The Vamps - Talk Later (Lyrics)

  • Published: 13 July 2018
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    The Vamps - Talk Later (Audio) is a lyric video for the track "Talk Later" by The Vamps

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Comments • 48

  • Gold Coast Music
    Gold Coast Music   11 months back

    Hope you enjoy this brand new song from the vamps! <3

    • Garry Ocean
      Garry Ocean  10 months back

      Super nice! Best song of the album! Are you planning any remix ep for that track?

  • Ameline King
    Ameline King  2 months back

    Which versions better: this one or their acoustic version of talk later?

  • Yelena Hostens
    Yelena Hostens  2 months back

    I just broke up with my boyfriend because we didn't talk enough

    • Ella Rose
      Ella Rose  5 months back

      The vibe of this song is just...amazing!

      • Leah Kate
        Leah Kate  6 months back

        Forget the lyrics and just listen to the beat, the it’s perfect wow!

        • Justin Rey
          Justin Rey  9 months back


          • Kanetix
            Kanetix  9 months back

            Oh don’t mind me I’m just that one comment that never gets recognition or likes. I just get scrolled by, hardly read, just a comment that will become pathetic and useless while stupid comments get likes. Whatever

          • Paula Queipo
            Paula Queipo  10 months back

            Its such a great song but the lyrics in this video are wrong, if you dont believe me, search it on Google

            • Adrian Austin
              Adrian Austin  11 months back

              Look like hell? Um exuse me i think u need to clean that mirror your looking at. ❤💀

              • just_a_ lost_fangirl
                just_a_ lost_fangirl  11 months back

                The Vamps is so unique and underrated. THEY NEED MORE APPRECIATION!!!

                • Romaisa Qazi
                  Romaisa Qazi  11 months back

                  so, 5sos released an album, The Vamps released an album, Panic! At The Disco released an album, Sabrina Carpenter also is releasing new songs, what is happpening!?!

                • Elaine Melanie
                  Elaine Melanie  11 months back

                  Ahhh.. This is the song that brad sings on one of their video😂😂😂

                  • Toasted Pop
                    Toasted Pop  11 months back

                    hell yes we’ll talk

                    • Nandika _98
                      Nandika _98  11 months back

                      Addicted...will talk later!!!

                      • Carlyn Hudson
                        Carlyn Hudson  11 months back

                        5SOS just released an album and now so are The Vapms as well as Why Don't We and their new songs....MY BRAIN IS GONNA EXPLODE!!❤ where are my fandoms at?

                        • Carlyn Hudson
                          Carlyn Hudson  9 months back

                          @Marissa Chung I think i followed you it's @yk.carlyn (very original ik)

                        • Marissa Chung
                          Marissa Chung  9 months back

                          My Instagram is @marmarchung

                        • Carlyn Hudson
                          Carlyn Hudson  9 months back

                          @Marissa Chung Y E S! Of course😂! What your IG?

                        • Marissa Chung
                          Marissa Chung  9 months back

                          Like no way you sound so cool cause I'm in all those fandom's too like I know I'm late but can we be friends

                        • Neha 5SOS
                          Neha 5SOS  9 months back

                          heck we like the same bands!!

                      • Elaine Jors
                        Elaine Jors  11 months back

                        Brad u dnt look like hell

                        • Ella Rose
                          Ella Rose  4 months back

                          BRADLEY WILL SIMPSON IS JUST SO HOTTTT!💕

                        • Kanetix
                          Kanetix  9 months back

                          Elaine Jors it’s just lyrics

                      • brad's wife
                        brad's wife  11 months back

                        I'm so proud of the vamps they have become an amazing band with special songs that stand out and are talking about love and gentle feelings. Keep the good work up

                      • Annie Pdp
                        Annie Pdp  11 months back

                        Should be "spending half my night misreading all the signs"

                        • sabel101
                          sabel101  11 months back

                          damn his voice

                          • Monica Tith
                            Monica Tith  11 months back


                            • ··Baby Doll··
                              ··Baby Doll··  11 months back

                              Oh~ the lyrics are kinda explicit in this one 😏

                              • Alina Riaz
                                Alina Riaz  11 months back

                                I was the 333rd person to like this

                                • Kelly Angel
                                  Kelly Angel  11 months back

                                  Can you upload time is on on our side? X

                                  • Derrick Playz
                                    Derrick Playz  11 months back

                                    I'm sorry but let me speak for everyone when I say this:
                                    HOW THE FREAK DO YOU UPLOAD SO FAST?!

                                    • Himani Mishra
                                      Himani Mishra  11 months back

                                      Derrick Playz 😅😂 seriously that was so damn fast

                                  • ChilledCheese
                                    ChilledCheese  11 months back

                                    Your upload speed blows my mind

                                    • Liquid Sounds
                                      Liquid Sounds  11 months back

                                      best song from the album imo 💘

                                      • Nikki :P
                                        Nikki :P  10 months back

                                        Liquid Sounds agree

                                      • Garry Ocean
                                        Garry Ocean  10 months back

                                        Absolutely! Outstanding! Never heard about the band before "day & night" but I'm a fan now! Perhaps you want to check out my little remix of that track if you have the time?

                                    • Alex Shopoff
                                      Alex Shopoff  11 months back

                                      omgg how did you upload the songs so fast!!!!😍😍😍😍

                                      • jhc jorge
                                        jhc jorge  11 months back

                                        Ohhhhh the groove

                                        • Sara An
                                          Sara An  11 months back