Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work? 1/3

  • Published: 26 March 2015
  • Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work?

    Nuclear Energy is a controversial subject. The pro- and anti-nuclear lobbies fight furiously, and it's difficult to decide who is right. So we're trying to clear up the issue - in this video we discuss how we got to where we are today, as the basis for discussion. Next week we'll be looking at the arguments for and against nuclear power in detail.

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    Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work?

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    • LODATI
      LODATI  2 months back

      I love these videos!!

    • Joshua Lo
      Joshua Lo  3 months back

      Yay ok

    • Makayla Goldman
      Makayla Goldman  3 months back

      Is there a way that you ( Kurzgesagst) could say where you get your sources? Im asking for a sociology project that I am doing

    • faded fella
      faded fella  4 months back

      Can you guys talk to Netflix, have them hire you as a studio contractor so they can give you funding but only Kurzgesagt has control of production. Netflix would try enforce their own ideology and neoliberal agenda if you gave them control of you're great product and brand.

    • Retr0
      Retr0  4 months back

      Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Yay

  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé  2 days back

    Why is the "Time And Relative Dimension In Space" in there/here ¿¿¿¿

    • Sheeshkebabz
      Sheeshkebabz  3 days back

      Solar is the future.

      • Luna Grzan
        Luna Grzan  3 days back

        you didn't see graphite on the ground because it's not there

        • The Geek Monster
          The Geek Monster  3 days back

          "Directly threatened Central Europe". Way to play it down lol. How about "plant workers practically melted into puddles of bloody goo on the floor while hundreds of others died within weeks and thousands of others within months"?

          • The best minecrafter
            The best minecrafter  3 days back

            Dr who 1:41

            • Tlot Pwist
              Tlot Pwist  4 days back

              Hey, you're a sexy atom, wanna blow me?



              • Depsor122
                Depsor122  4 days back

                Elundus Core monkaW

                • Psionic
                  Psionic  5 days back

                  Take him to the infirmary ... He's delusional

                  • Sohaib
                    Sohaib  6 days back

                    Anyone wanting Chernobyl

                    • wino0000006
                      wino0000006  6 days back

                      3.6 Roentgens - not great, not terrible.

                      • aleksander suur
                        aleksander suur  1 weeks back

                        To the very best of my understanding, nuclear is the only way the world can stop burning fossil fuels. And it can be done properly and safely with existing reactor designs. Frankly the world needs to start building a whole lot more reactors in a hurry. Transportation is about to switch almost entirely to electric over next decade or two which will easily double electricity demand.

                        • dejan
                          dejan  1 weeks back

                          3.6 roentgen's , not great but not terrible

                          • Stacia A
                            Stacia A  1 weeks back

                            Who else come here after watching HBO’s Chernobyl and want to find out EVERYTHING possible about nuclear and chernobyl 😟😟

                            • Constantino
                              Constantino  1 weeks back

                              omg, HBO Chernobyl comments are EVERYWHERE !!!

                            • Çağatay Sunal
                              Çağatay Sunal  2 weeks back

                              3.6 roentgen

                              • fitter technology
                                fitter technology  2 weeks back

                                So nice thanks for sharing this information🙏🤝

                                • syntaxed2
                                  syntaxed2  2 weeks back

                                  Put glowsticks of death into water.

                                  Water gets warm.Viola?

                                  • Sangam D
                                    Sangam D  2 weeks back

                                    Comrade from hbo chernobyl

                                    • scouse nofeyzulla
                                      scouse nofeyzulla  2 weeks back

                                      So nuclear reactors are for electricity and atom bombs?

                                      • EN9ITY
                                        EN9ITY  2 weeks back

                                        Who here learned about nuclear reactors when watching Chernobyl?

                                        • Kutluhan Bilgeşah Bayzan

                                          I think nuclear energy is good.
                                          Because coal is killing us sillently.
                                          Yes i know chernobil will destroyed. But nuclear energy doesnt kill more than coal.
                                          You can think nuclear energy.
                                          You can imagine like this:
                                          Nuclear energy: tiger
                                          Coal energy: bacterias

                                          • boboprime2000
                                            boboprime2000  6 days back

                                            @PRAISE_KEK actually by very poor understanding of physics

                                          • PRAISE_KEK
                                            PRAISE_KEK  1 weeks back

                                            Chernobyl was caused by poor management

                                        • FLOwww
                                          FLOwww  2 weeks back

                                          4:12 WHERE IS THE RBMK ????

