• Published: 10 February 2019
  • ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" M/V

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  • i luv u and pizza
    i luv u and pizza  2 minutes back

    still trending in our country!! #25 Philippines

    • Linh Dương Nguyễn Thùy

      Still 29# trending in Vietnam in 1 week :vvv

      • Winwin Dong
        Winwin Dong  5 minutes back

        Uwuuuuu 💚💚💚

        • coastal halfling
          coastal halfling  6 minutes back

          sounds like "Me Too" by Meghan trainor ang a bit like "Healing" by Seventeen...

          • h0pe w0rld.
            h0pe w0rld.  7 minutes back

            STAN ITZY. 😔✊

            • hamraak omar
              hamraak omar  8 minutes back

              ramai jgk ya fans dari malaysia. dah 8 hari, trending no 5 lg. niceee. like 1 = malaysian fans 1

              • lovely junkyu
                lovely junkyu  8 minutes back

                Still trending 5 in Malaysia woahhhhh

                • 근엄하도다
                  근엄하도다  10 minutes back


                  • BLACKPINK IS REVOLUTION
                    BLACKPINK IS REVOLUTION  11 minutes back

                    ok this idol group will be the next my queen. BLACPINK

                    • Stan talent Stan IZ*ONE
                      Stan talent Stan IZ*ONE  12 minutes back

                      LIAA STANSS WER U AT

                      p.s i love all of them uWu

                      • دمي لاخوياي ماهو هدر

                        الي جاي من مقطع ديجافو لايك😂😂😂😂

                        • Wery Wert
                          Wery Wert  13 minutes back

                          I love yeJi 😍😘😍

                          • eka adriani
                            eka adriani  13 minutes back

                            Kesini karena cuman pen liat salah satu member yang mirip SugaBTS

                            • Isis Gacha
                              Isis Gacha  14 minutes back


                              • i stan myself 1020
                                i stan myself 1020  15 minutes back


                                *why do ryujin make me feel so gay*

                                • adhiezulfikar
                                  adhiezulfikar  17 minutes back

                                  Hei JYP give us a fandom nameeeee

                                  • h0pe w0rld.
                                    h0pe w0rld.  17 minutes back

                                    LO AMÉ.

                                    • joaymah mallari
                                      joaymah mallari  18 minutes back

                                      i stan this!! im blink tooo!!

                                      • LouiseFaith Flor
                                        LouiseFaith Flor  19 minutes back

                                        Lol the intro sounds like Meghan Trainor's "Me Too"

                                        • 顏蘊華
                                          顏蘊華  19 minutes back

                                          *_ITZY"DALLA DALLA"_*
                                          *_Views:54.0M🎉🌟 ->>>>>>>>> 100M_* 💕
                                          *_Likes:1.41M🎉💕 ->>>>>>>>> 2.00M_* 🌟
                                          *_Keep going_* 🔥

                                          • ゆゆ
                                            ゆゆ  19 minutes back


                                            • Minh Crystal
                                              Minh Crystal  20 minutes back

                                              Itzy Is Famous Because of Twice

                                              • Cian miko Clemen
                                                Cian miko Clemen  21 minutes back

                                                Ommo nahhhh 😘😘

                                                • Angry Eagle
                                                  Angry Eagle  21 minutes back

                                                  The first Kpop Group reach 50m in 2019💗

                                                  *Yes itzy did that bish*

                                                  • Nathan Angelo
                                                    Nathan Angelo  22 minutes back

                                                    I watched this cuz of LankyBox.. but whatever

                                                    • Cristine Joy N. Beldad
                                                      Cristine Joy N. Beldad  22 minutes back

                                                      #25 here in the Philippines!!!

                                                      • GOT7 IS MY ONE AND ONLY SOUL♥️♥️♥️

                                                        IF IT IS JYP GROUP I AM SUPPORTIN. BC I KNOW JYP CREATE DAMN GOOD GROUPS💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

                                                        • Chinguya Annyeong
                                                          Chinguya Annyeong  23 minutes back

                                                          wow twice is now a senior group
                                                          fighting itzy and twice
                                                          hope ya'll girls collaborate

                                                          • aesthetic nini
                                                            aesthetic nini  23 minutes back

                                                            *HAPPY 1M LIKES!*

                                                            • STREAM DALLA DALLA
                                                              STREAM DALLA DALLA  23 minutes back

                                                              54 m HWAITINGGG

                                                              • 음
                                                                  25 minutes back

                                                                황예지 개이쁘네 시발;;;

                                                                • Beverly Bayron
                                                                  Beverly Bayron  26 minutes back

                                                                  who is the winner of show champion today?

