Optimistic Nihilism

  • Published: 26 July 2017
  • The philosophy of Kurzgesagt.

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    Optimistic Nihilism

Comments • 40 841

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    • Matthew Renteria
      Matthew Renteria  3 weeks back

      Godzilla John Believe what men tell you, might happen might not either way waiting doesn’t help yourself

    • Matthew Renteria
      Matthew Renteria  3 weeks back

      Spirit flows, science proves. Yet your here saying otherwise.

    • ooosiii72
      ooosiii72  4 weeks back

      @Viper Yt to whom I want to prove anything? I just point out the flaws in this video so that people see the truth. There were theories and will be but as long as you seek for the truth outside of yourself you not going to find it.

  • Silver Night
    Silver Night  45 minutes back

    we are just one chapter in a book called the universe, not the first and certainly not the last. So let's make it one hell of a chapter

    • Clearly not Captain America

      Me in the beginning of this video: ah well shit, guess I’ll just kill myself :/
      Me in the end: Life is beautiful, everything and everyone around me is amazing!! I will live till I’m 100!!! I don’t matter, so I can live free!!! Tomorrow I will live my best life☺️☺️☺️

      • Cold Burn
        Cold Burn  3 hours back

        This is probably my most favorite one yet. it expresses a lot of my own views i already have on my own existence. i have always watched your videos with this mentality so i don't get depressed at all really, it just excites me to the possibilities of mankind, ( also i now have a proper label that describes my look on life, so More Bonus Points ^_^). Will we break away and survive the cold death of the universe? who knows all we got is our one chance to make something of it from the billions of years we will have to try..

        • Tomash YT
          Tomash YT  4 hours back

          Finaly I have an excuse to *kill my ex*

          • John Landon Miller
            John Landon Miller  5 hours back

            Aesthetics. Pathetic.

          • Riley Bugz
            Riley Bugz  12 hours back

            This is literally existentialism

            • Roland Deschain
              Roland Deschain  13 hours back

              I cant possibly explain how nice this video feels

              • Michaelo El Grando
                Michaelo El Grando  15 hours back

                basically existentialism ?

                • DRajtify
                  DRajtify  18 hours back

                  It seems anyone who lands on this mindset always wants to explore the universe and create a massive empire. Right there with you Kurzgesagt. We can call that the overlying purpose/goal to live up to every day, even if we never reach in our own lifetime.

                  • 楊定原
                    楊定原  19 hours back


                    • syed subhan
                      syed subhan  21 hours back

                      very much inspirational ... I truly loved it

                      • Clement
                        Clement  23 hours back

                        So the story of the universe is not about us simply because we are not in the middle and there are more stars and planets than we initially thought? Poor reasoning...

                        • Clement
                          Clement  14 minutes back

                          President Gaming I don’t understand. Can you explain why?

                        • President Gaming
                          President Gaming  52 minutes back

                          That's pretty narcissistic of ya.

                        • Clement
                          Clement  16 hours back

                          @Roberto Salinas By the way, I would agree if they just said that there is no evidence, and continue from there.

                        • Clement
                          Clement  17 hours back

                          @Roberto Salinas They literally say: "Well, to summarize: It seems very unlikely that 200 trillion trillion stars have been made for us. In a way it feels like the cruelest joke in existence has been played on us. We became self-aware only to realize this story is not about us."
                          They do say "it seems unlikely" to give other reasoning some space, but they continue to reason as if their statement is true. If the universe is about us, there is nothing to be depressed about and vice versa (if we follow the reasoning of the video).

                        • Football is life lol.
                          Football is life lol.  18 hours back

                          Yep thats nihilism more or less in the universe we really dont matter tho

                      • siw_
                        siw_  23 hours back

                        I dont want to cease to exist tbh

                        • siw_
                          siw_  23 hours back

                          Honestly all this technical advancement, 'achievements' dont matter, politics dont matter, most of all, all those wars and greed for money and power doesnt matter. We should go back to living simple lives. Not in the sense of limiting ourselves. But just living. Living in the moment and making the most of the time we have here. In harmony with each other and nature, helping each other, learning what we want to,...

