Is the EU Democratic? Does Your Vote Matter?

  • Published: 19 May 2019
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    Being a citizen of the European Union means that many aspects of our lives are regulated by a weird entity. It feels like a huge bureaucracy is making decisions over our heads. How democratic is the EU really and does your vote actually affect anything?

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    • Alan Dawson
      Alan Dawson  2 days back

      @The Mighty Snifflet you gotta be joking pal.The sooner we get out of the cursed worthless failure of an EU the better

    • Michal Michálek
      Michal Michálek  6 days back

      how comes the Czech version isn't in Czech language? Is anyone working on it? Do u need people who would work on it? I would participate ^^

    • KKKFC
      KKKFC  2 weeks back

      No Dutch?

    • Novella
      Novella  3 weeks back

      I make similar videos on my channel, I spend a lot of time on my videos but it's hard getting recognized. Could someone check it out and tell me if it's good or not? Thank you

    • Q Quentchen
      Q Quentchen  3 weeks back

      Guys you're basically a german channel. Could you work together with funk or is there a problem because you're videos are in english ?

  • Lauri Ehtmaa
    Lauri Ehtmaa  1 days back

    Btw im an eurepien

    • David Ailing
      David Ailing  1 days back

      Soooooo, kinda like the US government?

      • Eric Karaqi
        Eric Karaqi  2 days back

        2:03 Britan has left the chat

        • Andrew Resler
          Andrew Resler  2 days back

          Politics are a bunch of greedy narrowminded humans squabbling like children in the sandbox. No politics on this channel please

          • Aleksandar Dančulović

            We don't need EU and European Central Bank, Federal Reserves in USA and Japanese Bank. We need USSR again!

            • Pudding Soles
              Pudding Soles  3 days back

              Ah, yes, when millions were thrown into Gulags for literally no reason, and famine and poverty were about as widespread as convenience stores are nowadays, sounds like heaven.

          • Marwin Thedja
            Marwin Thedja  3 days back

            Ursula von der Leyen is the next EU Comission President --->
            Answer to the question in the title:

            • aca1231231 Roblox videos

              Its bit democratic....

              • Yu Feizhan
                Yu Feizhan  3 days back


                • bajiwolf
                  bajiwolf  3 days back

                  Me, an Asian, found this video and watched almost all of it

                  • bajiwolf
                    bajiwolf  2 days back

                    @trinkCOKEorDIE Idk, this video is about European union, which is in Europe, and I decided to watch it so idk, just saying

                  • trinkCOKEorDIE
                    trinkCOKEorDIE  3 days back

                    what is special about it?

                • Felipe Iturrieta
                  Felipe Iturrieta  3 days back

                  I don't think you're using the word anarchy in a responsible way in this video. To say "the only law is tyranny of the strongest and anarchy" is a bit misleading and makes a connection between two things that are almost "opposites". Very disappointing to hear this in one of your videos... :/

                  • وصفات سعاد
                    وصفات سعاد  4 days back

                    Is there a video translated in Dutch?

                  • Zexus Gaming
                    Zexus Gaming  4 days back

                    Dude article 13 remember ofc they are evil

                    • mårk N.
                      mårk N.  5 days back

                      eu is democratic😐😐😐.
                      article 13 and illegal migration have entered to the chat.

                      • Jay
                        Jay  5 days back

                        4:18 heheh i get it

                        • Irage Yehudian
                          Irage Yehudian  5 days back

                          The European Union is a swamp
                          And should be drained !!
                          UK should be free !!

                          • Matthew Grooster
                            Matthew Grooster  6 days back

                            "If you give more power to the EU parliament against National Governments you will have more say in the EU"

                            What a load of bullshit. Most of the elected are puppets who echo the EU marxian corporatist dogma for the commission.

                            • Efekan Altan
                              Efekan Altan  6 days back

                              Turkey in the NATO 😒

                              • Benjamin Govan
                                Benjamin Govan  6 days back

                                Imagine there being a government over your government.

                                • tigerwill1
                                  tigerwill1  6 days back

                                  Oi! I’m from the EU!

                                  • Syrus Coy
                                    Syrus Coy  7 days back

                                    The EU is not evil... so long as it doesn't betray its members.
                                    Saving Greece's economy and protecting the euro was a big win proving the EU's worth.

                                    Forcing everyone to accept refugees, was a bad move. Enough to piss off Britain and want none of it.

                                    The EU, like America, needs to be responsible for its members first--- not pretend it governs the world.

                                    • ALEXA
                                      ALEXA  7 days back

                                      I had to learn everything about it only because I was educated in a European school ,I don’t know if it will be useful but my teacher always said that Its atleast It’s better than knowing nothing about it and voting randomly

                                      • Icky Cosovo
                                        Icky Cosovo  1 weeks back

                                        Lol the comments are full of americans mad at europe because they think it's socialist (which it isnt't)

                                        • ZOLDIK
                                          ZOLDIK  1 weeks back

                                          6:59 *dinner will be a roasted bird*

                                          • Jackie LA
                                            Jackie LA  1 weeks back


                                            Euro- Peein' Union?

