YelaWolf - Love Story (Full Album Preview)

  • Published: 18 April 2015
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  • D-NICE
    D-NICE  4 months back

    .. I keep thinkin Yela/Claypool. Would be a tight mix...

    • Jim Sitman
      Jim Sitman  6 months back

      #wolfpack #bestever #killnit

      • Oscar Coward
        Oscar Coward  6 months back


        • CarterM
          CarterM  1 years back

          Heard full album twice at CTM9

          • Michael Kiebler
            Michael Kiebler  1 years back

            this some fire fam

            • Stephanie
              Stephanie  3 years back

              good 2go catfish Billy

            • Greg White
              Greg White  3 years back

              Will you please send me a copy of his original trunk music cd?? not 0-60 but the original. thanks! I'm a DJ here in Alabama and I need that CD for a gig!!!

              • WDDW Group
                WDDW Group  4 years back

                this is beyond the scale. good to be home

                • Kevin Davis
                  Kevin Davis  4 years back

                  The only song I dislike from this album is fiddle me this

                  • SinisterElements
                    SinisterElements  4 years back

                    Sounds so fucking tight, track after track. Glad he's doing this thing man x

                    Can't belive he did a dnb track too haha

                    • Sherry Dorencamp
                      Sherry Dorencamp  4 years back

                      Loved yela from the start. Billy crystal was my first fav.

                      • nikolas reeder
                        nikolas reeder  4 years back

                        im not digging some of these songs. hope yela doesnt turn into a kid rock

                        • Vancity Villain
                          Vancity Villain  4 years back

                          Great album!

                          • Beezus Vonne
                            Beezus Vonne  4 years back

                            damn this is really good

                            • James Poe
                              James Poe  4 years back

                              Putting the cuts and riffs in box Chevy makes me grin ear to ear like a child

                              • getcritic1
                                getcritic1  4 years back

                                Tomorrow!!!!!!! *-*

                                • AJ Music
                                  AJ Music  4 years back

                                  I think this will be better than Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly

                                  • miguel piñeros
                                    miguel piñeros  4 years back

                                    Awesome this gonna be de best of the yella

                                    • Ken Vedel
                                      Ken Vedel  4 years back

                                      Can't wait for tomorrow!

                                      • Peter Petersen
                                        Peter Petersen  4 years back

                                        dude that first track :0

                                        • Bill Conlon
                                          Bill Conlon  4 years back

                                          This may be the first album I ever buy. Not going to lie, I've downloaded all my music for free, but this just deserves my money! #WolfPack

                                          • Brandie Sue Meadows
                                            Brandie Sue Meadows  6 months back

                                            Bill Conklin

                                          • Official Jay P
                                            Official Jay P  4 years back

                                            @Brian Kelly i also download my music for free ...and yea you are right this deserves my money also

                                          • Bill Conlon
                                            Bill Conlon  4 years back

                                            I also have spotify so I technically have paid for this in a way. Still, Going to buy this album and be part of the crew that make him go platinum. I've already heard the full album 3 times.
                                            My personal favourites are whiskey in a bottle, best friend, empty bottles, sky is the limit. I Like every song except one, devil in my veins. It's not that I don't like it because it's bad, it's just not my style, but his talent in this song literally blew my mind, I was shocked. Don't want to spoil it for anyone though.

                                          • Mike Black
                                            Mike Black  4 years back

                                            @Brian Kelly I always like to support artists that make great music.

                                          • Drunk Bastard
                                            Drunk Bastard  4 years back

                                            @Brian Kelly I'm sort of like you, I guess. Cheap when it comes to music (that's what Youtube's for, am I right?) but this one I want to own.

                                        • Bird96
                                          Bird96  4 years back

                                          Have A Great Flight and Devil sound sp country haha

                                          • fmxbenburnett
                                            fmxbenburnett  4 years back

                                            its awesome every single song has so much energy coming of them. im exited to listen to the full album!

                                            • Roger Gammel
                                              Roger Gammel  4 years back

                                              8:12 Sounds like some Eminem shit, and I like it!! Eminem used his daughter's PoV with the same accents.

                                              • REASON8 Channel
                                                REASON8 Channel  4 years back

                                                this music is rare .. future centuries gonna miss this artist and his music !!!!!!!

                                                • GoodToGo
                                                  GoodToGo  4 years back

                                                  and what is it that with every major release by Yela, there must be one sad song about his father in the end of the tracklist?  did Eminem tell him that family drama in songs sells good or whats the fucking point

                                                  • Drunk Bastard
                                                    Drunk Bastard  4 years back

                                                    @ShadyRealRap96 There is evidence for what I am saying. There is no evidence for what you are saying. You are 100% speculating. I am going by evidence.

                                                  • GoodToGo
                                                    GoodToGo  4 years back

                                                    @Drunk Bastard
                                                    no, because im also saying that i could be wrong...because there is indeed no evidence for anything were saying
                                                    but youre acting like im 100% wrong so what the fuck

                                                  • Drunk Bastard
                                                    Drunk Bastard  4 years back

                                                    @ShadyRealRap96 "keep dreaming"
                                                    There is more evidence to support my statement than there is to support yours. The only one dreaming is you.

                                                  • GoodToGo
                                                    GoodToGo  4 years back

                                                    @Drunk Bastard
                                                    again...keep dreaming

                                                    maybe im wrong...maybe im dont know, i dont know, no one knows

                                                  • Drunk Bastard
                                                    Drunk Bastard  4 years back

                                                    There's an even bigger chance that you're full of shit and that a song about his father fits perfectly with the theme of Love Story. Look at the bigger picture. It ain't just about the songs. He said he was going to do a real album and he did. Most people just get their singles and then slap some filler together.

