Aamir Khan Workout & Transformation (NEW - 2019!)

  • Published: 22 February 2019
  • Indian megastar Aamir Khan is known for his intense workouts and dramatic body transformations when preparing for his roles. His most famous was for the movie Dangal back in 2016. Well, with shooting for his newest project set to begin in just 6 to 8 months from the time this video is published, it is time for Aamir to start his latest transformation.

    In this video, Aamir Khan shares with Jeff Cavaliere from ATHLEAN-X what he learned from his last transformation that will allow him to do this easier. The key is not to focus on the end goal. While it it important to have a goal that you are shooting towards, it is more crucial that you not keep looking at where you want to be. Instead, focus on the path and the process of where you want to be so that you can execute just one simple step each day that will help you to get there.

    This mindset is far less daunting and is easier to achieve.

    With that said, this transformation is going to hinge on the combination of a successful workout and nutrition plan. For this, Aamir reached out to trainer and physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere, whom he had been watching and following on YouTube for many years. On a recent visit to New York, the two connected and started mapping out the path to the new body.

    It begins with the first workout together. Here you will see a unique style of training that incorporates a 30/60/90 format. None of the exercises are done for a specific rep count necessarily but rather for a period of time. The 30 second exercise is meant to be something done very heavy. The thought here is that if you were to use say a 5RM bench press that you would likely be completing that set within 20 to 30 seconds.

    The key however is to pair this up with either a conditioning or ab exercise of similar intensity. For instance, if you were to do an ab exercise you would want something explosive or difficult here. That would mean some type of hanging ab exercise or lower ab exercise. You want to find something that is challenging enough to make you burn and want to quit within 30 seconds.

    Next, you move onto an exercise of slightly lower intensity but more importantly, one that you can apply focus tension to the muscle in. This means, not just worrying about moving the weight as you were in the heavy exercise, but rather making the muscle work that you are trying to hypertrophy. For the case of the chest, it is the standing cable fly. Here, Aamir wants to make sure he is contracting his chest fully and driving his arm across midline to ensure full adduction.

    The focus is to drive as much tension into the muscle as possible, flexing hard on every repetition. When this is finished, once again Aamir has a choice of doing either a 60 second conditioning exercise of abdominal exercise of similar intensity.

    Finally, the 90 second set is one that is done for metabolic training. The set doesn’t start until the burn does. This could be an exercise like the pushup. Even if you were to reach failure at some point early in the 90 second period, you could drop to your knees and keep the set going from there until it is done. One final time here, you want to immediately follow this up with a burnout set of either abdominal training or conditioning.

    To keep an eye on this newest Aamir Khan transformation and to see more of the step by step workouts, be sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it is published.

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    To get the exact same training plans that Aamir is using to rebuild his body, lose body fat and build new muscle for his latest role, head to the link below and start training like an athlete. Check out the workouts and meal plans set up to help you accomplish your specific goals.

    Build Muscle in 90 Days - http://athleanx.com/x/my-workouts
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