                                            PFTTT HAHAHAHAHA!!!

                                            • Ангелочек Caravel

                                              You Are Wikipedia!

                                              • Paula Dumont
                                                Paula Dumont  1 weeks back

                                                missed opportunities - Mr Gabriel and Mrs Merkel have sabotaged it - throughout Europe we would have a boom without any unemployed and hopeless young people. With many new training places - more private property - much better infrastructure and many satisfied young families. With a lot of money we have developed the foundations for very good photovoltaics, the best wind turbines, heat pumps, inexpensive and scalable electricity storage, revolutionary electronic components for power electronics and much more. By stopping the energy revolution (many bankruptcies in photovoltaics and now just starting in the wind industry) in favour of a few oligopolists, Mrs Merkel and her helpful Mr Gabriel have prevented a model of energy supply that is changing the world. Everything can be financed by the saved gas, oil and coal. It's not just traffic - heating and cooling devours far more energy. We also have solar-powered air-conditioning systems - operated by tube collectors - driven with hot water from 80 degrees out of solar heatpipes - without an compressor. We have redox flow batteries and other chemical batteries such as sodium hydroxide etc. etc.. Solar systems and house batteries instead of emergency power generators are a worldwide and a future market. Many years ago, Mr. Schremp and Mr. Piech already closed the most advanced battery factory in the world at that time - possibly because Qatar and other oil sellers had significant stakes in both Daimler and VW. A world that would only have half the current consumption of gas, oil and coal within two years would be a different one. We could have served as an example - now China is doing it under much worse conditions. Not only our car managers - who are only instruction dependent - but also our politicians have made the world worse than it should be caused by lacking foresight.

                                                • LuiCupcake
                                                  LuiCupcake  1 weeks back

                                                  Why is the title on german?

                                                  • גל רוזין
                                                    גל רוזין  1 weeks back

                                                    Please make hebrew captions for this video.

                                                    • גל רוזין
                                                      גל רוזין  1 weeks back

                                                      Hebrew captions!

                                                      • Simon Deitz
                                                        Simon Deitz  1 weeks back

                                                        Yes. EU VERY!!! bad

                                                        • Kriptônio S
                                                          Kriptônio S  1 weeks back


                                                          • Aaron Hernandez
                                                            Aaron Hernandez  1 weeks back


                                                            • Petar I Bogdan Jovanovic

                                                              20.000th comment

                                                              • Anon17176 1990
                                                                Anon17176 1990  1 weeks back

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                                                                  Anon17176 1990  1 weeks back

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                                                                    Anon17176 1990  1 weeks back

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                                                                    • Gadolini Rutherfordium
                                                                      Gadolini Rutherfordium  1 weeks back

                                                                      Pure democratic Libertarianism is still better.

                                                                      • Devilikg
                                                                        Devilikg  1 weeks back

                                                                        yes its shit, no your votes dont matter
                                                                        have fun with refugees

                                                                        • Bruce Matus
                                                                          Bruce Matus  1 weeks back


                                                                          • Ms. Cynical
                                                                            Ms. Cynical  1 weeks back

                                                                            The EU is so democratic that they spend thousands of dollars moving their offices between 2 countries every year over and over again with no benefit to the people.

                                                                            • King Cannibal
                                                                              King Cannibal  1 weeks back

                                                                              Sounds like tyranny but with more steps.

                                                                              • Manley Whitaker
                                                                                Manley Whitaker  1 weeks back

                                                                                what about the US, can we get a video explaining the United States democratic system?

                                                                                • Hanif our savior
                                                                                  Hanif our savior  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Where one person gets the most votes but the other one wins. Well it’s America I guess

                                                                                • MasterKgamer 1
                                                                                  MasterKgamer 1  1 weeks back

                                                                                  One word: Trump.

                                                                              • TheSovietFlag&AnthemGuy 234

                                                                                2:13 exactly how I feel

                                                                                • TheSovietFlag&AnthemGuy 234

                                                                                  2:04 something weird is going

                                                                                  • hknp
                                                                                    hknp  2 weeks back

                                                                                    the politicians are puppets billionaires manipulate the politicians :)

                                                                                    • William Davion
                                                                                      William Davion  2 weeks back

                                                                                      It's so democratic they let you vote on things like the Lisbon Treaty multiple times. Then when you democratically choose not to ratify. They ratify it. So democratic, yes.

                                                                                      • Sietse Van Overstraeten
                                                                                        Sietse Van Overstraeten  1 weeks back

                                                                                        William Davion
                                                                                        Clearly you do not know How democracy works.

                                                                                        Maybe you voted No, a thousand others may have voted yes.

                                                                                        You vote for Who is in the parliament, those in the parliament are your representative.

                                                                                    • dupolot55
                                                                                      dupolot55  2 weeks back

                                                                                      2019. EU is a defunct parody of federal govern country. 4th Reich. shame on you EU shame on EU.