No Respect After Fights in UFC MMA

  • Published: 01 May 2018
  • No respect after fights in MMA between opponents. MMA fighters usually show respect to each other after a fight, but there are rare cases when the beef wasn't squashed.

    Except the disrespect, there are flashbacks that show what probably caused such behaviors, they are not mean't to be an excuse.

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  • MMA Kingdom
    MMA Kingdom   2 days back

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    • girls notblue
      girls notblue  44 minutes back

      .lmao I fukin love brock

      • Pap Papinskie
        Pap Papinskie  2 hours back

        Bunch of braindead goons

        • jakiiboi8
          jakiiboi8  4 hours back

          How can people not understand this is a very small amount of MMA fights are even in the UFC. 99% of the time it is one of the most respectful sports so all those who are saying MMA is disgusting you clearly do not watch the sport and only are judging off this video and what you hear in the news.

          • GUN Master
            GUN Master  4 hours back

            Cant believe you put Vaso Bakocevic lol

            • Joel 'The Troll' Tanchuk

              Complete animals! No sportsmanship! This is what happens with over emotional men who are raised by their single hoe ass mother's.

              • jakiiboi8
                jakiiboi8  4 hours back

                +Muhammad Sulaiman there a troll just ignore them.

              • Muhammad Sulaiman
                Muhammad Sulaiman  6 hours back

                Well most of this r just revenge tho. Fighters disrespect each other to intimidate/tilt their opponent and thats just normal, soo dont really think about it. This is aint football man

            • ⵣⴽⵔⵢⴰ ⴱⵙⵎ ⴰⵍⵍⵁ

              Human Animals
              I cam here to change this

              • Thorvald Thorsen
                Thorvald Thorsen  20 hours back

                These were understandable though? 😂

                • Rivend
                  Rivend  20 hours back

                  2:38 whos the d your head?

                  • sdwhitesox
                    sdwhitesox  1 days back

                    Song at the end?

                    • RONCE -VSM
                      RONCE -VSM  1 days back


                      • jacesaces15
                        jacesaces15  1 days back

                        Wow, the editing in this video is Horrendous.

                        • tony james
                          tony james  1 days back

                          The actions of these men prove beyond doubt that steroid abuse is rampant in MMA.

                          • Strider IV
                            Strider IV  2 days back

                            Lmao and Bisping was criticizing Khabib for jumping over the cage

                            • jakiiboi8
                              jakiiboi8  4 hours back

                              What a dumb comment lol

                            • U Fuk
                              U Fuk  1 days back

                              Well to be fair he didn't fly out of the ring and start beating people in the crowd

                          • Battlefielding
                            Battlefielding  2 days back

                            i’m such a brock fan. that dude is a freak of nature 😂❤️.

                            • JO EL
                              JO EL  19 hours back

                              You seen him in his college days bro he was just as jacked

                            • U Fuk
                              U Fuk  1 days back

                              *Roid of nature*

                          • Akrame Salhi
                            Akrame Salhi  2 days back

                            2:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

                          • lol lol
                            lol lol  2 days back

                            There us a lot of kids in mma. Or its just classic american people.

                            • lol lol
                              lol lol  17 hours back

                              +Austin Kennedy is* yes, i wrote too fast you are a genius in grammar bro. Amercian people got there reputation don't be ashame.

                            • Austin Kennedy
                              Austin Kennedy  19 hours back

                              So many of these fighters weren’t American one was even middle eastern ! Which judging by your grammar I wouldn’t doubt if you were from there either :)

                            • forcedentry2010
                              forcedentry2010  22 hours back

                              Some of those fighters weren't from America, dipshit.

                            • Hraefn
                              Hraefn  1 days back

                              Go stick a krumpet up your ass.

                          • Druester Ruester
                            Druester Ruester  2 days back

                            Why does MMA harbor such douchebags

                            • jakiiboi8
                              jakiiboi8  4 hours back

                              +smith david no in boxing you have guys biting chunks out of each other, putting cement in gloves and brawls in bars and nightclubs. You know nothing about boxing if you think it has a high moral standard. This video showed the worst bits. If you actually watch the UFC and MMA 99% of the time it is more respectful than any other sport.

                              Just this last weekend Max Holloway after losing a title fight went into his opponents dressing room and signed and gave his gloves to him to add to the charity project he was raising money for. You could do such a longer video about all the respect shown in the sport because there is so much of it.

                            • MrBojangles
                              MrBojangles  1 days back

                              +smith david You gents are Highlarious. Boxing is full of unsportsmanlike conduct. Just watch Dirrell vs Uzcategu

                            • smith david
                              smith david  1 days back

                              +Zolag nar it's all MMA haven't seen this crap in boxing or any other fight clubs it because you learn respect before you fight.

