6 Strange Glitches In Reality That Actually Happened! (True Stories!)

  • Published: 28 November 2017
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    These are a collection of paranormal Stories. Here at "Strange But True Stories", we bring you cases of: Paranormal Stories, Bigfoot stories, Time Glitches & the Mandela Effect, and so much more! You can submit your TRUE story to us at: strangebuttruestories2@gmail.com
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  • Leonie
    Leonie  2 hours back

    These may be "True Stories"?...But it does NOT mean these "stories" are true, especially since they are shown on YouTube very much indicates them to be only "clickbait" BS as most other videos on YouTube seem to be now...smiles

    • lamagiduneinstant76
      lamagiduneinstant76  7 hours back

      As to not seeing things ~"forever" - RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME (Klamath) - I mean CONSTANTLY - I understood that I had to take a serious, sincere look at something that was Duh Obvious, that I didn't want to face. As soon as i did, Then things got "normal and Much Better.

      • lamagiduneinstant76
        lamagiduneinstant76  7 hours back

        Oh, man. I got a BUNCH FOR UOU.

        • Om Sadasiva
          Om Sadasiva  2 days back

          I am a schizophrenic and I frequently have ideas of Matrix, Truman show, solipsism etc

          • Darkly007
            Darkly007  3 days back

            ya I have a story also. One day up in the hills of jacksonhole Wyoming where I had moved from Baltimore with my uncle for a couple months to get away from my parole because I had urine test and I know I was going come up dirty.(keep in mind if your 3 states away from the state you were convicted for a minor crime even if you get arrested they don't check or just cant do nohthing because I got arrested for a day in Wyoming and nothing happened about my parole in Baltimore). ::-:: DESCRIPTION ::-:: ANY ways I just felt the need for you guys to know that fact to make my story even more crazy that it happened with some thing on the FEDERAL level MY TAX RETURN.--- SO on with my story I found a painting job from a temp service, I was working there for about 2 weeks when we drove up in the hills and windy roads to this old barn used for storage and paint and stuff for my job and this is the first time im going there. well we pull up next to the barn and there is a old truck next to it that was locked and windows were up and we have never used before sense ive ben working there. so we walk up to this truck and start to put the paint and stuff in the back of the truck and get ready for work and then the boss opens the truck and THERE IS A ENVOLOPE SITING ON THE DASH BOARD OF THE TRUCK. keep in mind I have never seen this truck and the truck is way back in the the foothills of Wyoming lot of country around big forest around as you go to this barn there are not any houses that you can see near the barn it is a secluded area. SO the BOSS LOOK AT THE ENVOLPE AND SEES ITS ADDRESSED TO ME, the person who has only started working for this painting company 2 weeks ago and who got the job from the temp service. SO WE ARE ALL WONDERING HOW IT GOT IN THE TRUCK. I OPEN THE ENVOLOPE AND SEE IT IS MY TAX RETURN CHECK!!. I COULDENT BELIVE IT. how could the mail man find this old truck that I have never seen nor ben in that was locked and windows up put that mail in there. how could the mailman even know where I worked it had only ben 2 weeks and I found it through a temp service mean it was in the middle of no where in the first place. and not to mention it was in a truck mailman usually go to houses. AND I WAS SO BLOWN AWAY BECAUSE A TAX RETURN CHECK.... JUST APPEARING. SOMETHING AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL SOMEHTING SO OFFICAIL to do with something so strange and bizarre as this. ::-:: HAPPEND ::-:: 2008- Jacksonhole, Wyoming

            • dale shine
              dale shine  4 days back

              Sug Knight was ready to whoop his ass if that registration didn't show up.

              • Anjalee Massey
                Anjalee Massey  4 days back

                It’s a sign someone broke time! And our lives were affected

                • Ashley plays
                  Ashley plays  4 days back

                  I had some of these situations, i had been on my way south of my hometown, i had biked some 20 miles then i reappeared at the north side of town by where my house was, i was incredibly confused, i also hadn't had my keys anymore when i had thought i brought, i had found them in the door when i got home, which i wasnt due home for another 6 hours. Im still confused about what happened

                  • Richard Mark Kepple
                    Richard Mark Kepple  4 days back

                    it's true, I'm pandora who preaches the difference between DO and DONT

                    • Savage Squad Productions

                      I have a glitch story:
                      On Sunday, July 14,2019, we went to the beach and I was hanging out with my cousin Jacob. Until a random person just came up to him and said "How is it doing, kid?" And he started walking with him to the ocean. And the adults were telling me that it's time to go. So I came back for Jacob and told him that it's time to go but he didn't say anything. So I decided to go to the car and check if I was right about what happen, and I didn't see him walk with us to the car. But there he was, sitting in the car. And I will tell him about this mysterious glitch.

                      • Aleksandras Čupinas
                        Aleksandras Čupinas  5 days back

                        i had some weird things happened that i prove to my self that they were right.

