Ariana Grande "thank u, next" Interview

  • Published: 09 February 2019
  • #ArianaGrande stopped by the studio to talk about her new album "thank u, next"

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Comments • 7 392

  • Amanda Y
    Amanda Y  27 minutes back

    who else loves the zodiac references

    • koyoshii
      koyoshii  41 minutes back

      im tryna be ariana's love hostage

      • iReaction
        iReaction  2 hours back

        I feel like she is the type of friend that doesn’t like being “left out” or to not “feel included” 😂😂😂 like needy

        • Jordan Scimone
          Jordan Scimone  2 hours back

          17:50 best part of the whole interview is Victoria’s reaction to Ariana rooting for Zach to suck a dick 😂😂😂

          • iReaction
            iReaction  2 hours back

            She sounds so condescending at times 😂😅

            • iReaction
              iReaction  3 hours back

              I have the impression everyone’s got anxiety nowadays, every celebrity and every single person talk about how they have it in the comment section, so now I’m wondering if it is real disorder or just a part of life.

              • Sophiya
                Sophiya  4 hours back

                This was so dope ✨

                • Emelyn Malihah
                  Emelyn Malihah  4 hours back

                  1:04:37 dont mind me lol

                  • Joshua Aguilar
                    Joshua Aguilar  4 hours back

                    She es so clear on her músic, i notice about that on 2016 when i hear moonlight for first time, was so powerfull, her voice AND her emotions, you know, in a very personal way, juts hear the intro of my everything, she say something very emotional, just me AND you, like showing us what Is her, i love her, so many song of her áre gonna be part of my life forever and a lot of her songs make me feel better and a lot of moods you know, memories, i really love her ♥️♥️

                    • Spirit Soda
                      Spirit Soda  5 hours back

                      dan is so blunt it's kinda funny lo

                      • Shawn Swag
                        Shawn Swag  5 hours back

                        Shes literally an angel

                        • Elise Rose
                          Elise Rose  5 hours back

                          I’m so glad ari has such supportive people in her life 🥰

                          • Sol Luna
                            Sol Luna  5 hours back

                            17:30 haha i love both these two ^.^

                            • Nickey Delacruz
                              Nickey Delacruz  5 hours back

                              omg when he started talking about if she would be willing to die in space, she said "of course, with my luck" which was so sad

                              • Jennifer D
                                Jennifer D  6 hours back

                                match the likes on this comment to the number of times she says you know or u know what I mean

                                • Lanelle Watson
                                  Lanelle Watson  6 hours back

                                  i love this so freaking much !

                                  • Manuel Rod
                                    Manuel Rod  8 hours back

                                    • Sam Scholten
                                      Sam Scholten  9 hours back

                                      You couldnt PAY me to pull out

                                      • Panic! Grande
                                        Panic! Grande  9 hours back

                                        ok but can we please talk about how fucking cute and adorable Victoria is?

                                        • Alexander
                                          Alexander  10 hours back

                                          Is this ASMR?

                                          • Danny Vitellaro
                                            Danny Vitellaro  10 hours back

                                            why she talk like a nigga

                                            • Ruby M
                                              Ruby M  11 hours back

                                              Loveeeee 💕💕

                                              • Nikkid Evans
                                                Nikkid Evans  11 hours back

                                                Fake smile..that one hits hard. Next #1 I think!!

                                                • Fernanda Hernandez
                                                  Fernanda Hernandez  11 hours back

                                                  Did someone get what was the answer for who pushed Thank You next back the most?
                                                  Was it Pete?

                                                  • Queniesha Love
                                                    Queniesha Love  12 hours back

                                                    Dear God,

                                                    Please protect Ariana & her friends at all costs.

                                                    Her biggest fan

                                                    • iReaction
                                                      iReaction  2 hours back

                                                      Queniesha Love go do it yourself 😂

                                                  • Jordan Brown
                                                    Jordan Brown  13 hours back

                                                    Watching this I realised how much Ariana opens up and I just felt like I was in the room and that I was part of that friendship because she made me smile way too much! And answered questions I wanted to know ..

