Fusion Power Explained – Future or Failure

  • Published: 10 November 2016
  • How does Fusion Energy work and is it a good idea?

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    • Matthew Dick
      Matthew Dick  1 months back

      The author leaves a lot out. Fusion is a money pit because of mismanagement. Most of the money goes to the Tokamak......a device that no power company will buy

    • Frøken Kennert
      Frøken Kennert  1 months back


    • Abood_ sahli
      Abood_ sahli  2 months back

      شكرا لترجمة الفيديو للغة العربية

    • Jeff Galea
      Jeff Galea  3 months back

      Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell what’s the most effective way to kill everyone on earth

  • Kyaw Thu
    Kyaw Thu  1 days back

    Dr. Otto Octavius tried it
    Let's just say it didn't work

    • Jakub Mordaszewski
      Jakub Mordaszewski  1 days back

      Yeah but this shit be looking exactly like the fusion reactor from The Institute from Fallout 4

      • Void Skeleton
        Void Skeleton  1 days back

        0:09 recursive computer

        • VladHPsuper Gaming
          VladHPsuper Gaming  2 days back

          "Nuclear fusion will always be 30 years away" *intensifies*

          • dangerous
            dangerous  2 days back

            Well Mr Kurzgesagt I'd rather be tripping on toxic fossil fumes than have Chernobyl all over again
            So next time don't forget to mention how toxic nuclear waste is

            • Andrew
              Andrew  2 days back

              No, you really wouldn't. The radiation in the Chernobyl exclusion zone is 3 times less than the minimum radiation required to increase your risk of cancer.
              Radiation and toxic fumes from coal kills 4.6 million a year, painfully.
              Trust me, nuclear power is a heck lot safer and cleaner than coal.

          • Glitched Blox
            Glitched Blox  2 days back


            • liquid cheese
              liquid cheese  4 days back

              what anout cold fusion?

              • avonire
                avonire  4 days back

                The positive nuclei repel each other because that's gay

                • anh vũ nguyễn
                  anh vũ nguyễn  4 days back

                  the first one is so cute

                  • Alexandro Jimenez
                    Alexandro Jimenez  5 days back

                    It's also an excuse to drain the bermuda triangle

                    • Iam Ace2354
                      Iam Ace2354  5 days back

                      What if the sun was the last life of the universe that discovered fission and it went horribly awry?
                      There are other sun's right? They're just small if I'm right.
                      If that civilization created a sun the size of their planet and because a giant sun, it would change the temperature of the other planets to the point where only our planet was able to host life. If we screw it up it could lead to life on other planets though so I guess that's the cycle of life in the universe. Born to die and bring about new life.

                    • Xethrus
                      Xethrus  5 days back

                      1:14 In that case I'm very fast 🤔

                      • Repethicbolt Rbx
                        Repethicbolt Rbx  5 days back

                        So you say fusion is an evolution of nuclear power???

                        • Dead Eyed Demon
                          Dead Eyed Demon  5 days back

                          Earth: *Very Small Finite Quantity of Tritium In Existence*

                          China "Awesome! We are using it all to make key chain charms!"

                          • Stephen Bennett
                            Stephen Bennett  6 days back

                            9 billion? Try adding at least 2 zeros FFS! The JET programme alone has spent more than that.

                            • Yankee Gohome
                              Yankee Gohome  6 days back

                              The birds are so cute!

                              • Marko Čančar
                                Marko Čančar  6 days back

                                1:51 Fuuusioooon haaaa

                                • TheHero idk
                                  TheHero idk  6 days back

                                  Dyson Sphere: Am i a joke to you?

                                  • Jewels
                                    Jewels  6 days back

                                    honestly we should stop spending so fucking much on military and weapon development, so that we'd have more money for things that are actually useful, like this.

                                    • FreeRhythm
                                      FreeRhythm  1 weeks back

                                      World War 3 first. Then fusion. Then intergalactic travel. Or extinction cause of WW3. Should be a fun 50 years

                                      • Failed Uploader
                                        Failed Uploader  1 weeks back

                                        And The Sun Will Die

                                        • Night Shade
                                          Night Shade  1 weeks back

                                          *WORTH IT!!!*

                                          • Night Shade
                                            Night Shade  1 weeks back

                                            All I understand is that

                                            I understand NOTHING

                                            • Andrew Bryk
                                              Andrew Bryk  1 weeks back

                                              Kurzgesagt: "Fusion is enticing, but we have to consider the possibility that $10b is too much to spend on technology that may not work."

                                              F35: "Hold my beer."

                                              • wonderer eyes
                                                wonderer eyes  1 weeks back

                                                That can be really good for humanity , I just don't like the gambling part
                                                It should be at least 80% chance of secsce

                                                • Graham S
                                                  Graham S  1 weeks back

                                                  Still didn't explain how it will make electricity

                                                  • G S
                                                    G S  1 weeks back

                                                    The far future would be fucking crazy, unlimited possibilities that we even think about it now...

                                                    • tsidiarch
                                                      tsidiarch  1 weeks back

                                                      Get china to build it...they have the money and the expertise...

                                                      • ChessTrader
                                                        ChessTrader  1 weeks back

                                                        Unbelievable ! The only thing stopping this from coming into full fruition is MONEY ?! Back in the day science was held back because of religion. In modern times its held back because of money. Horrible.