                                                • iiimbored
                                                  iiimbored  4 years back

                                                  So glad he uploaded this. It just makes me want to listen to this album even MORE!

                                                  • GoodToGo
                                                    GoodToGo  4 years back

                                                    best friend doesnt fit in the album at all...commercial seelout eminem fucked it all up again, radioactive style

                                                    • GoodToGo
                                                      GoodToGo  4 years back

                                                      @Mike Black
                                                      because i was a fan...then i grew up

                                                    • GoodToGo
                                                      GoodToGo  4 years back

                                                      @Brian Kelly
                                                      just like me YOU dont know SHIT about the making of this album...Yela says this, Em says that...but where you actually there?  no..

                                                      ...complex and personal...lmao

                                                    • Mike Black
                                                      Mike Black  4 years back

                                                      @ShadyRealRap96 Then why is your name Shady?

                                                    • Bill Conlon
                                                      Bill Conlon  4 years back

                                                      First of all Yelawold asked Eminem to get on that specific record AFTER it was recorded for the album. Also that's the most mind blowing song of this decade. Em's verse is just so complex and so personal, actually blew my mind. Yela also said that's the song people are going to "bug the fuck out to".
                                                      In other words, your comment was a piece of shit and false.

                                                    • GoodToGo
                                                      GoodToGo  4 years back

                                                      @Rodolfo P.
                                                      maybe im wrong...i hope so
                                                      but dont act like major labels dont want to have an influence on an album so it sells
                                                      and if they want this influence, they get it

                                                  • Landon Horvath
                                                    Landon Horvath  4 years back

                                                    Man that yelawolf logo is lookin hella illuminati inspired, i know thats not him but why do they have to do that

                                                    • Levi Magele
                                                      Levi Magele  4 years back

                                                      I still bug out Tennessee love is on this album?

                                                      • DaBlazinKid
                                                        DaBlazinKid  4 years back

                                                        Already listened to it and *TRUST ME THIS ALBUM IS A FXCKING MASTERPIECE!*

                                                        • Krystal Wheeler
                                                          Krystal Wheeler  4 years back

                                                          Anything he touches turn to gold!!! Love you Mamawolf!!!

                                                          • Eblaze
                                                            Eblaze  4 years back

                                                            Vinal version please it would be a dope analog studio recorded album on an analog stereo fuck a sample rate

                                                            • Eblaze
                                                              Eblaze  4 years back

                                                              I feel bad this album leaked even worse I DL it i hope they relese a vinal version see you on tour slums

                                                              • Drunk Bastard
                                                                Drunk Bastard  4 years back

                                                                @Eblaze Don't feel bad. Leaks don't prevent sales unless the album sucks. This album is great. All it means is extra publicity and potential extra sales. I'm sure the label and maybe even Yela don't feel that way, but it's the truth. Leaks ain't never hurt a great album.

                                                            • CASSO BLVCK
                                                              CASSO BLVCK  4 years back

                                                              Considering he's a rapper I kinda wanted a rap album not a hick country, pop, spanish music album. I appreciate the mix though just kind of wack

                                                              • Murloc Masher
                                                                Murloc Masher  6 months back

                                                                @CASSO BLVCK hes saying whack rappers is doing something you expect rappers to do... corniness is never stepping in other lights that make you unique imo

                                                              • CASSO BLVCK
                                                                CASSO BLVCK  4 years back

                                                                @Israel SR what?

                                                              • Israel Sz Rz
                                                                Israel Sz Rz  4 years back

                                                                Nah wack the rappers who think that they do rap albums like.... you know lol

                                                            • Elijah de la Cruz
                                                              Elijah de la Cruz  4 years back

                                                              Is Travis Barker drumming on the whole album?

                                                              • Hey_Im_Mojo
                                                                Hey_Im_Mojo  4 years back

                                                                DEFINITELY BUYING!

                                                                • Curt Junior
                                                                  Curt Junior  4 years back

                                                                  You sound like a bitch on this album

                                                                  • Curt Junior
                                                                    Curt Junior  4 years back

                                                                    Dumb album

                                                                    • Celtix9
                                                                      Celtix9  4 years back

                                                                      Thanks for uploading this. Cant wait to get a physical copy! Holler!

                                                                      • Tim Medic
                                                                        Tim Medic  4 years back

                                                                        wow i really thought this album would disappoint from the singles but this proves me wrong

                                                                        • Tim Medic
                                                                          Tim Medic  4 years back

                                                                          its just they all seemed the same. They each had country rock instrumentals than rap. I was hoping for more in your face songs like honey brown but now that ive heard each song I am pleased with the variety he has

                                                                        • Mike Black
                                                                          Mike Black  4 years back

                                                                          @Tim Medic What? You didn't like the singles he's released?

                                                                      • nickole Derry
                                                                        nickole Derry  4 years back

                                                                        Super stoked! In love...and you had me at till it gone #slumerican for life

                                                                        • FlatEarthYonity
                                                                          FlatEarthYonity  4 years back

                                                                          More hermetic symbolism, look at his name. Under it, middle. Thas tha 2 pillars and a nice pyramid between them

                                                                          • Thebagel Isbuttered
                                                                            Thebagel Isbuttered  4 years back

                                                                            Trunk Muzik who? #Tuesday

                                                                            • Rene Molina
                                                                              Rene Molina  4 years back

                                                                              This was worth the wait

                                                                              • Woesty420
                                                                                Woesty420  4 years back

                                                                                Can't fucking wait!

                                                                                • Alleggs Gley
                                                                                  Alleggs Gley  4 years back

                                                                                  Awesome shit bro!

                                                                                  • I'M JESSE PINKMAN BITCH

                                                                                    Day one, bitch