What Went Wrong With Captain Marvel?

  • Published: 11 March 2019
  • This is a critique of Captain Marvel.
    And what's wrong with it.
    So what's wrong with it?

    Navy SEAL Copypasta

    Captain Marvel IGN Review

    Footage from Captain Marvel came from the Trailers
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  • Anya Delos Reyes
    Anya Delos Reyes  4 days back

    1:26 AMEN TO THAT

    • NoSauceOrBroth Child
      NoSauceOrBroth Child  4 days back

      Made Mar-vell into a wahman, that’s FUCKED UP!!

        LUI_PLAYS_YGO  4 days back

        Basic origin movie: Show don't tell
        Cap Marv: tell don't show

        • Code Red
          Code Red  1 weeks back


          markiplier: it’s big brain time

          • Ausar The Vile
            Ausar The Vile  1 weeks back

            One of my problems with captain marvel is that she is op. She doesn’t struggle or have an arc. This is seen in other characters like goku it antithetical op character that doesn’t struggle or have a good arc.

            • Bottled _Bottle
              Bottled _Bottle  1 weeks back


              • smash duty
                smash duty  1 weeks back

                Everything he says is completely correct I’m acc so gutted they ruined such an anticipated and awesome concept. And before any butthurt females come for me, I am a girl too. Having a female main actress doesn’t justify having a trash movie sorry

                • Culuf
                  Culuf  1 weeks back

                  "I hope she doesn't solo Thanos" he says. Then nobody can defeat him so she solos Thanos in Endgame. BECAUSE SHE WEARS THE HALA, THE HOPE, THE HEBREW HALO AND THAT GIVES HER ENERGY POWERS D: Directed by Anna Boden. Produced by Kevin Feige. Screenplay by Anna Boden. Story by Nicole Perlman, Meg LeFauve, Anna Boden and her husband Ryan Fleck. If you don't know what ethnic-religious category they all are, you haven't been paying attention. SHE CAN TAP INTO THE ENERGY OF A "WHITE HOLE" xD IIIIIIIIIIISRAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEL VAGINA POWERS.

                  • yankeechief2713
                    yankeechief2713  1 weeks back

                    The fucking idiots in this comment section. Captain marvel was certainly not the worst marvel movie. Haters gonna hate. It made over a BILLION DOLLARS. Explain that.

                    • Souma Spiritus
                      Souma Spiritus  2 weeks back

                      Don't forget that she's supposed to be the most powerful because *reasons.*

                      • RageGamerAustin
                        RageGamerAustin  2 weeks back

                        I know I’m late coming to this video, but I would have honestly preferred a Scarlet Witch movie than Captain Marvel. Mainly because Scarlet Witch is a character that people actually like.

                        • Sean Scudder
                          Sean Scudder  2 weeks back

                          Rule number one to making a Over powered character
                          Make this character have the power of the gods but allow them to Emote simple emotions, Happiness,sadness,anger

                          Rule number 2
                          give them the power but make it hard for them to control

                          rule number 3
                          Once they control it give them a good reason on why they do it, instead of the ya know, Blowing up like a star from that power

                          If I was in charge of the final Prove your worth battle scene, I would have the guy get back up after getting blast, even when he is wounded, I would have him egg her on causing another blast, making her more pissed, he gets up and continued to challenge her thus making her blast him with more power only for it to hit him and other things like forest,homes, or innocent animals. He doesn't stop challenging her and limps to her. She blast him more only to yield when she sees she could have killed him. He gets up with every bit of strength he has and tells her to look around. She looks to see Forest's destroyed, animals dead, and homes burned with people in still inside.
                          she looks surprised by this thinking her power could save them but could see that if she leaves him, he will die. He tells her this is why she must learn to prove herself, if she continues I'm better then you so fuck you path, she will see that she is harming those around her. Her Power is slowly turning her evil, If she doesn't learn humility like the other heroes from Marvel, she will see her way gives only pain and suffering and that she is acting more Brute then the (males shes suppose to be better for) hero she wants to be

                          This is where they could have her take the guy to a hospital or something (and have him die or not) then leave to figure a way of controlling her power so it doesn't consume her, which would explain why shes gone

                          in other words rule number 4
                          a over powered hero should be shown that all this power isn't good and not all hunky dorriy, the power could be easily given to one that ya know wants to protect others, they should see that if not restrained could harm the ones they protect

                          I've practice with my Oc Tony, he is a super solider that uses fire, fire being something that can protect and harm those around it, is a tricky thing, if he gets to angry he will burst to into flames and while training with the man he wishes to surpass, Preston, a old man who uses ice. he sees what focusing on winning could do and while sparring almost kills Preston. Preston risks his life just to show the fire user the side effect of absolute power by showing tony his Burn and broken body and the area around him on fire.
                          Before passing out, Preston says these words, and now I, i am a monument to all your sins

