Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

  • Published: 07 December 2017
  • What is UBI? How would free money change our lives.

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    Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

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    • Not CommodoreNarwal64
      Not CommodoreNarwal64  2 days back

      It’s better than all our convoluted social security and welfare programs, but it is VERY close to full-blown socialism.

    • Benyamin louwrens
      Benyamin louwrens  6 days back


      HICHAM MOUCHRIK  1 weeks back

      @Gusty Gusty ...I don't think posting my comment should to upset you to the point calling me idiot...but is okay...
      Look...I live where small studio become 1500/month..
      One bedroom cost 1850/month in shitty neighborhood...
      Two bedroom outside Manhattan is 2400/month...
      This is junky apt, new building is almost double.
      Working as single with minimum wage $15/hour currently in NYC withount finding roommate mean living in street or shelter.
      And of course working with minimum wage mean you are disqualified from any walfare or housing..
      If you have husband or wife than your guys must squeeze in tiny apt and must think before having kids.

      But somehow , if you lucky and qualified for walfare and have free housing, than is like lottery for life, and is better than getting job for $80k/year..but if you work and your income cross certain number, than that mean loosing everything..and that why so many walfare receipient never bother to look for job or work... because mathematics doesn't make sense in super expensive cities.
      In fact , millions are in the waiting list in this programs ,..
      And by the way, NYC shelters are full with people who make 600/week , because no landlord want to rent you their property with more 50%of your income...
      That.s why 1000/month, will be the fairest thing to everyone...
      Don't look only to your unique situation,..

      😀😀 Besides, when you 1000.00/month, spend it on food, clothes, gas++and the saving from your earning...
      Best regards

    • Gusty
      Gusty  1 weeks back

      @HICHAM MOUCHRIK also the idea for ubi was to save for college tuition. so if it's taken away, people cant go to college.

  • Killergodzilla02
    Killergodzilla02  9 hours back

    I'm still against it.

    • smugman
      smugman  9 hours back

      Inflation will rise for a very simple reason: resources are limited.

      The rich don't spend their money, which is really just a debt that society has agreed to pay one day. If rich people decided to spend their money on a load of cars, phones, etc, the prices of those goods will rise. When you transfer this debt, because it is debt, to poor people, you get an increase in sales.

      A real world example is what happened to graphics cards once bitcoin became a thing. Prices went up and they stayed up. People with money were investing into bitcoin and using their money to buy graphics cards to mine bitcoins. But hey, no money is created so no inflation, right? WRONG. Inflation can also be caused by an increase in the demand that the supply cannot meet. Heck, even if the supply could meet that demand, why would the manufacturers not raise prices according to demand?

      A UBI changes our economy into one where companies are able to fight for their competition's money. It paves the road for monopolies.

      • Nick S
        Nick S  11 hours back

        The road to hell is lined with good intentions.

        • james dargan
          james dargan  15 hours back

          oh so kurzgesagt likes communism :) wow nice

          • WOOWOOWOO WOO
            WOOWOOWOO WOO  18 hours back

            Mmm I’m not for it lots of ppl won’t work and the economy might plummet

            • Football is life lol.
              Football is life lol.  16 hours back

              @WOOWOOWOO WOO Money can be still be thr if Spent right by he people who benefit from the Universal basic income systems but its not a Pyramid system that the people above gets more money then the people under it hence we all share the money nobody looses nothing tho😉

            • WOOWOOWOO WOO
              WOOWOOWOO WOO  17 hours back

              I like Memes lol. But if ppl don’t work then no money

            • Football is life lol.
              Football is life lol.  17 hours back

              The economy won't blument as long as the inflation rate stays the same and the Gdp will also increase tho u know.

          • Mark Vincent Tan
            Mark Vincent Tan  1 days back

            I disagree with the wealthier people getting higher taxes. Here in the Philippines, we have this law called the TRAIN Law which basically states that the higher income you have, the higher taxes you get. These rich businesses are losing money more than before since they now get higher taxes. Their solution? Rip it off the people with median income by putting higher price tags on the products they sell to compensate for their taxes, which basically means inflation but it happens a lot faster than normal inflation rates

            • Sharp Dressed Meme
              Sharp Dressed Meme  2 days back

              won't you be taxed more to give people money, so would it just do nothing?

