Speed & Style Finals | Crankworx Innsbruck 2019

  • Published: 14 June 2019
  • ► For more info on Crankworx 2019: https://win.gs/CrankworxInnsbruck19

    Head-to-head action from the Dual Speed & Style at Crankworx 2019, brought to you live from the slopes of Innsbruck, Austria. 🤘

    The Mons Royale Speed & Style Rotorua puts riders against each other, battling the course, their opponent and the clock as they try to execute the most stylish run possible, while maximizing speed.

    Combining elements of Dual Slalom and Slopestyle, Speed & Style challenges athletes to out-race and out-trick their opponent in this head-to-head format. Each racer earns style points from a panel of judges, with the rider who crosses the line first earning an additional time credit.

    Crankworx Innsbruck 2018 podium:
    🥇 : Martin Söderström
    🥈 : Sam Reynolds
    🥉 : Greg Watts


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Comments • 24

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer  2 weeks back

    I love Slopestyle and speed and style

    • Nestor Sausa
      Nestor Sausa  3 weeks back

      why there's no full video coverage of slopestyle competition?

      • Aaron Larsen
        Aaron Larsen  3 weeks back

        I'm a park BMXer and I am loving this. I want in.

        • D Gasun
          D Gasun  4 weeks back

          At 39:30 is so not fair.

          • Josh Carroll
            Josh Carroll  4 weeks back

            What did he mean in the end by 'stick away'? 😆👍

            • itz Nding
              itz Nding  4 weeks back

              1:33:46 spider attack

              • Daniel Filipszki
                Daniel Filipszki  4 weeks back

                wann geht das event von gestern online

                • flock
                  flock  4 weeks back

                  first run: 7:47

                • RICH Photography
                  RICH Photography  4 weeks back

                  I’m here to watch Soderstrom 😱🔥👌

                  • Jennifer
                    Jennifer  2 weeks back

                    I am not one for blondes but he is handsome. Cam McCall is more closer to my type but most of the athletes are to young for me. I like black or brown hair light brown eyes.

                • Poniak
                  Poniak  1 months back

                  Trochę więcej farta Marcin nooo

                  • Fajne Vlogi
                    Fajne Vlogi  1 weeks back

                    @Poniak ale film jest na angielska czesc yt

                  • Poniak
                    Poniak  1 weeks back

                    @Fajne Vlogi oglądają to ludzie z całego świata więc moge pisać tu w jakim kolwiek jezyku

                  • Poniak
                    Poniak  1 weeks back

                    @Fajne Vlogi To że film jest po angielsku nic nie znaczy

                  • Fajne Vlogi
                    Fajne Vlogi  1 weeks back

                    @Poniak to, ze piszesz komentarz po polsku w filmie, ktory jest po angielsku?

                  • Poniak
                    Poniak  1 weeks back

                    @Fajne Vlogi Co to ma do czego?

                • Eddison Gualpa
                  Eddison Gualpa  1 months back

                  soy gay

                  • Jimmy-James Olivier-McCutcheon

                    check the time reynold should have won the bronze..............?????? WTF crankworks you suck

                    • Kev’in Bike
                      Kev’in Bike  1 months back

                      Very great vidéo 👍🏼

                      • Josh Rooke77
                        Josh Rooke77  1 months back

                        how tf did garret beat tom isted lol that's stupid

                        • Bob Bobby
                          Bob Bobby  1 months back

                          Less talk, more riding

                          • Atlanteøn Boürgeøis
                            Atlanteøn Boürgeøis  1 months back

                            freaking amazing the caliber and chillness of these professional athletes.