Nick Diaz - Fear Nothing

  • Published: 10 November 2017
  • Skip intro: 00:29

    "I believe that thinking about the negative is kinda you know a way of chancelling all these possibilities one by one cuz thoughts are I'm not gonna guess what is gonna happen, but if I can guess every scenario gon' wrong.. then maybe I can change the outcome"
    - Nick Diaz

    Editing tool: Premiere Pro CC
    Soundtrack: 2Pac - Fear Nothing (ft. Ice Cube)

    PS. This one goes to the Sherlock Holmes'.
    Yes, Nate Diaz shows sometimes instead of Nick Diaz.
    But listen to the lyrics while Nate shows up.
    1:08 "Don't call no brother..:"
    3:20 "Now we unify brothers on the rise"
    Get it?

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  • Donald J. Trump.
    Donald J. Trump.  5 hours back

    this track is badass

    • DjemicaJbt
      DjemicaJbt  9 hours back

      Diaz brothers are excellent they just get hit alot

      • Vibe Lover
        Vibe Lover  12 hours back

        I met these bros in some vegan restaurant in Feb, trust me.. they are coolest mfs around to be.. no attitude, no security, no showoffs.. just being simple

        • Wall E Reporter sur chemins de terre

          Nick Diaz il est exellent. 👍👍👍

          • josue santiago
            josue santiago  21 hours back

            Whose idea was it to put that fucking dumbass music on the background

          • savage god
            savage god  1 days back

            Conner mcgregor would squash nick diaz

            • savage god
              savage god  6 hours back

              @DjemicaJbt i bet i know more than u

            • DjemicaJbt
              DjemicaJbt  9 hours back

              @savage god Muahahhaahh, what a joke now, you seem to be entertaining guy on the internet, whilst you know very less about fighting

            • Vibe Lover
              Vibe Lover  12 hours back

              @savage god lol.. i hope ur kidding anymore

            • savage god
              savage god  20 hours back

              @Stephen Clark and i just posted this comment to see what people would say ik nick diaz would destroy conner

            • savage god
              savage god  20 hours back

              @Stephen Clark bitch i know more then u

          • Fergboy Rossgerson
            Fergboy Rossgerson  2 days back

            He should fight Mike Perry. For the undisputed blackest white person belt

          • Tyler Durden
            Tyler Durden  2 days back

            nick is a real gansta. nate is just lanky and stupid

            • Account 1
              Account 1  2 days back

              ​@punanie05 nice arguments lol

            • punanie05
              punanie05  2 days back

              You obviously are partially if not completely retarded. Yes nick is a baaaaad man. But nate has quickly rose to the same level as nick. Your either brain dead or have zero knowledge of mma if you cant see that or disagree.

          • Lewis Graham
            Lewis Graham  3 days back

            That’s Mexican power 😏

            • MAJESTIC DOCE
              MAJESTIC DOCE  3 hours back

              @Jesus is Fake fuck u with all faggots mothafucker.

            • Vibe Lover
              Vibe Lover  12 hours back

              that's Stockton power motherfucker

            • Jesus is Fake
              Jesus is Fake  2 days back

              Lewis Graham mexico a shitty country stfu

          • 0лег Проскурин


          • Causing Havoc
            Causing Havoc  3 days back

            I respect Nick win or lose he never backs down what I like about him

            • Master Exploder
              Master Exploder  2 days back

              Causing Havoc never backs down??? He turns down every single fight he's offered!!!

          • Artem The GOAT
            Artem The GOAT  4 days back

            I first discovered Diaz when gsp destroyed him

            • carlos mendez
              carlos mendez  1 days back

              Jesus is Fake hahaha did a Mexican bang your wife? You’ve been commenting a lot of shit about Mexicans

            • Jesus is Fake
              Jesus is Fake  2 days back

              Malin Diaconu nah he got bitched mexicans are full of pussies

            • Jonny Mcclain
              Jonny Mcclain  3 days back

              @Malin Diaconu wtf you mean?Diaz fan here but he got punked

            • blinda tadas
              blinda tadas  3 days back

              @Malin Diaconu 👊

            • Malin Diaconu
              Malin Diaconu  4 days back

              destryoed him? being physically stronger and evading striking engagement, sitting on u doing nothing is far from destroying

          • Joseph H.
            Joseph H.  4 days back

            Why put music in the background? Especially when its a remix

          • Виталя Шерстнев

            Wow just by looking at the tite i imagined this has to be a 2Pac song without knowing this is actually 2Pac's song!

            • Kay C
              Kay C  5 days back

              I will go gay for these two!

            • Mal-El
              Mal-El  5 days back

              I didn't know about the Diaz Brothers till Nick washed BJ Penn with ease. Then after Nate washed Cerrone, I became a fan of them.

              • That Guy Right There
                That Guy Right There  5 days back

                Their attitude is just how most Hispanics from the hood carry themselves

                • Franc Sincere
                  Franc Sincere  5 days back

                  Khabib time baby

                  • Jesus is Fake
                    Jesus is Fake  2 days back

                    Franc Sincere khabib a bitch

                  • Dominic Orlandini
                    Dominic Orlandini  3 days back

                    Lol? Nick is done fighting and is a natural middleweight, that fight would never happen.