                                                        • Ringolero
                                                          Ringolero  1 weeks back

                                                          Videos like this make me wonder who your *real* sponsors are... 😐

                                                          • स त्य
                                                            स त्य  1 weeks back

                                                            I wanna explian 1 technology
                                                            😆😆 Will i get free electricity


                                                            Why dont we use solar cookers for boiling water rather coal 😆😝😝

                                                            We will have enough solar here in India 48°C 😆😆
                                                            I guess we have set of lenses 😆😆
                                                            And sand for glasses 😝😝💥💥😅😅😆

                                                            I cant make its model coz insufficient technology and

                                                            Yaee money im student 😆😆

                                                            • Nebucadneza
                                                              Nebucadneza  1 weeks back

                                                              As allways there will first come the fusion bomb

                                                              • Satya Dheeraj
                                                                Satya Dheeraj  1 weeks back

                                                                That Dragon Ball Z reference of Fusion tho! 😂😂 Made my day

                                                                • Technically technology We

                                                                  well you need a hot power source , just plug in katy perry

                                                                  • prepare uranus
                                                                    prepare uranus  2 weeks back

                                                                    Love the dragonball z reference 😂

                                                                    • Jm56Z
                                                                      Jm56Z  2 weeks back

                                                                      Another point that makes fusion less dangerous compared to fission, is that in fusion, if you cut fuel supply (with such a simple thing as a *big red button*), the reaction stops quickly, whereas the fission reactors use solid and long-life bars of uranium, so even when we hit the *BRB*, the reactor stays dangerously hot for a long time, over a week in the fastest-cooling reactors...

                                                                      Also, the stellarator system doesn't have a superconductive central coil, making confinement leaks much rarer. (I have to admit I prefer stallarators over tokamaks)

                                                                      Now, a little drawback of fusion: what do we do, with the remaining helium and especially neutrons (or worse: protons with (2)H + (3)He) ?

                                                                      • Just a Finnish Person
                                                                        Just a Finnish Person  2 weeks back

                                                                        Absolutely nobody:

                                                                        Nuclei when they’re electrons go away:

                                                                      • Kaan Ölçüşenler
                                                                        Kaan Ölçüşenler  2 weeks back

                                                                        We could get funding from Oscorp?

                                                                        • Nghiep Luu
                                                                          Nghiep Luu  2 weeks back

                                                                          3 years later and I’m still waiting for a video for plate tectonics…

                                                                        • The Messenger of Peace
                                                                          The Messenger of Peace  2 weeks back

                                                                          Iron Man: Builds a fusion reactor in a cave.

                                                                          Kurzgesagt: aM i A JoKe tO yOu?

                                                                          • Inverted_Paradox
                                                                            Inverted_Paradox  2 weeks back

                                                                            First we need a moonbase

                                                                            • Colonel Frontline
                                                                              Colonel Frontline  2 weeks back

                                                                              Maybe if America stop overly spending on them military will probably have Fusion power buy now.

                                                                              • Vladimir Vlasov
                                                                                Vladimir Vlasov  2 weeks back

                                                                                ITER, TOKAMAK, TFTR, EAST, Wendelstein 7-X and other dozens of reactors in the world will never work!!! NEVER! Why? The main reason is incorrect scientific theory. And understandably, incorrect construction of a reactor designed to create conditions for realization of controlled thermonuclear fusion as well. Need proofs? Over the course of 70 years great scientists of all civilized countries have not been able to create a controlled thermonuclear reactor! So long as these scientists have had no result for 70 years in a row - it is a complete defeat teory. So long as these scientists have had no result for 70 years in a row - isn’t it a pseudo science? It is obvious.

                                                                                • Lava Pro
                                                                                  Lava Pro  2 weeks back

                                                                                  *whispers to US government*
                                                                                  "fusion reactors could be used to make even more powerful weapons and vehicles and maybe even exoskeletons for soldiers that won't ever have to worry about power"
                                                                                  ****US starts putting trillions into fusion reactors****

                                                                                  • jonny j
                                                                                    jonny j  10 hours back

                                                                                    One thing that america is actually good for. You tell them that some advanced technology has military benefits and they'll perfect it within a few years. Like the internet, rockets, computers, etc

                                                                                • Lava Pro
                                                                                  Lava Pro  2 weeks back

                                                                                  10 billion for unlimited energy seems way worth it unlike the Trillions and trillions going into militaries and useless shit across the world

                                                                                  • Master Baiter
                                                                                    Master Baiter  2 weeks back

                                                                                    What you're basically saying is water is same energy as oil base on weight logic? Lets say you need to learn how to age what you're looking at. As for compressor, it's same as vacuum only it becomes heavier but the same size so a compressor and a vacuum, which is to say you need matter, which is a limited resource. anything, even dirt and stone... Same scenario different hope. If you say you can hold 5 tons in a grain of sand, which is by itself impossible, hopefully we won't create a black hole because it can't be heavier than earth. Its just impossible, but very practicable and dangerous. So how do you make something true? Snap your fingers? obvious answer is NO but scientists keep pushing the possible reality that things cannot form themselves from thought. Not vice versa. Thoughts can form from things this is where you draw the line, the point of no return. There was a debate long ago If we didnt have bodies were we alive? so it comes from within, breaking chunks of outside matter and growing . I have an irrational fear of running out of space. See ya bitches

                                                                                    • BaconKFilms
                                                                                      BaconKFilms  2 weeks back

                                                                                      I saw that fusion dance