Shane Dawson Funny Moments Part 9!

  • Published: 14 June 2018
  • I had a file for Shane & Friends Part 7 but somehow I accidentally erased it and so I quickly whipped up this addition to the Shane Dawson Funny Moments franchise! At the end is an older video by Shane, from when he did his characters. If you'd like to see the best of Shane's characters, please hit the like button so I know!

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Comments • 36

  • Hannah s
    Hannah s  1 years back

    theres a reason shane is the longest lasting youtuber, and that is captured here.

    • ki11er gir1 007
      ki11er gir1 007  2 months back

      1,000 th person to like😯

      • Dizzl Pop
        Dizzl Pop  2 months back

        Hot wheels 😂😂

        • glark
          glark  3 months back

          Chucky cheese??????

          • Kk 23
            Kk 23  4 months back

            OMG Shane making a joke about chuck e cheese pizza in the shanaynay video...the foreshadowing I’m shooketh

            • Noah Taylor Vlogs
              Noah Taylor Vlogs  8 months back

              I just binged all nine parts...

              • Sarah Lawler
                Sarah Lawler  9 months back

                1:44 I'm pretty sure I go to church with Kris Jenner or the doppelganger

                • Bridgette Mathena
                  Bridgette Mathena  9 months back

                  ICONIC. LIVING FOR THIS

                  • BTS_ARMY INFIRES
                    BTS_ARMY INFIRES  9 months back

                    None if these videos are long to show how funny he is

                    • Hannah Margo
                      Hannah Margo  9 months back

                      I miss Shane

                      • London IS LIT
                        London IS LIT  10 months back

                        "not anymore *bitch* "

                        • Adelaide Stark
                          Adelaide Stark  10 months back

                          1:43 I SCREAMED 😂😂😂😂

                          • Mad M
                            Mad M  10 months back

                            At the start why does his voice sound like he's trying to sound straight😂😂

                            • PUSSY MAMOSAS
                              PUSSY MAMOSAS  11 months back

                              IM FUCKING DYINGGG “Kylie’s kylighters” 😂💀💀😂💀😂😂😂😂😂

                              • Lucas Quintero
                                Lucas Quintero  11 months back

                                Shanaynah is so funny but in 2018 it would be so controversial.

                                • The panda cult
                                  The panda cult  12 months back

                                  13 reasons why
                                  Me: fuck off Courtney

                                  • WOODAL TM
                                    WOODAL TM  12 months back

                                    Shane should bring back this character *2018*

                                    • WOODAL TM
                                      WOODAL TM  12 months back

                                      Was waiting for *I GET IT, IM OLD* but no

                                    • Katie Maige
                                      Katie Maige  12 months back

                                      He is the funny YouTuber and he a queen 👸 yessssssssss bitch

                                      • Elextric Unicorn
                                        Elextric Unicorn  12 months back

                                        I always wonder if Shane’s neighbors are concerned 😂😂

                                      • Exploding SnowmanYT
                                        Exploding SnowmanYT  12 months back

                                        06:13 😂😂😂

                                        • Dorthy Kavel
                                          Dorthy Kavel  1 years back

                                          i love shaaaane so very much 😻

                                          • Melinda Wooodard
                                            Melinda Wooodard  1 years back

                                            No joke one time my friend brought military food for lunch AND he ate it all

                                            • H U N T E R
                                              H U N T E R  1 years back

                                              Every teacher on finals week

                                            • Diane Sailsberry
                                              Diane Sailsberry  1 years back

                                              Back when Shane was funny.

                                              • Potato Bunny
                                                Potato Bunny  1 years back

                                                When uno threw up I wheezed

                                                • Christian Scott
                                                  Christian Scott  1 years back

                                                  The Kris cooking show is one his funniest videos.

                                                  • Im Chris Hansen Why Dont You Have A Seat

                                                    I love how you don’t pick one part of the clip and just put it in you pick the video and then split it into clips it’s pretty fucking great. (Sorry if you don’t get what I mean..)

                                                    • Im Chris Hansen Why Dont You Have A Seat

                                                      THAT TRANSITION THOUGH

                                                      • Wig Extensions
                                                        Wig Extensions  1 years back

                                                        How is there only 2 coments

                                                        • Kasey
                                                          Kasey  1 years back

                                                          OMG YAS SHANAYNAY!

                                                          • Kyle Phillips
                                                            Kyle Phillips  1 years back

                                                            love shanynay!!!!

                                                            • Ash Wild
                                                              Ash Wild  1 years back

                                                              Got the notification right as i sat down with a mixing bowl of fruity pebbles fUck mE uP