                            • Zolag
                              Zolag  2 days back

                              Only on UFC don't bring the entire MMA community

                          • Ben Ben
                            Ben Ben  2 days back

                            Bisping is such an asshole. Luke was being a good sport and shook his hand after the fight.

                            • forcedentry2010
                              forcedentry2010  22 hours back

                              Luke Rockhold is a big fuckin' baby. Dude damn near cries every time he loses.

                            • PREDATOR WR
                              PREDATOR WR  2 days back

                              Ben Ben go listen to the full story. No context. Luke was the one bein a dick

                          • America, still the greatest country in the world

                            I didn't realize Bisping stutterd like a little b****...

                            • Edgardo Carrasquillo
                              Edgardo Carrasquillo  2 days back

                              Ecclesiastes 1:9. What sport and rating does to humanity

                            • Angelic Alien333
                              Angelic Alien333  2 days back

                              Translation: eeearoghhh arrgghh meet ugg fight all time all the time. Me no e v o l v. Me beat into ground til uggg cry.

                              • Sinister 1
                                Sinister 1  3 days back

                                Brocks all mouth..and roids. Notice after Cain beat his ass he never even dared ask for a rematch. And we all know he'll never get in a cage with Jon Jones. He's like a bully , he only takes the fights he THINKS he can win ! What a pussy !

                                • Sinister 1
                                  Sinister 1  1 days back

                                  +xBlack hammerx some people call it cowardly

                                • xBlack hammerx
                                  xBlack hammerx  2 days back

                                  Sinister 1 Some People call that smart

                              • dj wild
                                dj wild  3 days back

                                we do not have to judge them for their reactions. i know it looks ugly and there is no excuse 4 that,. but, we are just a fans,guys who watch them how they step up in the octagon,how they perform and after that we judge them ... i want to say,we dont know what this guys had to do or overcome to get to that point he is.... i can say i know how that passion works i was there but in annother sport but still... i was willing to die 4 my sport also.... that shit is powerfull :) . good video.

                                • Blackmilky
                                  Blackmilky  3 days back

                                  "An advice on how to conduct yourself after a fight"

                                  Some advice on how to form grammatically correct sentences are required with more urgency.

                                  • lamine best
                                    lamine best  3 days back

                                    2:02 THANK YOU DX

                                    • Celtic Warrior
                                      Celtic Warrior  4 days back

                                      I heard John Jones is Gay, did he come out?

                                      • golden rule
                                        golden rule  19 hours back

                                        +forcedentry2010 I mean it can be extreme ,but we haven't had public gay lynching yet 😂😂😂

                                      • forcedentry2010
                                        forcedentry2010  22 hours back

                                        +golden rule Well obviously the guy can't be gay if he trains in your city. Everyone knows the gays get put to death if they are in your city lmao

                                      • golden rule
                                        golden rule  2 days back

                                        Bullshit where did u hear that , he trains in my city

                                    • trisa enterprise
                                      trisa enterprise  4 days back

                                      sooo where is khabib versus mc chicken???

                                      • forcedentry2010
                                        forcedentry2010  22 hours back

                                        +Tyler Maloney So Danis being a cuck trying to goad Khabib into coming after him means Khabib takes no blame? Way to gloss over that entire incident and blame one side.

                                      • Cendol Legend
                                        Cendol Legend  3 days back

                                        Dude this video was uploaded last year

                                      • Tyler Maloney
                                        Tyler Maloney  4 days back

                                        Oh you mean when conors team continued attacking shit and danis waved khabib on in a bring it motion? Yeah that's not disrespect. Called getting what you asked for.

                                      • The Best in the history
                                        The Best in the history  4 days back

                                        Habib respected him, if he'd disrespected him, Conor'd be already dead...

                                    • Gut Eater
                                      Gut Eater  4 days back

                                      People dont care if you fight personally . All we want is a good fight and a good spirit . So atlethes try lower your ego and dont take the fight personally . Especially after the fight . Can you guys just fight and stop shaming your opponent ?

                                      • U Wot M8?
                                        U Wot M8?  1 days back

                                        This is why I prefer boxing, I know it also happens in the sport but not as much as UFC. Watching men act like a stroppy pathetic child is just not for me...