                          thats when Tony finally humbles himself and learns to control the element he has become one with

                          and guess what it WORKS FOR GIRLS CHARACTERS TOO

                          You can't make a god without showing they are human first, then no one would care, it's why Saitma and Thanos works, they were once People that followed different paths, Thanos shows that if not controlled and if you continue the path you made, will make you more and more evil and less caring, Saitama shows that even he's a god he doesn't show that he's better (LIke that bitch!) and isn't the one to take fame for his work, hence the line in the song, I don't wanna hear you calling my name, I'm not here for fortune and fame
                          UNLEASH MY FIST HERO!!!...Sorry, and shows that even tho he has this god power it has destroyed who he once was, he went through a ARC unlike Blond bitch here, He became emotionless and broad but still shows Happiness, anger and sadness plus Humility, Meaning a human still lives in him, and it's all cause he wishs to find someone to Test his power, let all of it out! Is it selfish? Yes, But dam is it intresting, whats she have he doesn't huh!? I'll tell ya, Flaws, like a fish in a bath tub once said, There is no such thing as Perfect, your flaws make you perfect just the way you are.

                          and thats why Ms. Marvel sucks

                          she was brought into this universe because the femminst wanted her to show that They are better then boys

                          No thanks Cunts, I'll take Ripley, Princess mononoke, Kiki, Mrs. Frisby, and Mothra, any day.

                          this is a fucking power play from the Femminst People!

                          This is why I'm happy to know android 13 and doom Slayer can kick this cunt to the Kurb any day

                          and lets not forget about The Kingzilla himself

                          I bid thee aduio

                          • Max Crouch
                            Max Crouch  2 weeks back

                            I’m not going to like/dislike a movie for the gender/race/sexuality/etc. of the protagonist/antagonist

                            • LethinGabbins
                              LethinGabbins  2 weeks back

                              I dunno. I thought this movie suffered too much from telling not showing.

                              • Katja Hills
                                Katja Hills  2 weeks back

                                My friends made me watch that movie. It’s not good and I did not expect it to be.

                                • Teo Morini
                                  Teo Morini  2 weeks back

                                  Oh. I thought you would just play the entire movie

                                  • Sphakamiso Zondi
                                    Sphakamiso Zondi  2 weeks back

                                    Mickey's Rant is hilarious

                                    • dave miller
                                      dave miller  2 weeks back

                                      What do you mean? Captain Marvel was an amazing movie filled with great characters you care about and character development with story arcs and everything. Like the part where Billy yelled Shazam!... oh, wait.

                                      • SuperNintendoNerd
                                        SuperNintendoNerd  2 weeks back

                                        I liked it

                                        • Rosa
                                          Rosa  2 weeks back

                                          oh! i know that one ; embarassing children afraid of women.

                                          • Isabella Jaramillo
                                            Isabella Jaramillo  2 weeks back

                                            Captain marvel is as mediocre as films like Thor, iron man 2,The first avenger. It may be a litleeee better but not by much. I actually like every MCU film (except the dark world Bc how could I like a shit show) but damn is captain marvel MEDIOCRE.

                                            • dave miller
                                              dave miller  2 weeks back

                                              Thor and the Captain America movies you listed were WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY better than this.The Dark World was WAY better than this. Hell, Justice League was WAAAAAYYYYY better than Captain Marvel.

                                          • Ryan Jones
                                            Ryan Jones  2 weeks back

                                            Concept: It made so much money at the box office, that you can't argue anything went wrong.

                                            • VIZUAL ASSASSIN
                                              VIZUAL ASSASSIN  2 weeks back

                                              haters can say what they want, but this movie made more than a billion which is more than most of marvel solo movies.

                                              • Rosamund Powell
                                                Rosamund Powell  2 weeks back

                                                It's not the best MCU movie. Then again . . . does it have to be? It's just an origin tale. Like "Iron Man" or "Thor". And it's just as good or bad as those two movies and other origin tales. For me, it doesn't stink like "Doctor Strange" or "Spider-man: Homecoming".

