Kitchen Nightmares - S02E07 Moore Place Revisited

  • Published: 09 March 2015
  • Kitchen Nightmares - S02E07 Moore Place Revisited
    Kitchen Nightmares - S02E07 Moore Place Revisited

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Comments • 24

  • RadianSCT
    RadianSCT  23 hours back

    Deep-fried camembert just sounds like expensive mozzarella sticks. That said I do wanna try it.

    • loganlocke1
      loganlocke1  2 days back

      You know Gordon Ramsay, I've been a carpenter and a chef, I've been a stonemason and a chef, I've been a house painter and a chef... Talking about somebody ain't got no passion... You don't cook English food... You stuck on risotto... You don't make up any dishes... All you do is render there is no true construction or innovative ideas coming from you... And you just engrossed on being a spincter

      • BT Savage
        BT Savage  2 weeks back

        Gordon : offers tissue to waitress do you want to spit it out or are you going to swallow ???

        Me : 😵🙄🤣

        • eric vansteenlandt
          eric vansteenlandt  4 weeks back

          This restaurant is like one big dog roll in the landscape!

          • pat leyland
            pat leyland  4 months back

            wow glad its not my money they losing lmao wrong side of bell curve I guessing .

            • ladyfootZ
              ladyfootZ  4 months back

              Sad thing......... you've messed up the damn show......... the picture should be full screen in the box........ YOUTUBE won't take it down....... they monetized it.

              • Terri Ann Bluejacket
                Terri Ann Bluejacket  5 months back

                Those poor fish, really Ramsey, calm think not again, right

                • Ot3p
                  Ot3p  5 months back


                  • frehleyisgod
                    frehleyisgod  5 months back

                    If waitress Kim has any certainly isn't with breasts...

                    • The new Creator
                      The new Creator  7 months back

                      hahah when gordon ramsay laughs like a girl making his puddings cakes lol then every one gathers around like"whats wrong with him why is he so happy?!"

                      • Giancarlo Amaya
                        Giancarlo Amaya  7 months back

                        Deep frying food was never popular in France which is probably why the chief likes to do it so much.

                        • James Burdzinski
                          James Burdzinski  8 months back

                          I miss this show.

                          • Ralph Edward Leigh
                            Ralph Edward Leigh  8 months back

                            one suggestion I am a movie critic you can get more people on your site by getting rid of cinema scope play these on full screen,the peoples heads were cut off plus when they were cutting the chicken the bottom was cut off.

                            • Teh Tabi
                              Teh Tabi  9 months back

                              This version I've never seen before. Most of them don't have certain scenes like Ervey actually making Gordon a yorkshire pudding, tthe food critic, and the all the scenes right after 40 minutes.

                              • RadianSCT
                                RadianSCT  23 hours back

                                Is this the revisit? The revisits for the UK version tend to be 75% original episode with just a bit added on.

                            • william weir
                              william weir  9 months back

                              Now I know how the Black Knight from Monty Python watches TV 😎😎😎

                              • Joseph Eastham
                                Joseph Eastham  10 months back

                       According to this website, Gordon couldn't save them.

                                • Ad Hc
                                  Ad Hc  10 months back

                                  I'm not surprised he couldn't save them when they have staff like Zach, who can't cook and can't serve and can't even talk.

                              • James Burdzinski
                                James Burdzinski  10 months back

                                My Fav part .Bottom of the chicken

                                • James Burdzinski
                                  James Burdzinski  10 months back

                                  Now if this place has any Ghosts . It would make a Killing LOL.

                                • CCC Volanti
                                  CCC Volanti  2 years back

                                  Love this guy
                                  Does any one know if there are any new episodes out yet

                                  • NAMLAZ
                                    NAMLAZ  2 years back

                                    i've never seen him in such a great mood lmao is it because he's in a french man's kitchen? :') even when he yells at them he does it laughing lol

                                    • canadiananim8r
                                      canadiananim8r  2 years back

                                      do iit!