                • ulrik reimann
                  ulrik reimann  6 days back

                  Diaz bros were great to watch - but they don't fight anymore and have not done so in years. Now they have nothing to fear, cuz they are retired...

                  • ulrik reimann
                    ulrik reimann  3 days back

                    I have to see it to believe it...

                  • Real Eugene
                    Real Eugene  4 days back

                    Haha he fought the best when he was young

                  • clarted
                    clarted  5 days back

                    ulrik reimann Nate fighting pettis now

                • mei
                  mei  6 days back

                  diaz brothers are trash.

                  • rlynig4 2
                    rlynig4 2  22 hours back

                    You woudn't say that to their face, fuckin' keyboard warrior 😂

                  • sideburn effect
                    sideburn effect  5 days back

                    Trash that destroy everything.. Hell yeah.

                  • h h
                    h h  5 days back

                    He was joking

                  • Indiana Outlaw
                    Indiana Outlaw  6 days back

                    They are pretty good fighters but definitely not the best

                • Themandan52
                  Themandan52  6 days back

                  He’s a real life anime character

                  • Hugo Persson
                    Hugo Persson  6 days back

                    1:09 Thats Nate

                  • ivan ortiz
                    ivan ortiz  6 days back

                    The Diaz brothers will fight toe to toe. But if you wanna take them to the ground.....

                    I’d say good luck but that won’t save you.

                    • Fred Sanford
                      Fred Sanford  7 days back

                      Rip Tupac Shakur

                      • Noah
                        Noah  1 weeks back

                        Real recognize real.

                        • Joshua Jordan
                          Joshua Jordan  1 weeks back

                          Ahhhh the older lisp brother

                          • nick kirstine
                            nick kirstine  4 days back

                            I like the Diaz brothers but this comment made this the best thing about be ever seen

                          • Real Eugene
                            Real Eugene  5 days back

                            mei stfu pussy ass haters idk how people like you exist hate for no fucking reason

                          • Kade Hicklin
                            Kade Hicklin  6 days back

                            Jacob Peters nuff said amen brother

                          • mei
                            mei  6 days back

                            Jacob Peters you dont know shit. if nick made it, why cant he? plus, i bet you wouldn’t say that to joshuas face, pussy.

                          • Build2last 2k 117 banned
                            Build2last 2k 117 banned  6 days back

                            Wrong fighter you might want to go to a CM punk video

                        • The tax Collector
                          The tax Collector  1 weeks back

                          True fighters don’t think about losing,but these brothers are training everyday of the year,so yeah fitness is a great attribute

                          • Master Exploder
                            Master Exploder  2 days back

                            The tax Collector if they're training it's not MMA. They both haven't fought in years

                        • Terry WARDIAZ Young
                          Terry WARDIAZ Young  1 weeks back

                          GOAT 💯👊

                          • Scott Pratt
                            Scott Pratt  1 weeks back

                            Nick left in what should have been his prime. Sucks

                            • Master Exploder
                              Master Exploder  2 days back

                              Noah no, that's a strawman argument. His problem is he doesn't want to fight. He's turned everything down that's been offered to him. Hasn't fought in 4 years. Hasn't won in 8. 8 fucking years. He's irrelevant.

                            • Noah
                              Noah  1 weeks back

                              Blame Nevada for suspending him on some bullshit

                          • Joseph Gunnar
                            Joseph Gunnar  1 weeks back

                            Notice- not one step backwards in fights for the Diaz brothers. They are moving forward every single round. No retreat, no surrender.

                            • N Figueroa
                              N Figueroa  1 weeks back

                              Let’s be real, he can fight, but without the chin.... forget about it 😂

                              • Fitness Foreveryone
                                Fitness Foreveryone  4 days back

                                N Figueroa you’re saying without his good chin he wouldn’t be were he is. Uuuuhhhhh. You can say that about any top level fighter. It was a dumb ass comment so I gave you a dumbass response. You started the stupidity, he’s were he’s at because of his fighting ability not because of his good chin. You’re a bloody retard

                              • N Figueroa
                                N Figueroa  6 days back

                                Fitness Foreveryone It’s not ignorant ? I like the Diaz brothers, or I wouldn’t even be here. To say that he doesn’t have a chin is ridiculous. There’s literally a list of UFC guys with good chins, and guess what dip dick. They’re both on it. A normal guy would’ve been KO’d from type of shots these two take. Now if anyone’s being ignorant it’s your dick riding self. Take your head out their ass, it’s not a hat jack.

                              • mei
                                mei  6 days back

                                Fitness Foreveryone not me. i agree.

                              • Fitness Foreveryone
                                Fitness Foreveryone  7 days back

                                N Figueroa I’m pretty sure every single person who read your comment thought you were a dumb fuck. You made a stupid ass comment. You’re ignorant

                              • N Figueroa
                                N Figueroa  7 days back

                                Josafath Luna You know it’s true stop being a dick rider for 2 fucking seconds.