              • Football is life lol.
                Football is life lol.  17 hours back

                The taxation rate might be decreased so that everybody finds a balance in an Ubi system that's why capitalism is so flawed and obviously is 1 of the most coruppt economy systems around tho.

            • glitch gamer
              glitch gamer  2 days back

              I think MBI kind of UBI is essential only some restrictions u cant use MBI on ur religious practices and crime

              • TheSkepticalOwl Personal Channel

                Although I agree with the concept, isn't it giving people money from companies that get taxed, in order to give the money back to the company?

                Edit: I just realized how completely pointless money is. You're just giving money back to who gave it to you.

                • Xenoverse Dante
                  Xenoverse Dante  2 days back

                  You do like the coolest videos ever keep doing your thing love this video

                  • Your Neighbour
                    Your Neighbour  2 days back

                    No matter how much they give to the lazy people they will spend it all anyway.

                    • Red Efreet
                      Red Efreet  3 days back

                      so 7 or 8 billion of people consuming like the american middle class, how many time until the world turns in to a trash deposit?

                      • Mihir Shah
                        Mihir Shah  3 days back

                        Yang 2020

                        • Scott Helms
                          Scott Helms  3 days back

                          Yes, the money is being created by magic.

                        • Zachary Milstead
                          Zachary Milstead  3 days back

                          this is just communism

                          • Darius Berdahl
                            Darius Berdahl  3 days back

                            "Making poor people better off might be a smart economic tatic" yeah it's called Keynesian economics and we've known it for decades, but the 80's and trickle down economics ( or Reaganomics) fooled people and is one of the major contributions to wealth inequality. UBI seems to just be revised and modernised version of Keynesian economics, which is fantastic! I hope people figure this out soon...

                            • TJ Avagliano
                              TJ Avagliano  4 days back

                              Right now, not a good idea at all...
                              maybe down the line when they figure it out... not a good idea just yet.
                              I would still go to work though and use the extra as my allowance 😂😂

                              The US is too large of a country for this to work though...

                              • Tomáš Knotek
                                Tomáš Knotek  4 days back

                                This guy is really delusional. I wonder if he has ever seen a poor person.

                                • Inventory Labs
                                  Inventory Labs  5 days back

                                  Ubi seems like the communist idea of wages but,a democratic version.

                                  • TJ Avagliano
                                    TJ Avagliano  4 days back

                                    Inventory Labs as long as I’m not taxed out the ass because of it, I’d be cool with an extra 12K on top of my salary now.

                                • Ruban Raj
                                  Ruban Raj  5 days back

                                  the basic need of living should be free like food ,water,shelter.

                                  And all entertainment and commodities should be comercial.

                                  • Football is life lol.
                                    Football is life lol.  17 hours back

                                    Yeah good idea pal.

                                  • TJ Avagliano
                                    TJ Avagliano  4 days back

                                    Ruban Raj great idea in theory. But the other countries who have tried this have succumbed to serious suffering. Instead of making it free, they should make it easier to obtain.
                                    Use that money to make inner city schools better... make people smarter and more motivated, make urban areas safer, and the economy will flourish and the wage gap will close.

                                • Aaron Robertson
                                  Aaron Robertson  5 days back

                                  I used my lunch money to buy Pokemon cards instead

                                  • HadleyWK Fozzie
                                    HadleyWK Fozzie  5 days back

                                    Unfortunately the top end of town won

                                    • retractedwan
                                      retractedwan  5 days back

                                      Increase spending power and gdp explodes.

                                      • mibatten
                                        mibatten  5 days back

                                        I want the drugs this guy takes … seems magical … but tell me again … who is paying for this … is it MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

                                        • Benyamin louwrens
                                          Benyamin louwrens  6 days back

                                          guys! socialism never works. taxing the rich is stealing there freedom, you said your non byest so stop being so liberal and take are side AS WELL as theres

                                          • KLJF
                                            KLJF  3 days back

                                            @Benyamin louwrens so jesus was a capitalist then ?

                                          • Benyamin louwrens
                                            Benyamin louwrens  6 days back

                                            AND Y'ALL NEED JESUS

                                        • M
                                          M  6 days back

                                          We can start by getting rid of illegal immigration

                                        • Milo Estobar
                                          Milo Estobar  1 weeks back

                                          UBI - A lot of people won't work because of that... AND the one that doing the dirty jobs did that job because they don't have UBI... Do you think country that have UBI, the local are doing the dirty works?.. Please, The one doing the dirty jobs aren't local and don't have UBI...