                                      • arE yOu fEeliNg iT nOw mR kRabs?
                                        arE yOu fEeliNg iT nOw mR kRabs?  4 days back

                                        Thank you

                                    • The Angel of Death
                                      The Angel of Death  4 days back

                                      "hey John Jones, go check on him. Get some fans"

                                    • Jizmo Jimmy
                                      Jizmo Jimmy  4 days back

                                      Pissping is a weak loser

                                    • Mg Giezentanner
                                      Mg Giezentanner  4 days back

                                      Michael , way to go to shut his mouth .

                                      • Thiago Vinicius Oliveira Santos

                                        Dog spray man

                                        • Smok IV
                                          Smok IV  4 days back

                                          Fuck serbe haha 😂 Loser go Home

                                          • Kal Folter
                                            Kal Folter  4 days back

                                            Rockhold titties

                                            • Merry Christmas
                                              Merry Christmas  5 days back

                                              As an MMA fighter myself I have no respect for Brock. You need to have some class. I'd fight him. Win or lose I would love it

                                              • Merry Christmas
                                                Merry Christmas  3 hours back

                                                +forcedentry2010 *!!no soup for you!!*

                                              • forcedentry2010
                                                forcedentry2010  22 hours back

                                                +David Espinosa Mmmmmm delicious soup operas.

                                              • Merry Christmas
                                                Merry Christmas  3 days back

                                                +Raul Arango i agree. But what Brock said after is not excusable. You're going to go home and fuck your wife? There are kids watching. You know what? Saying nothing after a victory is so much more damaging

                                              • Raul Arango
                                                Raul Arango  3 days back

                                                Frank mir had it coming. He was talking all the shit after he nearly got his head bashed in and got lucky.

                                              • Merry Christmas
                                                Merry Christmas  3 days back

                                                +Tempest QQ well I don't know you so I couldn't say. But for you to say that without knowing anything about me is funny

                                            • YT ACC
                                              YT ACC  5 days back

                                              such rude people :O

                                              • Alin Serban Iuliu
                                                Alin Serban Iuliu  5 days back

                                                This starts to look like WWE with all that drama involved. I remember watching K1 in 2003, every guy in the ring had to bow before the crowd.

                                                • golden rule
                                                  golden rule  2 days back

                                                  Well duh, mma pretty much copied the platform that wrestling paved the way for when it comes to promos

                                                • Gut Eater
                                                  Gut Eater  4 days back

                                                  +1275638a its not better if they actually fighting . Its sad , its just a sport , they are called pro for a reason , thats not how modern society would tolerate .. atleast off camera WWE respect their "opponent" maybe even best buddies , but this ? This could start a murder behind the scene , it gets too personal .

                                                • 1275638a
                                                  1275638a  4 days back

                                                  yeah but its better because they are actually fighting. It's the best of both worlds, I dont get what people are complaining about.

                                                • Ege Babuş
                                                  Ege Babuş  4 days back

                                                  +Goat kys

                                                • Goat
                                                  Goat  5 days back

                                                  Alin Serban Iuliu Shut the fuck up and respect pro wrestling

                                              • News that matter
                                                News that matter  5 days back

                                                Luke is a pos

                                                • THE MYSTERY •
                                                  THE MYSTERY •  5 days back

                                                  2:01 triple h

                                                  • 450/400 Man
                                                    450/400 Man  5 days back

                                                    "He still aint learned his lexon" proves they're both losers, haha

                                                  • WeFreestyleForever
                                                    WeFreestyleForever  5 days back

                                                    He kicked him in the butt? Good. He should have kicked him the ass as hard as he could. Next time he should know better than to step in the octagon with him. That was for good measure.

                                                  • Арсений Картюшов

                                                    Все, придурки!!!

                                                    • Melanie Kruse
                                                      Melanie Kruse  5 days back

                                                      Was bedeutet "F*ck you"?Kann man nich
                                                      t mehr richtig schreiben?Es heisst doch "Fuck you"oder nicht?

                                                    • FBI open up! No! Leave BITCH

                                                      1:47 he pushed him like he was nothing.

                                                      • kajtek098
                                                        kajtek098  5 days back

                                                        when you are all life on roids you have the power

                                                    • Jessie Bratt
                                                      Jessie Bratt  5 days back

                                                      This is soooo sick .. You hate one another for a gold piece of junk.. Love and respect one another really .. Don't be blind or don't act like one

                                                      • golden rule
                                                        golden rule  2 days back

                                                        Its for honor not gold

                                                      • Cj Baker
                                                        Cj Baker  5 days back

                                                        Bruh.. we black. This ain't the post

                                                    • كيمو عبدالله

                                                      اشتركو بقناتي😘شباب مرجوعه..

                                                      • Son of Israel
                                                        Son of Israel  5 days back

                                                        I have to see an Instant Karma in MMA now after watching this.