                            • scott carter
                              scott carter  1 weeks back

                              nick diaz last win 2011 nate 2016 in 9 years betweeb them 2 wins seems good but ride the pine entertaining at best

                              • Deividas Runca
                                Deividas Runca  1 weeks back

                                When he punches it looks like with no power :D

                                • cameron coates
                                  cameron coates  5 days back

                                  Yeh he is just barraging with like 40 percent power out working

                                • N Figueroa
                                  N Figueroa  1 weeks back

                                  Deividas Runca Not all about the power my guy.

                              • Ryan Walsh
                                Ryan Walsh  1 weeks back


                                • GucciGamer Ljc
                                  GucciGamer Ljc  1 weeks back

                                  Subscribe for Mma Gaming videoS NEW CHANNEL help a brother out please

                                  • Valentin Shilow
                                    Valentin Shilow  1 weeks back

                                    Fuck yea Diaz Bros. 💪👊

                                    • zebras don't fly for a reason

                                      ...the Diaz brothers are as dangerous on the ground as they are on their feet, pick your poison, where and how do you want your ass kicked...

                                      • João Rodrigues
                                        João Rodrigues  1 weeks back

                                        Diaz Brothers... The True, and real, Warriors, in Ufc history.
                                        Pitbuls, in action. Never surpreender. Fight until... The end.
                                        They, are the True, "spirit", what mma, means. Respect, from Portugal. Nick and Nate Diaz.. The Best EVER.

                                      • BigDisco8223
                                        BigDisco8223  1 weeks back

                                        Nick was the best to do it ever. Never seen a guy just keep coming forward like that. Even Nate!! UFC needs these guys!!

                                        • The lonely blue Whale
                                          The lonely blue Whale  1 weeks back

                                          He has no technique at all, but his agression is unmatched

                                          • mei
                                            mei  6 days back

                                            Josafath Luna dickrider

                                          • Josafath Luna
                                            Josafath Luna  1 weeks back

                                            The lonely blue Whale stupid fuck sit your dumbass down

                                          • Shambler Dimensional
                                            Shambler Dimensional  1 weeks back

                                            It is not box, but Mma. Look how he land his hits through oponents blocks. His mma boxing is great.

                                          • The lonely blue Whale
                                            The lonely blue Whale  1 weeks back

                                            @Vector no his hits are like the hits from a street fight lmao

                                          • Vector
                                            Vector  1 weeks back

                                            The lonely blue Whale he has the best boxing and jui jitsu ?

                                        • l33thaxor33
                                          l33thaxor33  1 weeks back

                                          Nick Diaz is one of the mma gods top ten for sure

                                          • Hector Stella
                                            Hector Stella  2 weeks back

                                            Nick , es un cabron , tiene corazón y mucho puñeta.

                                            • L_ GOD
                                              L_ GOD  2 weeks back

                                              Smile bi#*h

                                              • Phil Z
                                                Phil Z  2 weeks back

                                                Damn them long arms.... What are they like 18 ft long.

                                                • Tzar Simeon
                                                  Tzar Simeon  2 weeks back

                                                  The way he broke Paul Daley soul was the perfect example of superior genes against unbreakable will.

                                                  • Mighty Mouse
                                                    Mighty Mouse  2 weeks back

                                                    * SLAVIC ARYAN *
                                                    You know you sound like a fucking idiot right

                                                  • * SLAVIC ARYAN *
                                                    * SLAVIC ARYAN *  2 weeks back

                                                    And change your name you little inbred clown donkey, dont ever even put our beloved Tzar into your mouth, you nobody

                                                  • * SLAVIC ARYAN *
                                                    * SLAVIC ARYAN *  2 weeks back

                                                    "superior genes" ??? WHAT A RETARD!!! :D

                                                • Ranjaiga Gadekar
                                                  Ranjaiga Gadekar  2 weeks back

                                                  Diaz brothers can destroy khabib n his team

                                                  • Valentin Shilow
                                                    Valentin Shilow  1 weeks back

                                                    Diaz Bros. alone can fuck up Khabib and his bitch squad

                                                  • Iron Man
                                                    Iron Man  1 weeks back

                                                    Khabib and his camp are bitches

                                                  • Kyle Carter
                                                    Kyle Carter  1 weeks back

                                                    Ranjaiga Gadekar don’t be stupid

                                                • Zay Tay
                                                  Zay Tay  2 weeks back

                                                  I didn't know Nick Diaz fought Keanu Reeves. 🤔

                                                  • MeRt NiGUR
                                                    MeRt NiGUR  1 weeks back

                                                    Zay Tay right after this post I got a recommendation with the title “why Keane Reeves is the nicest man in Hollywood”

                                                  • RogerTHFC
                                                    RogerTHFC  2 weeks back

                                                    Not even John Wick can take Nick Diaz

                                                • Deny Habrdla
                                                  Deny Habrdla  2 weeks back

                                                  why this song isnt on spotify omg