you will need when using our Crusader hand duster. Then quickly move away and call it a night. The next day the nest will be dead. Drione: and Hand Duster:

                        • TheGodParticle
                          TheGodParticle  4 years back

                          A job well done sir.

                          • Zeon
                            Zeon  4 years back

                            I have Drione for years. It is 100% effective!

                            • geordi rendum
                              geordi rendum  4 years back

                              what happens if you simply block the entrance ? wont they suffocate ?

                              • U-Spray Bugspray
                                U-Spray Bugspray   4 years back

                                +geordi rendum No. They will have plenty of air to live and typically have several "back up" routes for emergency use. If possible, they'll work around the blocked route and if not, customize one of their backups for permanent use. Yellow Jackets:

                            • brewster102
                              brewster102  4 years back

                              I hate these bastards.

                              • GnC Stroud
                                GnC Stroud  4 years back

                                Do you dig up the nest after all the yellow jackets are dead?

                                • UnoriginalUsername
                                  UnoriginalUsername  3 years back

                                  +FSUfanatic11 these bastards don't produce honey. Only honeybees do

                                • U-Spray Bugspray
                                  U-Spray Bugspray   4 years back

                                  @FSUfanatic11 Sounds exactly like a yellow jacket. Generally the contents are "not that exciting". The coolest thing I've noted about nests I've revealed is their shape. It can vary and take on odd shapes. This seems to depend on where they built it. For example, a nest in the ground will be quite different from one in a wall void.

                                • FSUfanatic11
                                  FSUfanatic11  4 years back

                                  @U-Spray Bugspray.Com i dug up a nest (or I think it was) but it was just a bunch of dead bees, what looked like egg sacks, and hundreds of things that looked like maggots. There was no honey comb or anything.

                                • U-Spray Bugspray
                                  U-Spray Bugspray   4 years back

                                  @GnC Stroud You can if you want but there is no need to mess with it. Once treated, it will die off and in general, provide fertilizer to the local plants, shrubs and trees so letting it biodegrade is usually a good idea.

                              • JediRevan
                                JediRevan  4 years back

                                Haha, trying to get out now bitches?

                                • JediRevan
                                  JediRevan  3 years back

                                  @Coolskeleton95 5 ayy

                                • Coolskeleton95 5
                                  Coolskeleton95 5  3 years back

                                  EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP

                                • JediRevan
                                  JediRevan  4 years back

                                  @Diamond Miner Animaniac Amen :p 

                                • JediRevan
                                  JediRevan  4 years back

                                  @Diamond Miner Animaniac Trying to go super sayian and speed back inside

                                • Tlactl
                                  Tlactl  4 years back

                                  @James Wright Lol they're all white and flopping around and the others come back and they're like "wtf"

                              • Anthony Dayrr TV
                                Anthony Dayrr TV  4 years back

                                is that dust only sold to licensed people or to the public as well???

                                • U-Spray Bugspray
                                  U-Spray Bugspray   4 years back

                                  @ganthonyvr All you need is one of our Hand Dusters seen here:

                                • U-Spray Bugspray
                                  U-Spray Bugspray   4 years back

                                  @ganthonyvr Many of the products we sell can only be sold to licensed applicators but the dust in this video you can buy from us here: Drione:

                                • Anthony Dayrr TV
                                  Anthony Dayrr TV  4 years back

                                  @ganthonyvr and what do u use to blow the dust in with pressure???

                              • Zoetropeification
                                Zoetropeification  4 years back

                                Is it wise to a avoid inhaling the drione dust?
                                Should mask be worn during application?
                                Is it toxic in any way to humans?

                                • U-Spray Bugspray
                                  U-Spray Bugspray   4 years back

                                  @Zoetropeification I have been using Drione for over 35 years and during this time I'm sure I've inhaled a lot. When I first started using it, I discovered it would make me sneeze if I was inside homes, crawl spaces, attics, etc. so I quickly learned to use a respirator when using it in confined spaces. But outside this is not an issue for how I typically use it. I say this because I've learned to position myself down wind so none of the dust will float toward me. And if I can't do that I'll probably wear a respirator but only if I expect to be using it for more than a minute or two. So in this case the application only took 5-10 seconds so there was no need for me to wear a mask since I can hold my breath for 2-3 minutes no problem. And when I treated this nest, I simply held my breath and then walked 10 feet away and was far away from any dust that might have been floating around. In summary, breathing the dust will definitely make you sneeze. But is it dangerous? Not if you breath it occasionally. Now if you are a professional using it daily 4-5 times a week, it could be a affect you after several years of inhaling it but this is true about many things like cigarette smoke, gas fumes, etc. So use a respirator if you intend on using it on a regular basis but for the occasional user, a dust mask would be fine to avoid breathing some in getting a bad case of the "sneezes".

