How to Fix Forward Head | Slumped Posture (PERMANENTLY!)

  • Published: 31 March 2019
  • Do you have a forward head or slumped posture that you wish you could fix? If so, you will definitely want to watch this video. I’m going to show you how to fix a forward head and rounded shoulders the right way by focusing on what is really causing these problems. Here’s a hint. If you followed other posture correction videos for a forward head you likely never fixed the root of the issue and only did a temporary solution.

    When trying to correct any issue in the body, it is good practice to not focus on the site of the issues when looking for the solution. Instead, you need to look for the source. For instance, when it comes to fixing the position of the head and neck you cannot just look at the muscles that surround the area for the answer to your problems.

    This is especially true if you realize that the neck is just a portion of the spine. The spine is an incredibly long structure that has elements in the neck, mid back and lower back. Doing anything to a region of the spine down below is going to have repercussions on the levels above by virtue of the fact that it is one big interconnected chain.

    That said, the positioning of the neck into a craned position is often the result of a compensation of the eyes to make sure we are looking straight ahead. When the thoracic spine is excessively curved below we wind up rounding forward, with our head following. This takes our eyesight line down towards the ground. The craning of the neck back to horizontal is simply a reaction to the position of the thoracic rounding and not necessarily something in need of fixing directly.

    The same can be said of the lumbar spine and pelvis. If you place your pelvis into posterior tilt, you will affect the position of the thoracic spine as well. This is once again due to the connectedness of the entire spine as a whole. The key is to try and break this pattern up. You want to reverse the excessive posterior tilt and restore lost extension into the thoracic spine. When this happens, the cervical spine will often times correct itself.

    To work on doing this you will want to do the exercises shown here. First, to mobilize the area of the thoracic spine that is most restricted while at the same time establishing proper pelvic position you would do the bench mobility combo demonstrated. From here, you want to hold the position for a minute which is going to provide not just mobility to the tight areas but an isometric challenge to the deep flexors of the neck which tend to get weak over time from adaptations of the faulty posture.

    If you’re just beginning, one minute three times per day of the first variation is enough. If you are more advanced you can place the arms overhead for more of a thoracic mobility challenge. Finally, the most advanced can add a weight plate to the front of the head for additional neck flexor strengthening.

    Finally, you want to reinforce the corrections you make with the use of a face pull overhead raise. The addition of the overhead raise helps to hit the lower traps which will restore normal positioning of the shoulders and correct the forward rounding that promotes the neck adapatations in the first place.

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    • Mary C
      Mary C  4 weeks back

      Would this also help my rotator cuff problem? I am 68 and have degenerative disc disease. Some lower vertebrae have fused on their own but I am still flexible. I am rebuilding the discs with supplements just as I did my knees. This seems to be helping the pinched sciatic nerve as I can feel some disc repair.

      ANDY RIVERA  4 weeks back

      I noticed my lower spine feels squishy and gives me pain. Do you know anything to straighten or add more strength to my lower mid-section back. Thank you for sharing this awesome video

    • Noreen Freeman
      Noreen Freeman  4 weeks back


    • Balaji L
      Balaji L  1 months back

      How to do this exercise with resistance band? Does it have the same effect?

    • Raneen Dbaieh
      Raneen Dbaieh  2 months back

      What you think about sleeping without a pillow to improve the posture?

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      Pumpkin Pie  18 hours back

      A curvy spine is the devil's rollercoaster

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        Holy shit! Is that Jacob from Trailer Park Boys?!

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          future youths  23 hours back

          All people watching this video have poor postures?

          • Jeff Brown
            Jeff Brown  1 days back

            I have Forward head from watching too many of your videos on my phone. Quite the predicament I’m in 🤔

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              cara bistouille  1 days back

              i would fuck the shit out of her face

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                Luis Trejo  1 days back

                Rip the beard

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                  I’m so glad I found this video! This is the video for people who work and spend too much time in front of a computer

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                    Cenker Erkan  3 days back

                    Main point is serratus anterior muscle exercise for fixing posture?

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                      Mavourneein Baloch  3 days back

                      Is this exercise good for disc bulging problem l5 and l4

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                          Jeff is really making a change in my life:) Thank you! Also I would love to see more of Jessie

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                            M.G. AnnAd  3 days back

                            Everybody who works long hours in front of a desk or has pain in the neck and upper back or has developed rounded back, this video is for you. DONT MISS IT. IT WORKED MIRACLES FOR MY CHRONIC PAIN in my neck/upper back !!!!

                            Words of wisdom: neck pain usually means problem in the upper or lower back !!! Your 1 min workout, worked wonderfully for me. I will try doing the extended exercise i.e. adding weight and then slightly extending the neck backwards. Dear Athlean-X, I am thankful and grateful to you for sharing this video with all of us. May almighty bless you.

                            • Barrie Marshall
                              Barrie Marshall  4 days back

                              What a load of crap, you can fix your posture quickly without all that work, it’s all about the position of your tongue, tongue thrust, breath with the nose, lips shut, the tongue naturally goes to the roof of your mouth and that great muscle the tongue does what it should do.

                              • TheKidOfPoker
                                TheKidOfPoker  5 days back

                                Thank you so much, sir, you helped me (heart)

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                                    Michael White  1 weeks back

                                    Can you please advise where I can purchase the double pulley strap that Jesse uses?

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                                      That’s why you don’t go around punching random people in the head kids!

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                                              Your videos R more helpful than anything PT ever taught me, TY🏆

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                                                You Really Work Scientifically........ Great works towards HEALTH and Well Being.

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                                                  Chris Leung  2 weeks back

                                                  I sit all day in front of computer screens that cause me having such issue. It is so nice to see that my Forward Head issue can be fix, in such a simple way and only 3 times a day. Thank you!

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                                                    • Mariel Kraus
                                                      Mariel Kraus  2 weeks back

                                                      @Athlean-X, Thanks Jeff! I get great therapeutic exercise ideas from you when I need to refresh my program.
                                                      I'm a neuro OT in private practice and treat nerve impingements, postural conditions and CONCUSSIONS😊. I can help Jesse - well, if he lived in Western Washington!😔
                                                      Thanks again for your great videos!

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                                                        Jeff, try DMT.

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                                                              fixposture.prothis is actually the best invent ever otherwise I would still have a very bad posture lol!

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                                                                            Horacio Trujillo Jr  3 weeks back

                                                                            I'm gonna try this,I have Scoliosis.This should help.

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                                                                              Kim Grandy  3 weeks back

                                                                              I am rather tall woman who always tried to be shorter because I was uncomfortable being the tallest in the room. I had this issue in the extreme. Thank you for this. I did what you said and my posture was so much better instantly. I'm going to use this video until it becomes second nature.

                                                                              • Gabe White
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                                                                                              Great video! My wife and I suffer from poor posture exactly like this. Going to the gym isn’t an option for us right now so I’m interested to know if there is a way to do a face pull type exercise at home with little or no equipment. ?