                                                • NinjaSox7
                                                  NinjaSox7  2 weeks back

                                                  I actually thought the way Nick Fury lost his eye was pretty funny but I can see why it would bother people. Other than that I agree with everything in this video

                                                  • Pink and Trouble
                                                    Pink and Trouble  3 weeks back

                                                    I honestly don’t understand why movies think that having a woman be “strong” is enough to be likable. News flash, it is in fact possible for women to be strong and still not win at every single turn because that’s how being human works. No matter how good at something you are you will still fail at some point, and this is what helps you grow, and this is what make sure characters interesting. When people make females stronger than everyone and nothing else, I don’t see them as role models or admirable, just bland. Incomplete.
                                                    Take Gwen from Spider verse: she is arguably a better spider person than Peter and Miles at the beginning, Miles because he’s brand new and Peter because he’s depressed and out of shape, but that’s not her only trait. The movie doesn’t scream “look! She saved the boys at the beginning! And she’s a girl! She’s strong!” Or “look she’s a girl and fights with boys! So strong! Admire her!” Every time she fights, and no one points it out. Pointing it out would indicate it’s some oddity instead of normal for some girls to have equal or more skill than some boys. She doesn’t always win, like when she lost her best friend, but she still continues on and saves others in spite of her pain. And in a spectacular twist, she has a personality as well! She has insecurities and flaws, but she grows and opens up over the course of the movie and that’s why she’s interesting. That’s why you can relate to her and remember her because she feels real. Take away the powers and you still have a fleshed out and interesting character. Take away Captain Marvel’s powers and you have...nothing.

                                                    • polite critique
                                                      polite critique  3 weeks back

                                                      Bible and Jesus both say Islam is the true religion. Following paedophile Christian priests lead you to hellfire. How stupid dyu have to be to not see this

                                                      • CGHSQUAD2K
                                                        CGHSQUAD2K  3 weeks back

                                                        9:10 this is very ironic cause even when it was a emergency(Endgame) she didn't really do anything

                                                        • Power Mind
                                                          Power Mind  3 weeks back

                                                          *What went wrong with Captain Marvel?*

                                                          • Average Joe
                                                            Average Joe  3 weeks back

                                                            The problem wasn’t Captain Marvel, the problem was Brie. She attacked the fan base personally (I think for publicity). I didn’t care that she is a woman, I care that she is a monster bitch of a person IRL. Let me point out also that I was in the Air Force. They treated me MUCH worse than Captain Marvel. We just laughed it off. People are WAAAAYYYY to vulnerable and hyper sensitive nowadays. They also admitted they did the cat/eye thing with Fury (after they turned him black) to intentionality weaken his character.

                                                            • 2k Geezy!
                                                              2k Geezy!  3 weeks back

                                                              I’ve never liked a video so fast

                                                              • Nathiel Correa
                                                                Nathiel Correa  3 weeks back

                                                                Captain Marvel would of been a great movie if they just name it Super woman and not Captain Marvel

                                                                • Sofía Rigamonti
                                                                  Sofía Rigamonti  3 weeks back

                                                                  “The worst thing about Captain Marvel, was Captain Marvel”
                                                                  That’s it. That’s all I needed to hear I’m subbing

                                                                  • Ty_ teynium
                                                                    Ty_ teynium  3 weeks back

                                                                    I liked her in Scott Pilgrim. She used to be so nice.

                                                                    • Coco Noisette
                                                                      Coco Noisette  3 weeks back


                                                                      Beginning of the movie: Wants to fight with him and prove she worth it

                                                                      End of the movie: Refuses to fight

                                                                      I think that's the important part about that. But she has changed her reaction because she knows he's not a friend, not because of mental grow

                                                                      • TheRandom Uan
                                                                        TheRandom Uan  3 weeks back

                                                                        everyone who dislikes liked Captain Karen

                                                                        • O_o
                                                                          O_o  4 weeks back

                                                                          no proper character growth, pitiful script, not enough emotion at all. smh

                                                                          • Jenna Michelle
                                                                            Jenna Michelle  4 weeks back

                                                                            “Thor eats some humble pie” I’m cackling rn

                                                                            • Uncompetative
                                                                              Uncompetative  4 weeks back

                                                                              Carol made the brave and difficult choice to shoot the engine core to prevent it falling into enemy hands.

                                                                              She was already a brave, patriotic, US Air Force Captain, but her choice here made her a deserving super hero.

                                                                              Peter Parker was accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider. Then he selfishly led to his uncle's death. Which hero is better?

                                                                              • taragnor
                                                                                taragnor  3 weeks back

                                                                                @Uncompetative : Yeah, there were a lot of stories bouncing around. At times it did feel like they wanted to make two movies and couldn't figure out which one they wanted to go with. The "you're not good enough" theme was almost entirely tied to Carol's life as a pilot, and had nothing to do with her life as a Kree warrior. It just felt very out of place in the final story they ended up telling.