                                          • mainfrym
                                            mainfrym  6 days back

                                            Dirty jobs pay well $1000 would barely cover my house payment but this amount extra would let me reduce working hours to spend more time with with my family and pursue hobbies.

                                        • Jahn Dough
                                          Jahn Dough  1 weeks back

                                          I know the solution

                                          We need communism.

                                        • experimentalmenace
                                          experimentalmenace  1 weeks back

                                          Taxation is theft. Remove welfare and decrease tax rate. Tax the rich they leave the country and then there are less jobs. And less wealth to go around

                                          • Football is life lol.
                                            Football is life lol.  17 hours back

                                            That's ubi in a nutshell tho but I don't think rich people should agree with that tho lol.

                                        • Chomik59
                                          Chomik59  1 weeks back

                                          USA population 327mln*1000 UBI *12 months = 3.924 Trillion
                                          USA Budget = 3.654 Trillion

                                          Sooo Even assuming you have rest of the money you still spending WHOLE budget on one thing. So I guess rest of the country needs can go fuck themselfs :) (especially military)

                                          • Tomás Roma
                                            Tomás Roma  1 weeks back

                                            UBI is an interesting proposal but Yangs proposal in my opinion is a bad implementation of it.

                                            • danjenn pilapil
                                              danjenn pilapil  7 days back

                                              ​@Tomás Roma Warren, although noncommital said she was not displeased of the idea of being a Biden VP, of course it's still politics in the end, what matters probably is blue win in the end, which is I understand.

                                            • Tomás Roma
                                              Tomás Roma  7 days back

                                              danjenn pilapil How so? Shes not as left wing as Bernie Sanders but shes still part of the progressive wing of the democrats.

                                            • danjenn pilapil
                                              danjenn pilapil  7 days back

                                              @Tomás Roma I thought Warren is more inclined to be a Biden VP?

                                            • Tomás Roma
                                              Tomás Roma  7 days back

                                              danjenn pilapil I dunno. I trust Warren a heck of a lot more than Gabbard or Yang.
                                              Gabbard homophobic past quite reasonably alarms me as a gay man. Sure shes changed but id feel more comfortable in a more consistent president when it comes to my communities rights.

                                          • webmasale
                                            webmasale  1 weeks back

                                            If I have 1k$ a month I would go to India or some third world country and become a guru or something

                                            • SirBilliam
                                              SirBilliam  1 weeks back

                                              The problem with implementing UBI in a free market is that prices will adjust themselves to accommodate to everyone's new wealth. Giving everyone $1000 will initially make them feel better, but the market prices will rise to match the consumer's new ability to afford it. Without the government setting price controls, the new money will eventually mean nothing. Think of it like this: If you have 3 ladders of different height (let's say 2, 4, and 6 ft) and you raise them all by 1 foot, are the shorter ones closer in height to the tallest? No, they are still exactly the same difference as before. So, you can either limit who will receive the new income and make it not universal, or you can set price controls and get rid of the free market. It cannot work in our current economy without some other changes

                                              • Jim
                                                Jim  5 days back

                                                Not true but okay.

                                            • Kyle R Hudson
                                              Kyle R Hudson  1 weeks back

                                              By not presenting the viewpoints of the major schools of economics (from Columbia, to the University of Chicago, to the University of Vienna), but instead ONLY presenting Keynesian and Neo-Keynesian ideas, this video is EXTREMELY biased, and I was surprised at how disingenuous. Sad... :/

                                              • Kyle R Hudson
                                                Kyle R Hudson  6 days back

                                                @Ricky Sanders Absolutely not. In his treatise, Capitalism and Freedom (1962), he points out an infinite distinction between the Classical Liberal and the Egalitarian, in this instance the Egalitarian, and his 'intentions' would support a UBI, whereas the Classical Liberal would not.

                                              • Ricky Sanders
                                                Ricky Sanders  6 days back

                                                Didn't Milton Friedman (Chicago school) support a UBI?

                                            • Bazz93
                                              Bazz93  1 weeks back

                                              Work gives life meaning? What??

                                              • Rolando Cueva
                                                Rolando Cueva  1 weeks back

                                                TAX THE RICH!!!

                                                • Rolando Cueva
                                                  Rolando Cueva  3 days back

                                                  I never said tax them 100%. They would still be rich, just not as rich as they are now.

