MAIN RACE - MONZA - Blancpain GT Series Endurance 2019 - ENGLISH

  • Published: 14 April 2019
  • The 2019 season will see SRO Motorsports Group unite the sprint-format championships formerly known as the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup, Blancpain GT Series Asia and Pirelli World Challenge GT to form a new global initiative: the Blancpain GT World Challenge.
    This exciting international endeavour will present GT3 manufacturers, partners and teams with the chance to compete in worldwide customer racing and measure the success of their achievements on a truly global scale.
    Each series will retain its present status as an individual championship and will be known as Blancpain GT World Challenge Europe, Blancpain GT World Challenge Asia and Blancpain GT World Challenge America.
    Drawing inspiration from the concept successfully pioneered in the Intercontinental GT Challenge, where manufacturers compete through local teams, each GT3 manufacturer will be able to establish a line-up of 12 drivers who will score points for their brand in the overall Blancpain GT World Challenge.
    They will be split across the three continental sprint series, with four competing in the GT World Challenge Europe, four in the GT World Challenge America and four in the GT World Challenge Asia.
    To fully integrate all classes of driver, each group must include a star (classified as Platinum); a good professional (classified Gold); an up-and-coming driver or a very experienced non-professional (classified Silver); and a Gentleman driver or former star (classified Bronze).
    With major manufacturers striving to demonstrate their excellence in the competitive arena of international customer racing, the new Blancpain GT World Challenge will take on-track competition to a new level in 2019 and beyond.
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  • JMG715
    JMG715  3 weeks back


    • Dexter Lua
      Dexter Lua  4 weeks back

      They should put how which teams did the mandatory pit stop or not and which are on which tyre. Similar to F1, easier to follow the action. You AFK for a bit and different teams are on different leading positions. You don't know if the ones leading are about to pit or not.

      • Mani 1610
        Mani 1610  3 weeks back

        @Dexter Lua Well they would need the whole screen to display all of that.

      • Dexter Lua
        Dexter Lua  4 weeks back

        Can't even tell which driver is fighting for which class.

    • RED 1205
      RED 1205  1 months back

      Lexus didn’t show up this year??

      • CN MG
        CN MG  2 months back

        As a fan of motorsport I find the coverage of Blancpain GT series ‘distressing’. Whoever is producing the signal has zero interest in racing. There are no inside cockpit views. There is no following on the battles. In Monza, Dennis Lind gave a master class of badass driving (from 16 to podium) but whoever was in charge of the coverage didn’t give a damn about that.
        They have either a software just rotating cameras, or someone who really dislikes the sport.
        I know what to do this Saturday, I’m going to race online. Much more fun that watching this heartless emission. Sorry but the emission is very disappointing.

        • Mani 1610
          Mani 1610  6 days back

          @CN MG Well they did show a lot of battles to be honest, also why would you want to watch onboards? You have a better overview from the outside.

        • CN MG
          CN MG  1 months back

          @CHILLI 112 I agree the first 30 minutes are 'ok', but the rest... not a single battle and not a single inside cockpit take, just random shots like the replay of a videogame. Ridiculous

        • CHILLI 112
          CHILLI 112  1 months back

          I've only seen the first half hour so far but I've seen a tonne of Dennis Lind overtakes idk what you're on about

          DER ENGEL DER EINFRIEREN  1 months back

          Sad to read that from someone who was there. Bizarre.

      • Nicholas Sahala
        Nicholas Sahala  2 months back

        Where is The Godzilla?

        • Akasha
          Akasha  2 months back

          a beautiful race 🙌

          • Star_Lord85
            Star_Lord85  2 months back

            My fav team is Garage 59 good luck for all season long

            • Mat Watson
              Mat Watson  2 months back

              Whats the difference between full course yellow and safety car?

              • Mani 1610
                Mani 1610  3 weeks back

                @Davvy Jannes Well the FCY in Le Mans for example is simply a speed Limit and I think it's the same for Blancpain. I think it's 60 or 80 km/h in most series.

              • Mani 1610
                Mani 1610  3 weeks back

                @Mat Watson The Blancpain GT Series is a GT Series.

              • Mat Watson
                Mat Watson  2 months back

                @Davvy Jannes Thanks. Ive recently got into Sim Racing and am playing ACC. Can GT3 cars race in a GT series?