                          • Football is life lol.
                            Football is life lol.  18 hours back

                            @siw_ I could not a agree more pal.

                          • siw_
                            siw_  18 hours back

                            @Football is life lol. Yeah I meant that with "making the most of the time we have". Like enjoying life/ having fun like you said ^^

                          • Football is life lol.
                            Football is life lol.  18 hours back

                            Don't forget having fun tho the world seems so regid that nobody eleven cares about having fun which is pointless if don't want to have fun I mean we not loss in anything if we have fun tho lol.

                        • OrickJagstone
                          OrickJagstone  1 days back

                          I watch this video often before what I expect is going to be a rough day. It reminds me that life IS what I make it. That time I spend enjoying my life whatever that enjoyment might be is not time wasted. Sure life is fleeting, and maybe it's meaningless. I get to have fun though. Of all the million and millions and millions of living things on the planet I am one of the very few that gets to not only feel enjoyment, but can express that enjoyment.

                          Again, maybe it's all worthless. Maybe none of this matters at all. Isn't that more motivation to have the most fun I possibly can in the small amount of time I have? I think so.

                          • José César
                            José César  1 days back

                            As a Christian that Love Science, is a mix of emotions when i see This video. There is so many things to figure out about the universe! Is so exciting and so depressive at the same time. Well, i do believe the Death it is not the end.

                            Whatever, the "close your eyes, and count until one" part Always give me chills. Is so powefull and beautiful.

                            • En théo
                              En théo  1 days back

                              “But, said Alice, if the world has absolutely no sense, who's stopping us from inventing one?”

                              ― Lewis Caroll

                              • Football is life lol.
                                Football is life lol.  18 hours back

                                That's why consiouness exists to help us make sense of this world tho..

                            • Miorkth
                              Miorkth  1 days back

                              this channel was the first one that motivated me to consume content in another language, fortunately the YouTube algorithm recommended something incredible for the first time in years

                              • SAD VIOLIN PRODUCTIONS

                                I always compare life to a game of Minecraft. It’s up to you to decide what the purpose of the game should be! 😁

                                • NoobsailerRBH
                                  NoobsailerRBH  2 days back

                                  There is only one line missing - right at the end:
                                  "Do the things that make you feel good. You get to decide whatever this means for you."
                                  *Just* *don't* *be* *a* *d;ck* *about* *things*

                                  • President Gaming
                                    President Gaming  51 minutes back

                                    i think that's left out to give people some freedom of thought.

                                • Thomas Mercure
                                  Thomas Mercure  2 days back

                                  thank you... I needed this

                                  • aïsha
                                    aïsha  2 days back

                                    This just gave me a brand new outlook on life. Things can suck sometimes, anxiety may strike but ultimately nothing matters. So much more motivated to just live my life with less worries. Thank you.

                                    • Victoly
                                      Victoly  2 days back

                                      Saying that anything matters (even if only our own lives), that any principles are relevant (even if only the ones we decide on), or that there is ANY purpose to existence (if only a purpose we dictate) is by definition NOT "nihilism". It's subjective or relativistic, but not "nihilistic". Stick to science, or at least open a few philosophy books first before trying your hand at another video like this.

                                      • Victoly
                                        Victoly  10 hours back

                                        @Peter It's the TITLE; I'd hardly call that a "small detail".

                                      • Peter
                                        Peter  12 hours back

                                        @Victoly It really isn't that deep. You are wasting your time getting into the small details of a well-made video.

                                      • Victoly
                                        Victoly  1 days back

                                        @36shadowboy Yes, because LESS correct information (along with more personal insults) is really what this world needs right now...