                        • person voice
                          person voice  5 days back

                          you may have cognitive and memory problems. take care.

                          • Joanne Martisofski
                            Joanne Martisofski  5 days back

                            Guy driving to LA was abducted by aliens. Only thing that makes sense.

                            • shoved to the right?
                              shoved to the right?  6 days back

                              I have a douple... my mum and sister were driving along one day when i was 9 or 10. Nice day and they were not concentrating quite as well as they should and when a boy ran out into the road my sister nearly hit him, barely stopping the car in time and close enough the boy hit her car with both hands before running off though the estate on the other side of the road.
                              Both my mum and sister swear blind that it was me.... I was about 12 miles away on the local pier at the beach fishing - caught 3 that day and took them home for the pot.
                              That was just the first sighting of my double.... another time when i was 22 and living in London (I'm from Portsmouth) I got a call from my mum to say the police were at her house to arrest me as i had been seen by multiple witnesses breaking into a house near to my mums in Portsmouth 20 minutes or so before she called me, i was close to 3 hours away by car... the police were dumb struck as at least one witness was a police officer (off duty) that i knew well. there are more but those two really stood out over the years.

                              • Nadia Rivas
                                Nadia Rivas  6 days back

                                This is probably because of my outlet or some, but it is still weird 😂,okay so I was charging my phone and it was at 93% and then 1 min later I look at my percent again and it was at 99%...

                                • Angel Lerma
                                  Angel Lerma  7 days back

                                  When I was very young around 6 or 7 my brother and I were playing in the living room, he's 3 years older than me. My mom was sitting on the couch reading and my brother and I were playing near the other couch. He had a stretched out wire hanger with a blue ribbon tied to the end and was chasing me around with it. At one point he pokes me with it and I fell back onto the couch dramatically acting as if I was stabbed the way children do. I didn't hit my head hard on anyting just the cushion. The moment I hit the couch everything went silent and the colors in the room seemed to dull, almost black and white but not quite. When I looked up to where my mom was sitting my brother was now in her place cowering and crying my mom was standing over him fiercely beating him and yelling although I couldn't hear anything I could tell she was definitely scolding him. it's worth mentioning that my mom is the sweetest person in the world and would never act in the way that I saw. I watch this go on for maybe 5 Seconds when she turned around to face me, she had the most evil look on her face a look I had never seen her have before or since. she promptly marched over towards me raised her hand to strike me and the moment her hand landed I came back to reality. Everything was as it was before. My brother was still standing there holding the hangar with the blue ribbon, my mom was still sitting on the other couch reading and no one seemed to notice what happened. I asked them what just happened and they both gave me a confused look. I explained to them what I just experienced and they just seemed to dismiss it.

                                  This absolutely did happen to me and I have no explanation for it.

                                  • Geoffrey Bassett
                                    Geoffrey Bassett  1 weeks back

                                    That second story I've had happen to me plenty. It happens when I'm extremely tired and driving long stretches. It's an actual thing, just cant remember what its called.

                                    • Park Dianne
                                      Park Dianne  1 weeks back

                                      Conclusion, we life in a matrix..

                                      • That’s Right
                                        That’s Right  1 weeks back

                                        Chico huh

                                        • Diana R
                                          Diana R  1 weeks back

                                          19:21 uh your son looks photoshopped....

                                          Some what cute but creepy

                                          • jeremiah fletcher
                                            jeremiah fletcher  1 weeks back

                                            DC or MAVEL lol but seriously very cool stories

                                            • jean unwritten
                                              jean unwritten  1 weeks back

                                              If you are from the Philippines and lost something at home you just have to ask it nicely from the Nuno sa punso (dwende/gnomes) they will return it 😁😁😁

                                              • Scottie Rasberry
                                                Scottie Rasberry  2 weeks back

                                                What is this accent?!

                                                • James Fowler
                                                  James Fowler  2 weeks back

                                                  So who experienced the comic book store event?

                                                  • Joshua Murray
                                                    Joshua Murray  2 weeks back

                                                    I dated my ex for 2 years, though when we broke up my nephew was 4 yet he was born when we were dating, we still cant figure out why there are 2 years unaccounted for.

                                                    • Tt Miller
                                                      Tt Miller  2 weeks back

                                                      These are all cases of people who accidentally ate mouldy bread that's all...move along sheeples

                                                      • Tt Miller
                                                        Tt Miller  2 weeks back

                                                        At about 8:35...that one was EASY...PICKPOCKET

                                                        • Jordan Leclair
                                                          Jordan Leclair  2 weeks back

                                                          Suge Knights car title! Lol

                                                          • MommaD ****
                                                            MommaD ****  2 weeks back

                                                            Coke kills....

                                                            • MommaD ****
                                                              MommaD ****  2 weeks back

                                                              Missing wallet/registration....... Demons do shit like that!

                                                              • MommaD ****
                                                                MommaD ****  2 weeks back

                                                                Tords??? Two wards.....

