Ariana Grande - 7 rings (Lyrics)

  • Published: 18 January 2019
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  • ArianaGrandeFan
    ArianaGrandeFan   1 weeks back

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    • Patricia Mccombs
      Patricia Mccombs  9 hours back

      Breaking my back and let you in my liking and that's what they gave you wanting I got it I want it I got it I want it I got it I want it I got it I want it I got it so bad no down the chocolate

    • ta perfection ratée nicaise
      ta perfection ratée nicaise  9 hours back

      ArianaGrandeFan 😍😍😍

    • R.k. Nair
      R.k. Nair  17 hours back

      100% I like this Song

    • Mahmoud Radwan
      Mahmoud Radwan  20 hours back

      I love all ur songs but my love song was 7 rings

    • Toya Addison
      Toya Addison  1 days back

      I 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 ariana

  • Super Smash Revan
    Super Smash Revan  2 hours back

    This song is a communist's worst nightmare.

    • Chloe BP
      Chloe BP  2 hours back

      You mean to tell me.....HER HAIR IS FAKE!? :o

      • Bri & jorja Bffs
        Bri & jorja Bffs  4 hours back

        Who else LOVES Arianna Grande’s music?

        • Mia White
          Mia White  4 hours back


          • aj roberson
            aj roberson  4 hours back

            I see it
            I like it
            I want it
            Mom: u buy it
            Me 😑🙄

            • Gacha Time
              Gacha Time  5 hours back

              3 MINUTES OF ARIANA GRADE CALLING US POOR not being rude but I love her

              • Sherria Lavender
                Sherria Lavender  5 hours back

                1.I woke up
                2. I became the richest person in the world
                3. Met a celebrity and became friends
                4. Everything I wanted from the store and my receipt was over $1000000
                5. And I had the biggest house on the Block and the nicest car
                4 5 3 2 1 sigh that is the real order life isn't fair😀😁😂🤣🤑😭🙄

                • Dmpn Kadii
                  Dmpn Kadii  6 hours back

                  I see it.
                  I like it.
                  I want it but it wiil stay right there, cause I'm broke.. Lol!.

                  • Chloe Vogel
                    Chloe Vogel  6 hours back

                    Ok omg I just realized this song sounds like an old song called my favorite things🤨

                    • Rosa Caesar
                      Rosa Caesar  6 hours back

                      👗 this is Cindy every likes I get the more richer she gets

                      • Tashia MJ
                        Tashia MJ  6 hours back

                        I good manifestation song.🔮

                        • Lidia Martinez
                          Lidia Martinez  7 hours back

                          how do yuo do yuor hair

                        • Lidia Martinez
                          Lidia Martinez  7 hours back


                          • Muhibur Rahman
                            Muhibur Rahman  7 hours back

                            This is lit👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥

                            • Kelly Lili Castañeda Valderrama


                              • KittyCatLady
                                KittyCatLady  8 hours back


                                Look at the first word

                                • Ais C
                                  Ais C  7 hours back

                                  Yeet your wrong

                              • Brí Akílah
                                Brí Akílah  8 hours back


                                • Ομάδα STEEE
                                  Ομάδα STEEE  11 hours back

                                  Yung stars

                                  • fefe 15 Antonia
                                    fefe 15 Antonia  12 hours back


                                    • DBZ LOVER
                                      DBZ LOVER  12 hours back

                                      Her lip is doing the floss because she just said my lip is flossin! LOL

                                      • Big shaq Cookomam
                                        Big shaq Cookomam  12 hours back

                                        I see it
                                        Mum see what?
                                        I like it
                                        Mum like what
                                        I want it
                                        mum WANT WHAT
                                        I got it
                                        Mum ??????

                                        • Free Dish soap
                                          Free Dish soap  13 hours back

                                          skin? gleaming
                                          receipts?phone numbers
                                          bury? a friend
                                          commas? full stops

                                          • Sherlyn Monserrath Morales Alor

                                            You like

                                            • Bechai Ransford
                                              Bechai Ransford  14 hours back

                                              Ariana Grande: I want, I got it

                                              Angry 26 year olds: I want it, I BOUGHT IT. GET A JOB

                                              • Beyza LaTheug
                                                Beyza LaTheug  15 hours back

                                                favorit minute #2:12

                                              • Halat Almezouri
                                                Halat Almezouri  15 hours back

                                                Wow 😘💜💎🦄

                                                • R.k. Nair
                                                  R.k. Nair  17 hours back

                                                  Nice VOICE
                                                  Nice SONG
                                                  I see it
                                                  I like it....

                                                  • Taher Ahmed
                                                    Taher Ahmed  17 hours back

                                                    2:02 best part💕🔥😍🌹❤

                                                    • SailorXLuna
                                                      SailorXLuna  19 hours back

                                                      I see it
                                                      I like it
                                                      I want it
                                                      Mom: put it back!

                                                      • tae kook
                                                        tae kook  19 hours back

                                                        me when i watch *BTS*
                                                        i see it i like it
                                                        i want it i dont got it😭😭😭😭

                                                        • Alees Cr7
                                                          Alees Cr7  20 hours back

                                                          too broke for this song

                                                          • Jimin’s Lost Jams
                                                            Jimin’s Lost Jams  22 hours back

                                                            the fact I got a smule ad with this song🙃

                                                            • Khánh Hòa Bùi
                                                              Khánh Hòa Bùi  23 hours back

                                                              2:16 my favourite part

                                                              • Phillip Wood
                                                                Phillip Wood  23 hours back

                                                                Your good

                                                                • Spicymonkey693
                                                                  Spicymonkey693  24 hours back

                                                                  "I want it, I got it-"

                                                                  Me: I want a girlfriend for longer than 2 weeks.......not everyone can get it rip.

                                                                • Hugo Kaiju536
                                                                  Hugo Kaiju536  1 days back

                                                                  Sonic and the secret rings :v

                                                                  • Dalila Joseph
                                                                    Dalila Joseph  1 days back

                                                                    Really like this song ☺️

                                                                    • Bryan Nez
                                                                      Bryan Nez  1 days back


                                                                      • Alison Castillo
                                                                        Alison Castillo  1 days back

                                                                        I love this song

                                                                        • Isabelle SCHULZ
                                                                          Isabelle SCHULZ  1 days back

                                                                          I see it
                                                                          I like it
                                                                          I want it
                                                                          I got it
                                                                          Looks at price
                                                                          Never mind
                                                                          Thank you next

                                                                          • Camille 1_1_2
                                                                            Camille 1_1_2  1 days back

                                                                            I love this song so much 7 ring yes

                                                                            • ItzMeLayzxX
                                                                              ItzMeLayzxX  1 days back

                                                                              Rap timez

                                                                              • M Manson
                                                                                M Manson  1 days back

                                                                                Were do u live

                                                                                • M Manson
                                                                                  M Manson  1 days back

                                                                                  Your beautiful your good at singing I want to be like u one day

                                                                                  • M Manson
                                                                                    M Manson  1 days back

                                                                                    I LOVE U AIRANA I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE YOU ; 3

                                                                                    • Jennifer Garcia
                                                                                      Jennifer Garcia  1 days back

                                                                                      Dammit its good lol

                                                                                      • Flower :D Vlogs
                                                                                        Flower :D Vlogs  1 days back

                                                                                        Temptations. Greatest hits