4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published: 21 May 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an omelet. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which omelet was the best?

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    4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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  • FadeYT_
    FadeYT_  34 minutes back

    Subscribe to Lorenzo

    • Chemical Z
      Chemical Z  2 hours back

      There can be a 4 levels video unless Lorenzo is in it.

      Edit:Lorenzo looks a lot like the box office artist

      • Mar10
        Mar10  2 hours back

        Lol Lorenzo lowkey makes the best food he’s like a level three most of the time lol

        • ItsKaito
          ItsKaito  3 hours back

          Lorenzo really loves bacon

          • trashley
            trashley  3 hours back

            Lorenzo really likes bacon

            • neon wolf _alex
              neon wolf _alex  4 hours back

              Lorenzo: Who doesnt like Omlete

              Me: me *in a grumpy voice*

              • hurB
                hurB  4 hours back

                No one likes Lorenzo

                • T.L B
                  T.L B  5 hours back

                  First video I've watched on this channel and I'm a fan. Chef 2's omelette definitely would be the one I'd choose. The crispy bacon finishing it off is a complete winner.

                  • Joe’s Dad
                    Joe’s Dad  5 hours back

                    Finally, not that other cancerous food scientist

                    • FermitTheKrog
                      FermitTheKrog  6 hours back

                      i can't be the only one who thinks the food scientists voice is annoying

                      • Catat Goo
                        Catat Goo  6 hours back

                        Ketchup :Emily 2010
                        Ketchup :Emily 2011
                        Ketchup :Emily 2012
                        Ketchup :Emily 2013

                        MUSTARD : JK KETCHUP : Emily 2014
                        Ketchup :Emily 5482
                        LVL UP

                        Ketchup : Emily lvl 2 chef

                        • Lia Larsen
                          Lia Larsen  6 hours back

                          Lorenzo’s confidence is super entertaining. 😂😂

                          • emily.
                            emily.  6 hours back

                            Lorenzo’s looked the best

                            • John Sanders
                              John Sanders  7 hours back

                              Level 1: Omelet
                              Level 2: Good omelet.
                              Level 3: Òmèllète

                              • bad punz guy
                                bad punz guy  7 hours back

                                "I like to put hot sauce on my omelet."
                                *Adds 4 drops* 😂😂😂
                                You should see how much we put on our food in Mexico 🇲🇽

                                • Marcus022 Gaming
                                  Marcus022 Gaming  7 hours back

                                  What's the point if they are tasting their own food
                                  they could say its tasty when its not lmao

                                  • Adam De Sousa
                                    Adam De Sousa  7 hours back

                                    Being honest. Nobody cares to hear what the food scientists have to say

                                    • Shawn G
                                      Shawn G  8 hours back

                                      Lorenzo is so annoying.

                                      • Rama Fadhiilah
                                        Rama Fadhiilah  8 hours back

                                        The number of times i watch this video: i'm just gonna 👀 it

                                        • Jason Marks
                                          Jason Marks  8 hours back

                                          Chef Barb's Herb Mix though....

                                          • Craigslist Reply
                                            Craigslist Reply  9 hours back

                                            Should've added a 5th level: Bodybuilder: 3 whole eggs and 4847213373497 egg whites

                                            • Koala Bear
                                              Koala Bear  9 hours back

                                              Idk Emily’s omelet looks the best for me

                                              • Ellie Brod
                                                Ellie Brod  9 hours back

                                                Lvl 1: looks good

                                                Lvl 2: delicious

                                                Lvl 3: eeeh probably won’t eat that.

                                                • Luis Casallo
                                                  Luis Casallo  10 hours back

                                                  first two are OVERCOOKED lol

                                                  • puerile
                                                    puerile  11 hours back

                                                    Level 1&2 look better than level 3 tbh.

                                                    • Felix smith
                                                      Felix smith  11 hours back

                                                      level 2 always looks the best

                                                      • Hi Their
                                                        Hi Their  11 hours back

                                                        I always wanna eat the level 2 dish cause the level 3 is soooo extra

                                                        • Consuelo Amortegui
                                                          Consuelo Amortegui  11 hours back

                                                          Level 2 look better and more tasty

                                                          • Puppy Misia
                                                            Puppy Misia  11 hours back

                                                            Lorenzo is just like my dad when he is cooking something

                                                            • يحيى المنتصر
                                                              يحيى المنتصر  12 hours back

                                                              i really miss frank

                                                              • EOB TRYX
                                                                EOB TRYX  12 hours back

                                                                Noob. Pro. Hacker.

                                                                • Alex Binuelo
                                                                  Alex Binuelo  13 hours back

                                                                  Where is Gordon Ramsey to show off

                                                                  • Infinite Lineage
                                                                    Infinite Lineage  13 hours back

                                                                    Level 5 - mom

                                                                    • Meilen Großenburg
                                                                      Meilen Großenburg  13 hours back

                                                                      Vegans dont like bacon

                                                                      • Kirsten Jokinen
                                                                        Kirsten Jokinen  13 hours back

                                                                        I am a master at the French omelet and guess what I’m only 11

                                                                      • Samir Aslanli ll AzWarrior ll

                                                                        So many fancy words just for an omlete😂
                                                                        What i do as a Student::
                                                                        •Put the pan on the gas and add some oil
                                                                        •Hit my eggs on the edge of pan, add and stir it straight in the pan
                                                                        •Mix it with fork and at sausage/veggies that you split with your hands/teeth
                                                                        •Add salt straight to the pan
                                                                        •Eat from the pan
                                                                        Results: Good breakfast and just 1 pan and 1 fork to wash😂

                                                                        • MrAwesome 1704
                                                                          MrAwesome 1704  14 hours back

                                                                          More often than not

                                                                          Level 1: the classic, the iconic looking one

                                                                          Level 2: the best looking

                                                                          Level 3: looks ok but you know it’s going to be good

                                                                          • elmer
                                                                            elmer  14 hours back

                                                                            7:47 well that’s just blatant placement on the editors’ part

                                                                            • Danny Gabriel
                                                                              Danny Gabriel  14 hours back

                                                                              Yolk is fat but okay haha

                                                                              • ChisponGroxo
                                                                                ChisponGroxo  15 hours back

                                                                                Would eat:
                                                                                Level 1 omelet because she's cute.
                                                                                Level 2 because it has bacon.
                                                                                Level 3 because it looks fancy and spicy.

                                                                                • Drakos
                                                                                  Drakos  15 hours back

                                                                                  I found the level 3 omelette under my living room carpet

                                                                                  • Moifi kea
                                                                                    Moifi kea  15 hours back

                                                                                    First time level 3 actually looks good

                                                                                    • Gaming stud
                                                                                      Gaming stud  16 hours back

                                                                                      Lorenzo's looks the most delicious, Barb has no MEAT

                                                                                      • T o k e s J_o_n_e_s
                                                                                        T o k e s J_o_n_e_s  16 hours back

                                                                                        Why does level 2 look better and more delicious then level 3

                                                                                        • peterWin CS
                                                                                          peterWin CS  17 hours back

                                                                                          Oh my, the new food scientist 😍

                                                                                          • calolo
                                                                                            calolo  18 hours back

                                                                                            I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but why does this young scientists makes statements that sounds like a question. That is kinda annoying and it is hard for me to take her seriously.

                                                                                            • Yeet Dab
                                                                                              Yeet Dab  18 hours back

                                                                                              legit only watch bc of lorenzo

                                                                                              • Matias8823
                                                                                                Matias8823  19 hours back