                              • Psycho9263
                                Psycho9263  4 years back

                                They became White- Jackets

                              • Gman6755
                                Gman6755  4 years back

                                Makes me feel good to see them suffering!  Die slowly!!

                              • charles the great
                                charles the great  4 years back

                                I have had a problem with a huge wasp nest in my back yard for years. The nest is huge and previous attempts have been unsuccessful. What is the most potent, deadliest, most toxic poision you have? I don't care about the enviroment, the groundwater or the price. What do you have that will kill every single living thing within a 10 feet radius?

                                • U-Spray Bugspray
                                  U-Spray Bugspray   4 years back

                                  Get the Drione Dust featured in the video above and simply puff into all entrance/exit holes. You may have do two treatments to insure complete coverage but it will definitely work. And it won't hurt the ground, water, etc. and once it rains, it will be recycled back into the dirt.  Drione:  To apply it best, get a Hand Duster:

                              • Michael Adams
                                Michael Adams  4 years back

                                Where do I get this genocide dust may I ask?

                                • U-Spray Bugspray
                                  U-Spray Bugspray   4 years back

                                  Give us a call on our toll free or order using our cart here: Drione:

                              • Nikolas Grace
                                Nikolas Grace  5 years back

                                Last weekend was my grandmas birthday... Almost everyone got stung by a TITANIC ground nest of YJs XC

                                • DAS-FITNESS
                                  DAS-FITNESS  5 years back

                                  Where can I get that stuff and how much is it???

                                  • U-Spray Bugspray
                                    U-Spray Bugspray   5 years back

                                    We ship all over the country and you can order it in our cart here: Drione:

                                • Joey Dorroh
                                  Joey Dorroh  5 years back

                                  Great video!  Done this last night to a yellow jacket nest.  Checked the nest today and had no activity!  Thanks for posting this video!!

                                  • William Hensley
                                    William Hensley  5 years back

                                    Man yellow jacket stings are horrible, I read 2.0 same as honey bee but that is not true being stung by both give me a bee any day...kill those yellow jackets!

                                    • Aspie Otaku
                                      Aspie Otaku  2 years back

                                      @Smug Cat Yellowjackets are like feminists they are annoying assholes!

                                    • GSpeedEmotion
                                      GSpeedEmotion  4 years back

                                      They kill honey bees as well, so you gotta kill 'em.

                                    • Aspie Otaku
                                      Aspie Otaku  4 years back

                                      I agree and yellow jackets are assholes!

                                  • Solid State
                                    Solid State  5 years back

                                    Is this stuff the same as Sevin Dust ?

                                    • U-Spray Bugspray
                                      U-Spray Bugspray   5 years back

                                      No. Sevin dust uses an old, antiquated active which is barely strong enough to kill vegetable garden pests let alone something like bees or wasps. No doubt it was commonly used "back in the day" but its prone to failure since insects will detect its presence, avoid the treated areas and in the end, reroute their entrance/exit ways. For this reason sevin dust should be limited to labeled uses like treating plants and other outdoor "open" areas. But Drione is quite different and excellent for use in deep, hidden voids. It relies on an active which kills by cutting through an insects exoskeleton which in turn causes dehydration. And Drione includes both pyrethrin and a strong synergist to help "irritate" target pests so they are forced to move about once they get some Drione on their skin. And since this movement allows the Drione to do it's job, there is no chance of insects getting immune to the dust or to avoid the inevitable: death by dehydration. So when you need to treat pests hidden in wall voids, ceiling spaces, attics, under a homes exterior siding or in the ground, go with the best; go with Drione:

                                  • bigpardner
                                    bigpardner  5 years back

                                    If possible would it be better to wait until dark? Would more insects have returned to the nest at that time and there would be less out causing trouble?

                                    • U-Spray Bugspray
                                      U-Spray Bugspray   4 years back

                                      @matthew middleton No natural predator. Nests are short lived dying off at the end of the year. But surviving queens are likely to use areas close by if not the same site for next years nest which is why they tend to appear in the same area year after year.

                                    • matthew middleton
                                      matthew middleton  4 years back

                                      @U-Spray Bugspray.Com It really did show the detail well to shoot this in the sunlight. Nice video; well done, and helpful! :) Is there like a natural predator of yellow jackets?

                                    • U-Spray Bugspray
                                      U-Spray Bugspray   5 years back

                                      Definitely wait till dark if possible. In fact I mention this in the video; basically I decided to treat during the day because I needed strong light. But in this case, the sunlight was perfect for filming. Now I know, I could have used man made light and treated at night but it just didn't make sense to go through all that work. Instead, I opted to wear a bee suit and do the treatment in the middle of the day. And I do believe it was well worth my effort. But for most any typical treatment? Definitely treat after dark if possible. This way most of the nests occupants are inside and dormant. You'll get more thorough results faster with less activity afterwards. Cheers, Jonathan

                                  • goosecouple
                                    goosecouple  5 years back

                                    Thank you ! Excellent video.