The Optimal Team Comp

  • Published: 07 July 2018
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  • TierZoo
    TierZoo   11 months back

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    • Kyriakos Pan
      Kyriakos Pan  4 weeks back

      What if the human had a shotgun?
      Would he then be on S tier alongside with the rats?

    • Meta Breakers
      Meta Breakers  2 months back

      SootHouse needed this video.

    • Jeremy Snead
      Jeremy Snead  2 months back

      There is *video of a greyhound and teria killing over 100 rats in twenty minutes

    • Jeremy Snead
      Jeremy Snead  2 months back

      You forget that rifles have a vast assortment of amo from slugs to birds hot, high velocity rounds to piercing.

    • Zachary Szombathy
      Zachary Szombathy  5 months back

      TierZoo do a scorpion video

  • Sunny Choudhary
    Sunny Choudhary  3 hours back

    The human can still one shot the VIP and still have time to score some game. Tandoori eagle yum.

    • Toasted Toast
      Toasted Toast  3 hours back

      So, exactly how do rats protect you or attack anything?

      • TKG BRENO
        TKG BRENO  2 days back

        human and eagle withput a doubt mate. rats would try to work together which in this situation would hurt them. the eagles could pick the rats VERY easily

        • 白狐
          白狐  3 days back

          Anyone who doubts the rats should read Metro 2033

          • muskatDR
            muskatDR  4 days back

            I think you should switch the bear and lion. Some people have actually pitted a lion vs a bear and the bear wins every time. The lion rely on teamwork to take down prey like cattle and with a bear theyd be even worse off. Even if they were to manage it 2 lions would theoreticly be able to take down 1 bear, but the 2 bears would take down the other lions with ease and then youd have an equal number. The lions are simply not bulky enough to take a hit from the bear and wont have a chance to do anything the bear cant just shrug off.

            • Lurker Deluxe
              Lurker Deluxe  6 days back

              Ha! I picked rats n eagles at the start. Happy to see that it was the top tier.

              • Stuart Glover
                Stuart Glover  6 days back

                *Forgets about the humans ability to use fire to hard-counter the rats*

                • Fernando vieira corpes

                  Never will get over how smooth the transition at the end is

                  • Joseph Doria
                    Joseph Doria  6 days back

                    The rats are an obvious choice because with an army of 10k they can easily link paws/tails to form one giant super rat mech.

                    • Bill Kong
                      Bill Kong  1 weeks back

                      I'm kind of dubious 50 eagles can actually do much to any of the larger animals on this list. It's a thing that weighs like 15 lb optimistically. If you slap it it's gonna break bones. If a bear slaps it it's dead. Unless you somehow get them to swarm around the VIP to obscure the line of sight, I don't see how they can actually take out the sniper.

                      • Bill Kong
                        Bill Kong  1 weeks back

                        I don't know about the bear vs 200 rats. I'm pretty sure a bear outweighs 200 rats by a lot.

                        • AZAMAN G-P
                          AZAMAN G-P  1 weeks back

                          plz make this a game i would so play

                          • Leprechaun Jack
                            Leprechaun Jack  1 weeks back

                            I chose Humans and eagles because humans are great builders we could have the eagles be more offensive and the human building defenses (traps)

                            • Dark Arts Dabbler
                              Dark Arts Dabbler  1 weeks back

                              You can pick the human and get one sniper, or pick the eagles and get 50 snipers with a better vantage point and no concerns about ammo preservation

                              • Pat Libsoraled
                                Pat Libsoraled  6 days back

                                The fact that the picture included a specific rifle is what made the human choice significantly weaker. If a Human were to have access to its full potential arsenal then not picking it would be an automatic loss

                            • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

                              Human and rats should be enough human cuz...duh and rats too many to have against you

                              • Jasper Stuart
                                Jasper Stuart  1 weeks back

                                Have you ever tried shooting a charging bear?
                                Have you ever tried shooting three charging bears?
                                That damn rifle won't do anything in the long run
                                (Btw out of curiosity I looked up some info. Rifles are apparently better than shotguns and handguns for killing bears. The bolt action rifle tier zoo mentions could probably take a minimum of a second between each shot. A bear can run at 40 miles per hour. If the bear starts 50 yards away, that gives you less than 3 seconds before it reaches you. Even if we say you can get three shots fired in that time, you probably wouldn't be accurate enough to hit it with every shot, and even if you did, that bear could probably still come at you and kill you. Then factor in that there are three bears.