                                          • Rahul Rajput
                                            Rahul Rajput  2 weeks back

                                            Explain to me how an RBMK reactor explodes

                                          • CS IHDA
                                            CS IHDA  2 weeks back

                                            ah, love seeing the comments from experts suggesting this and that in the comment section.

                                            • Comrade Akimov
                                              Comrade Akimov  5 days back

                                              everyone is an expert after seeing chernobyl(2019)
                                              btw: It can't explode!!! You are delusional.

                                          • Pratap Mishra
                                            Pratap Mishra  2 weeks back

                                            So now i know how Nuclear reactor work's. throw him out of Helicopter.

                                            • Abdulrahman Mohammed
                                              Abdulrahman Mohammed  1 days back


                                            • R Cortez
                                              R Cortez  4 days back

                                              I'll give you 90 seconds, if you dont throw him out. I'll kill the dogs in the town.

                                            • Comrade Akimov
                                              Comrade Akimov  5 days back

                                              What would have happened if they just did that? Would the fuel have reached the watertanks and make eastern europe uninhabitable?

                                          • Daniel Voicu
                                            Daniel Voicu  2 weeks back

                                            Doctor who

                                            • Chairman Meow
                                              Chairman Meow  2 weeks back

                                              so its basically an extremely elaborate way to boil water

                                              • boboprime2000
                                                boboprime2000  6 days back

                                                Like almost every power plant except for hydro, solar and wind

                                            • Banana Slug
                                              Banana Slug  2 weeks back

                                              Nuclear energy is what made modern world possible, what made everything possible. Even this video.

                                              • Đạt Dương
                                                Đạt Dương  2 weeks back

                                                Neutron...the bullet!
                                                - Boris 2019

                                              • Rainniel Louie Ocampo
                                                Rainniel Louie Ocampo  3 weeks back

                                                we need tony stark

                                                • mwnciboo
                                                  mwnciboo  3 weeks back

                                                  Nuclear power is awesome, but fuckwits fuck it up. We need intrinsically safe reactors - The Pebble bed reactor is the closest we've come to a safe one.

                                                  • Ahmed  Eltahan
                                                    Ahmed Eltahan  3 weeks back

                                                    2019 after watching Chernobyl 🙋🏼‍♂️

                                                    • Pel'el door
                                                      Pel'el door  3 weeks back

                                                      1:30 keep waching docter who!

                                                      • lowkey 4040
                                                        lowkey 4040  3 weeks back

                                                        Worst explanation on youtube

                                                        • Muaath Badeeb
                                                          Muaath Badeeb  3 weeks back

                                                          Who came here after watching Chernobyl?

                                                        • Alberto Gonzalez
                                                          Alberto Gonzalez  3 weeks back

                                                          Just started watching Chernobyl

                                                          • ccc Liful
                                                            ccc Liful  3 weeks back

                                                            chernobyl brought me here

                                                            • Yuka Granger
                                                              Yuka Granger  3 weeks back

                                                              pak man a bird, PAKBIRD!

                                                              • king b 47
                                                                king b 47  3 weeks back

                                                                I clicked on his head didn't work

                                                                • ATastyBurger
                                                                  ATastyBurger  3 weeks back

                                                                  Compared to recent democrat “climate change” proposals, Nuclear is a pretty good option. I would highly recommend people do further research in this field of this clean and plentiful energy source. It’s as close as we have to Fusion power lol.

                                                                  • Keith Gray
                                                                    Keith Gray  3 weeks back

                                                                    How does it work.....not very good ; the dangers, cost and the waste just are not worth it.

                                                                    • Jeff B
                                                                      Jeff B  3 weeks back

                                                                      Hbo Chernobyl brought me here

                                                                      • Mind Gear
                                                                        Mind Gear  3 weeks back

                                                                        Too corupt to do that . there is no way my country change energy resource

                                                                        • Silvus Sol
                                                                          Silvus Sol  4 weeks back

                                                                          1:40 - I love the TARDIS cameos.

                                                                          • Tempest
                                                                            Tempest  4 weeks back

                                                                            NASA: there's oil on Saturn's moon Titan.
                                                                            'Murica: THAT SHIT IS MINE!
                                                                            News: NASA funds go up by 600 billion

                                                                            • 王羽劉
                                                                              王羽劉  4 weeks back


                                                                              • Nezha Prime
                                                                                Nezha Prime  4 weeks back

                                                                                “Well it actually surprisingly simple”