                                                    • sea flap flap
                                                      sea flap flap  14 hours back


                                                      • Jordan Brown
                                                        Jordan Brown  14 hours back

                                                        just noticed she sings ‘Finally The Stars align’ in ‘Right There’
                                                        Then singing something about the stars aligning in
                                                        ‘Better Off’ (which is about Mac) and then sings align in ‘NASA’

                                                        • Jordan Brown
                                                          Jordan Brown  14 hours back

                                                          she lied once in this...
                                                          she said ‘I’m not the best dancer’
                                                          BITCH! WHY YOU LYING FOR!
                                                          you the queen of it!

                                                          • Jordan Brown
                                                            Jordan Brown  14 hours back

                                                            it’s rumoured she said AG6 will be out between 2K19 towards the end or some time in 2K20, but idk how true that is, but I hope that happens, but, I think her label won’t let her release music until at least 2K21 ... that scares me

                                                            • Jordan Brown
                                                              Jordan Brown  14 hours back

                                                              They seem like they are siblings or cousins their relationship is so dope !

                                                              • Jordan Brown
                                                                Jordan Brown  15 hours back

                                                                I knew moonlight was about Ricky, I called it ages ago and now it’s confirmed

                                                                • Lord Metaphis
                                                                  Lord Metaphis  15 hours back

                                                                  I always wondered how 'Sam and Kat" got so popular? Keep in mind, SAM decided to get away from the 'Brotherhood' while KAT seems to love being it in! Interesting?

                                                                  • Arianacrave
                                                                    Arianacrave  15 hours back

                                                                    Can someone tell me when is the part when they talk about the horoscope?

                                                                    • Valida All
                                                                      Valida All  16 hours back

                                                                      Omg Ari is perfect

                                                                      • Jordan Brown
                                                                        Jordan Brown  16 hours back

                                                                        i Like Victoria, Ariana should bring her to more interviews

                                                                        • Geiosha Wilson
                                                                          Geiosha Wilson  16 hours back

                                                                          Thank you next is my favorite song

                                                                          • Ricardo Ramirez Padilla
                                                                            Ricardo Ramirez Padilla  17 hours back

                                                                            I really hate her talking voice. ugh

                                                                            • sea flap flap
                                                                              sea flap flap  15 hours back

                                                                              I really hate comments like this. ugh

                                                                          • peri
                                                                            peri  17 hours back

                                                                            compared to her last zach sang interview you can really see the difference in her mental stage she looks way sadder here :(

                                                                            • mandamania1
                                                                              mandamania1  18 hours back

                                                                              I've watched this interview multiple times already, the conversation is so genuinely good.

                                                                              • Alexis Powell
                                                                                Alexis Powell  18 hours back

                                                                                Is it just me or does Victoria talk just like Ariana? 😂 bffs for real

                                                                                • Julieta Baneban
                                                                                  Julieta Baneban  19 hours back

                                                                                  Where is the part when she says "you should suck a dick" to Zach?

                                                                                  • iReaction
                                                                                    iReaction  2 hours back

                                                                                    Julieta Baneban at the beginning like 12 minutes maybe

                                                                                • Tiê Abreu
                                                                                  Tiê Abreu  20 hours back

                                                                                  What's the Bang, Bang joke??

                                                                                  • MrsDanielaP
                                                                                    MrsDanielaP  20 hours back

                                                                                    Am I the only one who thinks she is so rude?! Like ok i get it "you want to be real" but Idon't know I think she can be a lil bit more polite...

                                                                                    • iReaction
                                                                                      iReaction  2 hours back

                                                                                      MrsDanielaP I do too, she can be very condescending, at times

                                                                                  • Jordi Farriol
                                                                                    Jordi Farriol  22 hours back

                                                                                    I’m glad you finally decided to include Ghostin on the album because its my favourite song on it. Thanks so much for the interview.

                                                                                    • Whitney Blockman
                                                                                      Whitney Blockman  22 hours back

                                                                                      I’m watching this thinking about how every single album of hers has got me through different things in my life. And the fact that she has no idea, really messes w my head. I’m crying

                                                                                      • Reauna Sims
                                                                                        Reauna Sims  23 hours back

                                                                                        If you think I’m really about to watch this 1 hour long interview.... YOUR ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!! And what about it? Lol ❤️

                                                                                        • daminee
                                                                                          daminee  23 hours back

                                                                                          Hey WE all forgot we was listenin to ARIANA GRANDE lmao