                                        The word "nihilism" isn't particularly accessible to the layperson. If you're going to use an arbitrary label, it's better to just make one up than to use another word incorrectly. They could have called it "Kurzgesagtism" and that would have been every bit as effective, without spreading misinformation in the process.

                                      • 36shadowboy
                                        36shadowboy  2 days back

                                        Victoly Technically the philosophy they are describing is positive existentialism. However, they are trying to explain a complicated philosophy in six minutes, so it can be helpful to use terminology which is more approachable for the average person. Thus they use “optimistic nihilism” with nihilism meaning a lack of any predetermined purpose. While it’s technically incorrect, it works and it makes for a good introduction to existentialism. So maybe you should put away your philosophy books and stop being a pretentious twat.

                                    • soswi
                                      soswi  2 days back

                                      I've made my day

                                      • Giovanna Castro
                                        Giovanna Castro  2 days back

                                        I know a lot of things exists at the same time I do, big planets, galaxies that I can't count with my fingers, stars that have been there way longer than I was and I will be on this earth, and probably life out there too. It kinda feels magic when you think of all those things coming together.

                                        • please ignore me
                                          please ignore me  3 days back

                                          is a lie

                                          • Alex Burton
                                            Alex Burton  3 days back

                                            That's why it feels good to believe in God.

                                          • Martin Costas
                                            Martin Costas  3 days back

                                            This was the best video of them all and they are all great. Loving your videos even more and more every day.

                                            • Leria Dantius
                                              Leria Dantius  3 days back

                                              I've recently discovered your channel and I'm binge-watching your videos. None of them made me depressed, on the contrary : they present things in a very motivational way and make us see how incredible things around us are. I don't really understand why you feel that you have to justify yourselves. The knowledge you give and the questions you raise are always exciting. A big thanks to you for your work.

                                              • Pascal Potdevin
                                                Pascal Potdevin  3 days back

                                                Let's just hope no rapist/serial killer/... will watch this video

                                                "Every bad thing you did will be voided"
                                                "we are truly free"
                                                "do the things that make you feel good you get to decide what it means for you"

                                                • Football is life lol.
                                                  Football is life lol.  3 days back

                                                  That do the things that make u feel good line gives me fuzzy feelings tho lol.

                                              • Damien Shen
                                                Damien Shen  3 days back

                                                Thank you

                                                • *rawr* XD
                                                  *rawr* XD  3 days back

                                                  I believe there is a God. There’s no way there’s nothing out there, but I entirely respect this philosophy. It’s always important to branch out and explore what is the possibility of truth because you can never really know for sure, right? Believing there is a God is comforting and nice in its own respect and believable for my own reasons, but believing that there isn’t and that there is nothing after this is also believable in its own respect and comes with its own tribulations to cope with, but in the end I agree with the core message: do what makes you happy. Sounds like a plan.

                                                  • Riley Bugz
                                                    Riley Bugz  12 hours back

                                                    If you are interested, you could explore the works of Kierkegaard, as he is a Christian existentialist.

                                                  • Doodelay Explains
                                                    Doodelay Explains  13 hours back

                                                    you say no way there's nothing out there only because you haven't listened to the people who have done nothing but look out there for the last few hundred years. That is, astronomers and physicists. That's there job, to teach us how big the universe is and discover things about it. And there really is nothing out there but gas, stars, and rocks. Maybe there's life on other planets, but that's as good as it gets. Which is awesome btw, but if youre thinking about a god figure, there's nothing

                                                • David Eggertsen
                                                  David Eggertsen  3 days back

                                                  We sure assume we know a lot considering how little we know...

                                                  • Grayson J. Stedman jr.

                                                    In the process of building a galactic empire

                                                    • Jeff Durham
                                                      Jeff Durham  3 days back

                                                      So not optimistic nihilism but existentialism

                                                      • Patricia z
                                                        Patricia z  2 days back

                                                        Existentialism is finding out what life is, or whether it has meaning. Optimistic nihilism is embracing our lives as it is only experienced once.