              • Davvy Jannes
                Davvy Jannes  2 months back

                Full course yellow (FCY) means they all reduce speed by a certain percentage (depends on the series for what the percentage is, but usually around 40%). Where all timing gaps between each car must remain the same, ie: if the 3rd place car is 2.5 seconds behind the 2nd place car at the beginning of the FCY, then it must be 2.5 seconds behind on the green flag restart. These FCY's are used when the area to be cleared on track won't take long and isn't spread all over the track, so the volunteer track workers are not on the tarmac itself and are off-track cleaning debris, cars, etc. Under FCY and 30+ cars on the track, they could be strung-out around it so that there is a car going by an accident incident every few seconds. Not very safe for the track workers if they need to be on the course itself.

                Under a safety car (SC) all the cars can get as close to the car in front of them as they can without passing. All time gaps between positions before the SC are erased and they all line-up nose to tail behind the SC. This is for when the track workers need to be on the track cleaning debris. With all the cars together the track workers have more time each lap to clear debris before the cars come around again. This makes it far safer for the workers.

                The leader of a race never wants to see a SC and have any time lead disappear. They far prefer a FCY. While everyone else sees it as a good opportunity to maybe gain a place, or more, on the restart.

                I take it you are somewhat new to racing --- enjoy!! It should never hurt to ask a question and I think it's a shame no one else answered your question that is now 3 days old. Hope that description made sense how I wrote it, with the web today there was probably never a better time for choices of racing to watch. Once more, enjoy.

            • James Crouch
              James Crouch  3 months back

              Great coverage - Thanks!

              • Goobeek
                Goobeek  3 months back

                I don't understand i just started to watch this sport can someone explain me why there is only 12k euros for 1st place?? lol

                • Jeremy Benassi
                  Jeremy Benassi  2 months back

                  Unless you are in a top level of Motorsport there really isn't any money to made. Even in Formula 1, Williams F1 Team doesn't have enough money to be competitive. But they, like many others keep on racing because that's what they were born to do!

              • Rolando Loeb
                Rolando Loeb  3 months back

                so jaguar its out??

                • William best
                  William best  3 months back

                  Great stuff! Thank you.

                  • Cam RSR
                    Cam RSR  3 months back

                    Hell yes! Dakota is on the pit lane! love her!

                    • Jon A
                      Jon A  3 months back

                      GT world are we gonna get all full races 2019 English??

                      • Jon A
                        Jon A  3 months back

                        Im week behind must do ACC at Monza in light rainbows lol

                        • Connor Holmes
                          Connor Holmes  3 months back

                          Great race. I severely hate that the windscreen number display flashes the driver's initials for like ten seconds in every sector. Every camera shot where I'm looking for the place number it's letters instead. I know their damn names. Maybe do it once at the start/finish. Otherwise I love Blancpain though.

                          • Mani 1610
                            Mani 1610  3 weeks back

                            Well it's supposed to be a service for the fans that are at the track, they don't see the TV picture most of the times.

                        • Theoden the Renewed
                          Theoden the Renewed  3 months back

                          Fantastic race, mixed conditions made it very unpredictable with a few turning points. I've been following the series since 2012 and it's still delivering top level of sportscar competition. 46 cars of the same class, that's unique.

                          • William Maurice
                            William Maurice  3 months back

                            1:14:30 This, if he still gets a similar penalty for yelling and pointing. For 56:41
                            2:05:02 - 2:05:34 74 loses the position fairly and impatiently wedges his way into 87's blind spot. Then the announcers sound like they're eating.
                            2:27:25 clap

                            • Alessio Anzalone
                              Alessio Anzalone  3 months back

                              Great stuff, great show and i want to thank you for broadcasting it on youtube... Thank you.

                              It would be perfect if it would be possible to have the video in 50/60 fps

                              • 120skyscraper
                                120skyscraper  3 months back

                                No nissan this season???

                                • Sharon Davison
                                  Sharon Davison  3 months back

                                  Grrrrrrrreat 👌👌👌

                                  • Clous von
                                    Clous von  3 months back

                                    The Mercedes hit standing water on the edge of the track, not exactly sure how that's "poor driving" other then him not seeing the puddles.