                                                                • country Mcleod
                                                                  country Mcleod  2 weeks back

                                                                  Registration owner name an company is familiar

                                                                  • Baiba Jegere
                                                                    Baiba Jegere  2 weeks back

                                                                    have you ever thout that we are just a computer simulation?

                                                                    • Mario
                                                                      Mario  2 weeks back

                                                                      I had a similar experience with my cars registration as well. 🤔

                                                                      • kathrynceillam
                                                                        kathrynceillam  2 weeks back

                                                                        My mum was in the bath once and had a whole conversation with my brother..
                                                                        my brother and I got home a few mins later and my mum had the IDENTICAL exact conversation with my brother when we got home. She was really freaked out..

                                                                        • Cheryon B
                                                                          Cheryon B  2 weeks back

                                                                          Not really a glitch but it's about the workings of the universe. About 3 years ago we was short on a light bill, me and my bf was stressing about it (for about a month) and I just told him to calm down it's not the end of the world if we have to be without lights for 2 weeks. We pulled into a jack in the box and I waited in the car. We noticed some women leaving the car next to us going into the same resturant (they had on trampy clothes so they were very distinctive) they ordered and came back with their food and drove off, next my bf came out with ours. We drove out of parking lot and he said he think he saw something on the ground that looked like money, I said what the f*ck you waiting on turn around and go look. We turned around and another car was parked on top of it, my bf got out and he reached under the new persons car (while they were watching like wtf? ) what he grabbed was wad of money and it was about $ 140 ...$5 more than what we needed for the light bill. We could'nt return the money because the women drove off before we found it but we were very thankful.

                                                                          • DIck E. Normous
                                                                            DIck E. Normous  2 weeks back

                                                                            Early age of Alzheimer, my grandma had it too

                                                                            • Zeshan Ismail
                                                                              Zeshan Ismail  2 weeks back

                                                                              Maybe you were drunk!

                                                                              • Charles Long
                                                                                Charles Long  2 weeks back

                                                                                Ripley’s Believe it or not.

                                                                                • CASTLE309D
                                                                                  CASTLE309D  2 weeks back

                                                                                  SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE KEEPS GOING THROUGH A TIME JUMP,AND PARALLEL UNIVERSE TRAVEL

                                                                                  • KING DAMIAN
                                                                                    KING DAMIAN  2 weeks back

                                                                                    I had an other dimension visit as well, one night I went to a strip club and got a lap dance by beyonce I guess in that dimension she was just a no good whore

                                                                                    • TrashiestTrashInTheTrashDump JR

                                                                                      One time me and my mom were driving home and a car passed us going the opposite way. I had one earbud in my right ear, and a little after the "woosh"ing sound of the car I heard something in my left ear. It sounded very clear, it was a whisper that said "I love you". I thought it was my mom since she was to the left of me driving as i was in the passenger seat. I said "was that you?" And she was like "what?" She swore she didnt say a word. She thought I had heard the car going by, but the whisper happened after the car and i heard the woosh of it about a second prior of hearing the whisper. I was really freaked out and asked if the car had any music playing, nope. I even rewinded the video i was watching with one ear bud even though i had heard the whisper in my left ear and it wasnt there. I have no idea what it was and nothing has happened since. Maybe it was just the car. Nothing has never happened to me that i couldnt explain except that.

                                                                                      • A. Clark
                                                                                        A. Clark  3 weeks back

                                                                                        oh come on!! The wallet one is so easy to figure out, his sister took his wallet when they were at the beach, when he was laying on the bed saying just give the paper back, she went into where he was and just threw it down on the floor, after she took it out of his wallet, she took the wallet home with them and then asked a friend to say that he found it down in Puerto Rico and then gave it back to him, that one is just too easy, the moral of the story is his sister's a cunt, LOL
                                                                                        Edit: dude, if you couldn't figure that one out, you deserved to be punked by your sister.

                                                                                        • A. Clark
                                                                                          A. Clark  3 weeks back

                                                                                          Because you say they are true stories, we are supposed to believe that they are true stories? Lol

                                                                                          • ISA
                                                                                            ISA  3 weeks back

                                                                                            I’ve been in the comments an hour reading everyone’s stories I have to say much more interesting then the video 👍🏼

                                                                                            • Kenneth Leoganda
                                                                                              Kenneth Leoganda  3 weeks back

                                                                                              Whatever these people were smoking, i want some! N who gives a flying fu*k?!

                                                                                              • Moua Xiong
                                                                                                Moua Xiong  3 weeks back

                                                                                                Did ya just say Chico ca? Seriously. Omg. Never thought my hometown would ever come up in any personal story!!

                                                                                                • Cliftonite 187
                                                                                                  Cliftonite 187  3 weeks back

                                                                                                  The flash was on DC cartoons,but there were crossovers in marvel and DC...i dont know how you exchange characters though?