                            • Álvaro Espinosa
                              Álvaro Espinosa  2 weeks back

                              Yey rats

                              • Gabo Derflinger
                                Gabo Derflinger  2 weeks back

                                The only way to deal with that amount of rats would be with a flamethrower, same with the eagles, that was my reasoning and picked those as the first option, I learned in ARK that nothing is worse than a swarm of flying or high mobility attackers, specially when they are small and hard to hit

                                • KamratJohan
                                  KamratJohan  2 weeks back

                                  I get the reasoning and I agree that 10k is a ridiculous number to put in. That being said however, you are still wildly overestimating the DPS a rat can realistically be expected to deal. There's also the fact that they are hard countered by the crocs armour and possible even the bear's armour stats.

                                  • NIG BIRD 007
                                    NIG BIRD 007  2 weeks back

                                    What if you give the human any weapon you want? He can possibly become better than the eagles

                                    • Snek
                                      Snek  2 days back

                                      well then id pick flamethrower human + eagles

                                  • Todd Howard
                                    Todd Howard  2 weeks back

                                    Do you know how many rats 10000?

                                    • TruiteTeam
                                      TruiteTeam  2 weeks back

                                      How the hell rats and eagle beat the crocodiles skin ? LOL

                                      • Vinny Falzarano
                                        Vinny Falzarano  2 weeks back

                                        OMG I just commented this like 2 videos ago and he did it. I feel so special! !!!

                                        • ElChingadera
                                          ElChingadera  2 weeks back

                                          If I could have an aa12 or two with tons of ammo I wouldn't need to team up with any of them. Or maybe the human just so they could reload for me.

                                          • Dejan Rowe
                                            Dejan Rowe  3 weeks back

                                            2:35 am I the only one rolling around laughing at how fast the gorilla got the fuck out a soon as he banged the dome XD

                                            • Kevin May
                                              Kevin May  3 weeks back

                                              So close! That's not a bolt action rifle, it's a semiautomatic shotgun - it could be loaded with shells adaptable to one-shot any animal on the list. The correct answer here is human and rats.

                                              • McZidanne
                                                McZidanne  3 weeks back

                                                Gotta love the transitions:

                                                "Mammals feed by taking milk from their parent's breasts. But that's not the only place you'll find breasts. Livejasmin allows you to watch real time webcam breasts for very low prices! Subscribe now."

                                                • MrSpenfo
                                                  MrSpenfo  3 weeks back

                                                  You could just pick rats, and still win. Simply have the rats climb on top of each other to create a dome of rats around you. Due to the count of 10,000 rats its presumable that the dome would be at least ten rats deep regardless of its diameter. All aggressors that attack that dome would have a cluster of the rats bite on to them, until they are taken down by the sheer number of bites. Even eagles couldn't do anything, as attempting to swoop in and pick off a single rat from the dome would leave them open to attacks from the surrounding rats.

                                                  • John Smith
                                                    John Smith  3 weeks back

                                                    Now im more interested in number balancing the meme, like maybe increasing gorilla numbers, reducing eagles by maybe 15, and rats down to 2500 or below. The. Numbers become more feasible for other classes, especially if you increase lion by 2, and bull by 4 and croc by 5-6 contingent on if its plains with no water barrier between the opposition and vip. Human might also be willing to get a buff by adding a second one armed with a spear/polearm of a sort alongside the rifleman.

                                                    • Robin Hanning
                                                      Robin Hanning  3 weeks back

                                                      Upset heavily-armed of a minigun

                                                      • I Am PKLeo
                                                        I Am PKLeo  3 weeks back

                                                        If you put a human with a tank of war or a flamethrower you would win all of them together

                                                        • Bobby Ranger
                                                          Bobby Ranger  3 weeks back

                                                          Sometimes more really is more.

                                                          • Videl Vasquez
                                                            Videl Vasquez  3 weeks back

                                                            TEN THOUSAND rats. Is it even a question

                                                            • Adrian Bozdog
                                                              Adrian Bozdog  3 weeks back

                                                              There is a counter. Pick human to remove sniper and to have crafting available, also pick eagles. Human creates a platform with ropes attached the eagles use that to lift u off the ground. With a rotation of eagles resting/flying to keep u in the air and a group to bring food/water up you can stay in the air out of reach of everything else full time and wait for your victory. This however assumes you have baisicly mind controll over the eagles, other than this 10k rats just fuck everything

                                                          • Humans Are Retarded Creatures

                                                            10,000 Is an extremely OP number
                                                            wtf was the guy creating this thinking?