                                    • fergizzo
                                      fergizzo  3 months back

                                      Not being aware of track conditions combined with late braking sounds like poor driving to me...

                                  • Garry Quarterman
                                    Garry Quarterman  3 months back

                                    Now the best series by far and thanks for the great free coverage, really is a series for the fans

                                    • Connor Holmes
                                      Connor Holmes  3 months back

                                      It's between this, Super GT, and IMSA for me. But for a pure gt3 series, Blancpain beats everyone imo.

                                  • AJ Larsen
                                    AJ Larsen  3 months back

                                    I wonder what they have to do to the 488 in order to compete. A friend of mine has a 488 and that thing is a complete rocketship! Are they tuned down at all in order to comply with the rules in GT3? If not then these are cars are just insane! That Lambo is slaughtering the field, amazing!

                                    • alex21212121
                                      alex21212121  3 months back

                                      Tell Ferrari to give more customer support for another Pro car

                                    • Clous von
                                      Clous von  3 months back

                                      Is this a serious question? Lol, pretty much all cars in this series have less hp then the road cars. How fast the factory car is is irrelevant to how fast they are in these races that have BOP rules

                                    • Seb Mylliee
                                      Seb Mylliee  3 months back

                                      Yeah the cars on the grid are pushing around 500-600hp so a lot of them have restrictors to limit the power

                                    • Sono
                                      Sono  3 months back

                                      There's only one Pro 488, so really only one in with a chance of winning

                                  • Downforce9
                                    Downforce9  3 months back

                                    Love the streams, possibly the best motor sports on the planet. However, the live stream degraded badly to 240p resolution, to the point where I could not watch it live. There was no degradation to the earlier GT4 streams.

                                    • iancafc123
                                      iancafc123  3 months back

                                      Thanks GT world

                                      • uwlwsrpm
                                        uwlwsrpm  3 months back

                                        Thanks for the race, but the video organization seems a bit...disorganized? Neither this race or qualifying in whole is in the Blancpain GT Europe playlist, only short highlights and promos. Also wish Blancpain GT Asia and the California 8 hours were available to USA viewers to stream.

                                        • Mr. Miss
                                          Mr. Miss  3 months back

                                          Pcars opened my eyes up to GT3's.
                                          GT3 races from GTWorld made me buy a steering wheel.
                                          Buying a steering wheel made me realize how 'nuts' racing actually is 😁

                                          • Sono
                                            Sono  3 months back

                                            It's the exact same story for me haha

                                        • staydatie
                                          staydatie  3 months back

                                          WE WANT MORE ONBOARD CONTENT

                                          • Lucas Vr
                                            Lucas Vr  3 months back

                                            Acc PS4?

                                            • heartleSS
                                              heartleSS  3 months back

                                              Sadly can't handle this game for sure. On PC and the frame rate is not good with 29AI and rain

                                          • Lotus AMG
                                            Lotus AMG  3 months back

                                            What a race this was! Beautiful racing between spectacular cars and a well managed race by the stewards in difficult conditions. This is about as good as it gets.

                                            • Kory Po
                                              Kory Po  3 months back


                                          • It’sMatthew Z
                                            It’sMatthew Z  3 months back

                                            Race start at 30:41
                                            Real racing start at 35:45

                                          • Capt Brad
                                            Capt Brad  3 months back

                                            I was there and able to live stream with english commentary as i biked around inside the course to some fabulous vantage points and was well informed with all that was happening out of sight..
                                            Thank You to Blankpain,
                                            the manufacturers
                                            wonderful, historic Monza
                                            providing an affordable venue and simultaneous free streaming.
                                            Well Done!
                                            other sports should take note.
                                            *the same for the GT4 series..proudly cheering loudly for a flying brick solo Blue Camaro, that was right there at the front holding up to slippery supercar Lambos, Astons and dominating McLarens with the distinct, unique roar of a normally aspirated V8

                                            • dan jackson
                                              dan jackson  3 months back

                                              Just watched this live. Thanks @GTworld for continuing to bring us great racing series free via YouTube. I will continue to spread the word of your great work

                                              • dan jackson
                                                dan jackson  3 months back

                                                Thank you people :) great community we have here

                                              • Alias HSW
                                                Alias HSW  3 months back

                                                (((People!!!))) 👍🏼 Dan Jackson’s comment to show your support for the channel!