                                                                              • Uncompetative
                                                                                Uncompetative  4 weeks back

                                                                                taragnor That’s a very sharp observation about Carol not showing remorse for what she did as Vers to the Skrulls. I actually think they tried to tell too much story in one movie and it ought to have been split into two. One would have been more like _Top Gun_ and the second would be about her as Vers discovering the truth. Those _Infinity Gauntlet_ movies could probably have been split up somehow and not been such an endurance test. More screenings could fit on one cinema, so they would actually make more money and wouldn’t need the rerelease they are doing with new footage.

                                                                              • taragnor
                                                                                taragnor  4 weeks back

                                                                                Carol could have been a good hero, honestly it's mostly in how they chose to portray it. The basic plot wasn't terrible, it was just told in a way that largely lost the emotion. I mean, Parker feels angry and guilty after what happened to his uncle. Carol learns she's been murdering innocent skrulls and doesn't really seem to display much of an emotional response to it. Oddly enough, the whole point of the movie seemed to be that unleashing her emotions was good, but Jude Law was far more emotional at the end than Carol was, so it was kind of questionable as far as what moral they were even trying to set. I mean, if they were going the route of emotions are good because they make you human and heroic, it could have worked, but they just needed to establish it better.

                                                                            • Nick D
                                                                              Nick D  4 weeks back

                                                                              Why does your voice sound so fucking weird?

                                                                              • Abhigyan Tyagi
                                                                                Abhigyan Tyagi  2 weeks back

                                                                                There's something called an accent. You might have heard of it

                                                                            • Ankur Saikia
                                                                              Ankur Saikia  4 weeks back


                                                                              • Help a/c
                                                                                Help a/c  4 weeks back

                                                                                I was looking for video that explained why CM was not a terrible movie and a person without it being heavily sexist and actually gave out facts and this is just the video I was looking for.
                                                                                Also if most of you haven’t read the comics CM has done a lot of bad things. In short she is trying to make everybody be safe and even killed The Hulk due to this person, almost alien saying that he would kill all the avengers. There are two comics about that. I kinda hope the Russo brothers don’t make this into a movie but in all honesty they should consider it.

                                                                                • Sebastian Maule
                                                                                  Sebastian Maule  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Um, Hawkeye killed Bruce Banner... because Bruce asked him to if he thought he'd turn into the Hulk again. Carol simply favoured on the side of predictive justice.

                                                                              • Dan Goodnight
                                                                                Dan Goodnight  4 weeks back

                                                                                starting out to make a 'superhero' film - with a political agenda
                                                                                thats wtf went wrong.

                                                                                • Adolf Hitler
                                                                                  Adolf Hitler  4 weeks back

                                                                                  I guess Marvel decided to abort one of their babies and captain marvel was the abortion.

                                                                                  • evilbanana _
                                                                                    evilbanana _  4 weeks back

                                                                                    Imagine if instead we got a Nick Fury or a Nova movie! Wouldn't that be much more interesting?

                                                                                    • ElephantsLover
                                                                                      ElephantsLover  4 weeks back

                                                                                      Did marvel forget about black widow?

                                                                                      • Dreadrat
                                                                                        Dreadrat  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Lets all understand also

                                                                                        SHE DID"NT DO ANYTHING TO EARN HER POWERS

                                                                                        • Sebastian Maule
                                                                                          Sebastian Maule  2 weeks back

                                                                                          Sorry, but that's a totally invalid point. Since when do heroes "need" to earn their powers or suffer from them in order to be worthy?

                                                                                          Thor was born as a God, and he abused that power.
                                                                                          Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were voluntarily experimented on by Nazis.
                                                                                          Black Panther gets his abilities from right of tradition, not achievement.

                                                                                          And Captain Marvel got her powers by self sacrifice. She knew the Kree needed the light speed engine, she blew it up. The reason she was flying with Mar-vell was because she was helping her save lives.

                                                                                          Also, Carol definitely "struggled". Do you not remember her memory of her entire life being erased? Being abducted by the Kree and changed into a soldier fighting on the wrong side of a war? Then realising the past 6 years she's been lied to?

                                                                                        • Dreadrat
                                                                                          Dreadrat  3 weeks back

                                                                                          Spidey Here let me say that again i meant she didn’t suffer for a long period of time

                                                                                          look at tony stark he got stuck in a cave and was forced to make missiles for a month

                                                                                          and what about hulk talk about a life long curse he lived with unable to get mad without turning into the hulk

                                                                                          what did Brie Larson do i couldn’t imagine much and how long did she suffer 5 minutes and she just got her powers without learning anything

                                                                                        • Spidey Here
                                                                                          Spidey Here  3 weeks back

                                                                                          PackRat Have you seen captain marvel? She legit sacrificed herself and shot the power stone so the kree wouldn’t get there hands on it.

                                                                                      • Ty Andy
                                                                                        Ty Andy  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Didnt even watch it, I cant.