                                                            • Hunter XXL
                                                              Hunter XXL  3 weeks back

                                                              Il chose the croco not just bcs they are my fav

                                                              • Leif H
                                                                Leif H  3 weeks back

                                                                I know you were considering this set on an even playing field but assuming I could choose the arena so to speak a island with a few trees on it surrounded by water I did use the crocodiles and the eagles crocodiles would deal with all their larger threats well eagles with her ass and slow down take out the sniper and take out the mice that probably aren't very good swimmers unless I'm totally uninformed about mice

                                                                • Bsheepdestroyer Animations

                                                                  He couldn't figure out how to do the sponsor so he just made an entire video leading into it

                                                                  • Imderpy1234
                                                                    Imderpy1234  3 weeks back

                                                                    Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's not a bolt action but a lever action

                                                                    • Qumait Qumibro
                                                                      Qumait Qumibro  3 weeks back

                                                                      Human in a tank

                                                                      • Robert R
                                                                        Robert R  3 weeks back

                                                                        I strongly disagree. If we don't make this a ridiculous fantasy battle royale and instead think about which animals would scare off the others, I think gorillas are the top choice (assuming they're large males, which the one in the picture was). Adult male gorillas reliably beat tigers and they're smart enough to work together and, importantly, defend you. 4 lions would be no threat to 5 silverbacks and doubt the wolves would even trouble you. Rats, eagles and bulls wouldn't attack you in the first place so what's the problem? The crocodiles are the biggest threat but if you move away from water their resolve goes down. I guess I'd pick the hunter purely so I don't need to worry about being shot.

                                                                        P.S. 10 crocs are certainly more powerful but they're stupid and asocial enough that I'd be afraid of them wandering off and leaving me undefended. If there was water I could hide in with the crocodiles, that would be ideal.

                                                                        • I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages
                                                                          I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages  3 weeks back

                                                                          +Robert R Yes, adult males have been hunted down and killed by leopards. Google for this in relation to Walter Baumgartel - he's typically quoted on the topic. As for lions, they're incredibly tough and even they have very hard time killing one another. Gorilla isn't equipped to kill a lion. Yes, gorillas are very strong but they lack the coordination and instincts to apply that strength effectively in a fight.
                                                                          If you google for the various topic, you'll find that the fight between gorilla and a tiger will typically be in favour of the tiger, that said, even tigers sometimes get killed by leopards. Much can depend on how heavy each animalis.

                                                                        • Robert R
                                                                          Robert R  3 weeks back

                                                                          +I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages But are they "coming to get you" like a Narnian army or are they "coming to get you" like real animals on the hunt?

                                                                          Do you have any examples of fully grown gorillas falling prey to leopards? I've only ever heard that about juveniles. Tigers occasionally kill adult gorillas but even then only the smaller females. In a straight up fight, a strong male gorilla can be expected to defeat a tiger.

                                                                        • I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages
                                                                          I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages  3 weeks back

                                                                          The thing states very specifically the all the choices you do not pick are coming to get you, so there is no "it won't attack" argument, and intimidation is irrelevant as well for the same reason. Lions are generally considerably heavier than gorillas (unless small-ish, then they're slightly heavier) and they are apex predators who hunt and kill heavier and dangerous game. Given that gorillas have reportedly fallen prey to leopards, they'd be no match for lions who are set out to get them.

                                                                      • Lea Woods
                                                                        Lea Woods  3 weeks back

                                                                        I'd get a bigger island, call it Eawora and we'd defend it. I'd also turn on cheats and keep wolves as wella s eagles and rats.

                                                                        • ParasauroBR-DS-
                                                                          ParasauroBR-DS-  3 weeks back

                                                                          yey i win :D

                                                                          • James Wolf
                                                                            James Wolf  3 weeks back

                                                                            The way I see it it's more about what you choices relationships with the other choices are rather than just putting the most statistically more use full groups going together. For example 10 000 rats with a human could be 10,000 distractions and a ranged heavy hitter. Mean while bears and lions although a very powerful duo is all born and no intelligence, defense, or mobility.

                                                                            • REAPER
                                                                              REAPER  3 weeks back

                                                                              Cuz he can set up defenses and traps

                                                                              • Derrick McAdoo
                                                                                Derrick McAdoo  3 weeks back

                                                                                I challenge someone with my 7 oxen, and 10,000 rats. Who's down?

                                                                                • Derrick McAdoo
                                                                                  Derrick McAdoo  3 weeks back

                                                                                  You're not accounting for the general that conducts them.

                                                                                  • Avaton
                                                                                    Avaton  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Human can just shoot over the rats

                                                                                    • SethCurry
                                                                                      SethCurry  3 weeks back

                                                                                      If the human had an AA-12 and body armor its game over