                                                                  • STREAM DALLA DALLA
                                                                    STREAM DALLA DALLA  23 minutes back

                                                                    Taemin so pls vote itzy in mnet for tomorrow they need their first wiiin

                                                                • Ziyad sbai
                                                                  Ziyad sbai  26 minutes back

                                                                  From morocco and i realy loved you and i always wach this video 4 times a day

                                                                  • Jus tin
                                                                    Jus tin  28 minutes back

                                                                    I swear if SOMI join she be ma bias n Yeji ma bias wrecker😭

                                                                    • pricilia purba
                                                                      pricilia purba  29 minutes back

                                                                      Be sides BTS' song, I just fall in love for this song. I love the lyrics so bad. STAND FOR THEM... #LoveYourSelf

                                                                      • FC KpopVN
                                                                        FC KpopVN  30 minutes back

                                                                        VIETSUB YUNA BEHIND DALLA DALLA

                                                                        • Chun Li
                                                                          Chun Li  31 minutes back

                                                                          I chose my bias 0:56

                                                                          • Cha Cha
                                                                            Cha Cha  20 minutes back


                                                                        • LOVEウギ
                                                                          LOVEウギ  32 minutes back


                                                                          • francy batista
                                                                            francy batista  33 minutes back

                                                                            Me encantó marica

                                                                            • Idris Ramadhan
                                                                              Idris Ramadhan  35 minutes back

                                                                              masih masuk trending di indonesia waaaw....

                                                                              • lalisa nonagon
                                                                                lalisa nonagon  35 minutes back

                                                                                Ryujin❤ ah yeah ah yeah

                                                                                • Itzy CHaer
                                                                                  Itzy CHaer  36 minutes back

                                                                                  still 5 on trending in Malaysia 🍺🍺

                                                                                  • hamraak omar
                                                                                    hamraak omar  7 minutes back

                                                                                    +Itzy CHaer just asking

                                                                                  • Itzy CHaer
                                                                                    Itzy CHaer  9 minutes back

                                                                                    +hamraak omar no .. why??

                                                                                  • hamraak omar
                                                                                    hamraak omar  11 minutes back

                                                                                    did u just make new account? or change your name? haha

                                                                                • 아미방탄
                                                                                  아미방탄  36 minutes back

                                                                                  #1 TRENDING!!

                                                                                  • Itzy CHaer
                                                                                    Itzy CHaer  36 minutes back

                                                                                    50M 🔓🥂🍻🌟
                                                                                    51M 🔓🥂🍻🌟
                                                                                    52M 🔓🥂🍻🌟
                                                                                    53M 🔓🥂🍻🌟
                                                                                    54M 🔓🥂🍻🌟
                                                                                    55M 🔒
                                                                                    56M 🔒
                                                                                    57M 🔒
                                                                                    58M 🔒
                                                                                    59M 🔒
                                                                                    60M 🔒

                                                                                    were half way to go !!! 🖤💜💙💕💟❤🧡💛💚🌟💗💘
                                                                                    ROAD TO 100M dear Bitzy 😍😘

                                                                                    • Zinger GAMING
                                                                                      Zinger GAMING  37 minutes back

                                                                                      Fuck you itzy blackpink is love💕🤪

                                                                                      • koo
                                                                                        koo  3 minutes back

                                                                                        ew fuck off dude. srsly blonks is so fucking annoying. we literally breathe and yall are like "bLACkPInK is BEttER 🤩" no. gtfo.

                                                                                      • Angry Eagle
                                                                                        Angry Eagle  19 minutes back

                                                                                        Fuck u too bitch Blackpig is a loser

                                                                                      • whysoserious
                                                                                        whysoserious  26 minutes back

                                                                                        lol, and Blink said they're the victim 😂

                                                                                      • Zinger GAMING
                                                                                        Zinger GAMING  28 minutes back

                                                                                        e t t e Idc what about hater said🤗

                                                                                      • e t t e
                                                                                        e t t e  29 minutes back

                                                                                        blackpink are shit

                                                                                    • Quang Nguyen
                                                                                      Quang Nguyen  39 minutes back

                                                                                      Trending 28Vietnam

                                                                                      • Võ Thị Mỹ Chính
                                                                                        Võ Thị Mỹ Chính  39 minutes back


                                                                                        • Quang Nguyen
                                                                                          Quang Nguyen  41 minutes back