                                                    • Coleman Remington
                                                      Coleman Remington  3 days back

                                                      A scary thought I had in the shower...humans have this drive to always do better, other animals such as bees don't build a massive hive and think wow how can we improve this hive and pull apart every aspect of it. So here lies the problem I am facing...this drive humans have to always improve and do better has its evolutionary theories on why we act the way we do but we still are missing very Key fundamental principles within our universe. More and more people wake up to their insignificance on this planet rotating at 180,000 mph flying through space around a massive plasma ball with the ability to cause massive destruction.
                                                      We have this innate connection to technology and machines. We want to create humanoids to do work for us to free us up to do other important tasks. We already are slowly integrating with technology where our phones literally tell us what to do and dictate our behaviors. Soon it's going to be integrated within our bodies whether we like it or not. This drive to always build and create new and improved things is a scary reality that we can't really explain only have theories.

                                                      Well i have an increasing theory on our love affair with robotics and technology. I truly am starting to believe that humans are the "microbial life" sex organs of machines. That the universe is organic and natural but technology and machines run the game and that is the end goal. Humans are a simple stepping stone to create the universe and life organically to bridge to a machine world. Machines our outside of our universe looking at us like an ant farm and who knows how many countless universes there are with organic life creating the backbones for a machine world.

                                                      I know it sounds crazy but just think of the points I brought up about our love affair with machines and unexplainable or mislabeled desire to always do better could be the DNA code to bridge machines into existence to continue the cycle.

                                                      • Horn BloweR
                                                        Horn BloweR  4 days back

                                                        "Do the things that make you feel good" and "Live as happy as possible" - These sentences could be the motto of my life.

                                                        • KomedySilver
                                                          KomedySilver  4 days back

                                                          jesus this makes me think of everything too differently its nuts.. thanks guys for giving me a new perspective on our weird little thing we call life

                                                          • jfhghifhg
                                                            jfhghifhg  4 days back

                                                            Great video but gotta remember we will be able to witness the rest of the universes existence with God :)

                                                          • Fancy Hotdog
                                                            Fancy Hotdog  4 days back

                                                            *Top 10 Most Uplifting Videos of All Time*

                                                            • Marian Florea
                                                              Marian Florea  4 days back

                                                              Now I see where Elon Musk has his inspiration from. 🚀 Probably he has a lot of extra points.

                                                              • rohan
                                                                rohan  4 days back

                                                                Damn. The music. This video is near perfection.

                                                                • Nick Delacruz
                                                                  Nick Delacruz  4 days back

                                                                  So do whatever you want because nothing matters in the end. Poor man’s postmodern philosophy. We came from Socrates to this...embarrassing.

                                                                  • Leo K
                                                                    Leo K  5 days back

                                                                    Wie immer top

                                                                    • Daniel Esparza
                                                                      Daniel Esparza  5 days back

                                                                      I'm glad to not be one of the people who have existential dread because I simply don't care if the universe was made for me. One way or another I'm going to live my life the way I want and live in the moment. If want to become a real life Tony Stark and advance human technology and civilization then I'm going to live in the moment and do it. Even if I have a limited amount of time in this universe, I'm going to make the best of it and if I'm not around then my legacy will live on for me. And if I do become rich and smart, then why not use my vast amount of money and knowledge to extend my life-span and others along with it so we can continue to advance and expand across the universe. Creating a utopia along the way that will last until the dawn of time.

                                                                      • volkermuller55
                                                                        volkermuller55  5 days back

                                                                        "if our life is the only thing we get to experience, it's the only thing that matters"
                                                                        Holy non sequitur, batman!

                                                                        • MaryEllen Worland
                                                                          MaryEllen Worland  5 days back

                                                                          the illustrations are perfect, very enjoyable to watch. kept my interest peaked.