                                                • Jim
                                                  Jim  5 days back

                                                  No. That just creates less rich people meaning less jobs and less money overall.

                                                • Rolando Cueva
                                                  Rolando Cueva  1 weeks back

                                                  BERNIE 2020

                                              • SuperStratosfear
                                                SuperStratosfear  1 weeks back

                                                I'm skeptical about UBI because at the end of the day, money only has value since it can be exchanged for products of another human being's labors. Therefore giving people free money will inevitably cause a devaluation of currency.

                                                • Jim
                                                  Jim  5 days back


                                              • Benjamin Carrasco
                                                Benjamin Carrasco  1 weeks back

                                                Hi people living in 2020. I'm from the future. Meet President Andrew Yang!

                                                • BEETLEJUUS
                                                  BEETLEJUUS  1 weeks back

                                                  UBI is irrational nonsense. The USA currently spends 60% of its budget on Social Security and Medicare......thus, they are basically spending 60% of their budget on a UBI (and it's failing, massively)

                                                  • Jim
                                                    Jim  5 days back

                                                    Ubi and welfare are different.

                                                • Oreo is an Oreo.
                                                  Oreo is an Oreo.  1 weeks back

                                                  4:55 that sounds a lot like communism...

                                                  • JEREMIAHH LUCAS
                                                    JEREMIAHH LUCAS  1 weeks back

                                                    good job guys this would have taken a while to make im so proud to watch this and see all of your succes

                                                    • kj Nightbird
                                                      kj Nightbird  1 weeks back

                                                      ✨✨Andrew Yang 2020✨✨

                                                      • Sanic
                                                        Sanic  1 weeks back

                                                        Poco a poco el ser humano se acerca a la Utopia

                                                        • Dead Eyed Demon
                                                          Dead Eyed Demon  1 weeks back

                                                          What would keep people from having more kids just to collect each of their kid's paychecks, causing significant rise in overpopulation?

                                                          By looking at what actually happens with court mandated child support or the systemic financial and child abuse in the subsidized foster care system: we all know that money rarely, if ever, goes to the child.

                                                          • Hobostarr180
                                                            Hobostarr180  1 weeks back

                                                            Interesting idea, but assuming you only get money as an adult, (like andrew yang proposed) there'd be no point in having more kids because the paycheck would only come when they turn 18.
                                                            Since said 18yo is now a legal adult it's a little harder for the parents to get to it, especially if the kid doesn't live with them anymore. A lot of kids would be away at college.

                                                            Secondly, it wouldn't make much sense to have kids for UBI on the pure basis that you'd literally be waiting almost 20 years for 12k. The costs of raising a kid for that long would far outweigh what you'd get for stealing their paychecks- if you can even get to them in the first place.

                                                        • Just a common egg
                                                          Just a common egg  1 weeks back

                                                          We ve alredy done that, it s called *COMMUNISM*

                                                          • cxTyler
                                                            cxTyler  1 weeks back

                                                            Just a common egg hard to tell. I’m just very passionate about UBI

                                                          • Just a common egg
                                                            Just a common egg  1 weeks back

                                                            @cxTyler It s just a joke, dont take it too seriously r/wooosh

                                                          • cxTyler
                                                            cxTyler  1 weeks back

                                                            Just a common egg communism is giving the government all your money and letting them decide what to do with it. UBI is the opposite. The government gives you the money, and you decide what to do with it.

                                                        • kath david
                                                          kath david  1 weeks back

                                                          Put us all on basic income.. while we carry on doing slave jobs for the slave masters... running the tread mill all our lives and our children and grandchildren running the same slave system for these criminals.. while they live in luxury and debauchery.

                                                          • Mr.Claude
                                                            Mr.Claude  1 weeks back

                                                            Regular drug test for the people leeching of the goverment and our taxes. Done. Ive seen people in third world countries with terrible disabilities and still working hard EARNING their share. Lucky here in the US people like that are helped but... There are assholes out there having more kids on purpose so they could get an extra 1000$ per head. Ive seen it. Selling food stamps ive seen it. Selling prescription medications.. This is what happens with socialism. Nothing in life is free everything has to be rightfully earned. Once money falls from the sky people get used to it and dont want to do shit... fuckin miserable parasites.. Then im stuck paying for your poor life choices.. Why is everyone moving out of Seatle?