A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place – Egoistic Altruism

  • Published: 18 March 2018
  • Why should you care about the well-being of people half a globe away?

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    A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place

Comments • 23 732

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    • redsprite81
      redsprite81  5 days back

      Natural resources are limited, and so is „growth“

    • Lemon Squeezy
      Lemon Squeezy  3 weeks back

      Extremely naive to believe humans and their technological advancements have achieved a sustainable “positive sum game”,

      This is an illusion. A fiction like the economic bubbles stock markets create.

      Go ahead and operate like we live in a positive sum world and watch as billions of people are displaced as human induced climate change destroys human habitats on a global scale over the coming decades.

      But I’m sure the future generations in the future positive sum world will have the ingenuity and resources to solve the problem....in the future.

    • Dead Tech
      Dead Tech  4 weeks back

      love ur vids

    • DJaz Gaming
      DJaz Gaming  1 months back

      These videos are therapy.

    • Maxi Immortality
      Maxi Immortality  2 months back


  • Leto85
    Leto85  8 minutes back

    Now, that's what I call a logically positive video.
    It seems to me a great idea if the rich countries in the world would bundle up and uplift Africa and Asia even more.

    • Therapist Gus
      Therapist Gus  4 hours back

      🤬 I love how the birds always look angry lol 🦜

      • Richard Edwards
        Richard Edwards  10 hours back

        Sounds alot like socialism

        • Doryun
          Doryun  19 hours back

          You assume that people want to progress. The trouble is that in developing nations there is often too much corruption at the top for anything to happen, plus you have the cultural block. Billions upon billions of dollars of foreign aid has basically been tipped into bottomless pit, doing relatively little good. You're preaching to the converted so talk to the people that would benefit? (it's not us despite you saying so)

        • Vance Biondo
          Vance Biondo  22 hours back

          By your own speaxh as you say better place being selfish what you say proves SELFISHNESS so does intellect even have a place here

          • Vance Biondo
            Vance Biondo  22 hours back

            Sorry if I sound rude or opinionated but BACKASSWARDS IN TITLE

            • Vance Biondo
              Vance Biondo  22 hours back

              Selfish by making it a better place being that . Is a TOTAL OXUMORON IN the title

              • Vance Biondo
                Vance Biondo  22 hours back

                A SELFISH WORLD will be governed by A tyrant view of I WANT ME AS A RULER idealism. By EVERYONE on an individual. Basis. The nations of the world that thought of a free world and An idea of . Thinking of the people other then just the elite . And munipulation by all sorts of means psyc. War brain washings and weapons unconventional never seen by the world science and tech merge . Will be the ( SELFISH VIEW

                • Runy Paul
                  Runy Paul  1 days back

                  Each human development have lots of losses of nature and even death

                  • qwerty uiop
                    qwerty uiop  1 days back

                    *negative sum game*

                  • Bryce Raber
                    Bryce Raber  1 days back

                    Dominant Human: *steals everyone's stuff*
                    Educated Human: I'm about to wreck this man's whole career... Actually, I'm going to improve it very much.
                    *Industrial Revolution happens.*

                    • Mariza Nogueira Machado

                      The problem is the wish for "power" that usuallt is over others ._.)

                      • Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
                        Are you sure you entered your name correctly?  2 days back

                        Yeah free will doesnt exists anymore because we r all controlled by main stream media thus we all lost power to change most the problems tho which is a bit absurd don't u think😒

                    • Equinox EDM
                      Equinox EDM  3 days back

                      why god can't just create zombie apocalypse?
                      it's going to be fun than large tsunami..

                      • not oogie
                        not oogie  3 days back

                        Yeah lol; all those doctors and lawyers pouring across borders and having anchor babies. I can't wait to see the future.

                        • Supreme Snek
                          Supreme Snek  3 days back

                          Imagine how good the world would be in 2019 if the Nazis won WW2

                        • НИКИТА
                          НИКИТА  3 days back

                          It seems to me like every plan of making the world a better place bumps into the problem of human greed. Like, if there's more of a product - it gets cheaper, and the ones who were making it before don't want their product to be sold at a low price. And even if some plan benefits to it's investors, everybody will be just too afraid to invest money into something unusual.

                        • Natalie Blinnikova
                          Natalie Blinnikova  3 days back

                          I was thinking: why do they promote invading capitalist theory in this video? But everything became clear when they had announced sponsors of the video. Why it is so one-sided? I understand, you were told to do this way. But have u asked people at remote and underdeveloped areas whether they want to get 'innovations'? Whether they want that globalization and expansion of western markets at their areas? Not all are happy to get coca cola.

                          • Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
                            Are you sure you entered your name correctly?  2 days back

                            Innovation is great because without it we could have phones and cheap air travel but people who promote capitalism r Idiots lol.

                          • Cringe Memelord
                            Cringe Memelord  2 days back

                            well of course people who are starving want innovations that allow them to produce more food so they aren't starving to death
                            lol commie

                        • Ty Cameron
                          Ty Cameron  3 days back

                          It sounds so selfish yet really good for everyone

                          • Rosanna Miller
                            Rosanna Miller  3 days back

                            Selfish people don't make the world a better place. People seeking the Lord and His Kingdom does.

                            • Cito Gonzalez
                              Cito Gonzalez  4 days back

                              I actually feel bad at 0:43 bird looked very depressed

                              • Arturo Bascary
                                Arturo Bascary  4 days back

                                If there are rich people, it's because there are poor people, just as it happens. In any case, I believe that the selfish argument can contribute to the construction of a more egalitarian society.

                              • JS the Canuck
                                JS the Canuck  4 days back

                                you’re forgetting about those who follow a religion or ideology, even a patriotic idea. there’s still going to be a competition to “have the bigger slice” its a nice video but not realistic

                              • Дмитрий
                                Дмитрий  4 days back

                                OR poor people will be richer than you, it's will make worse))))

                              • LOLSflint
                                LOLSflint  4 days back

                                3:50 HE HIT HIMSELF WTH

                                • Blanca M. Corral
                                  Blanca M. Corral  4 days back

                                  I'm confused.... Nothing has changed!
                                  The 1% haves everything and we all have the crumbs
                                  For God's sakes we are slaves and we only get a get a small fraction from the cake we make

                                  We are definitely lucky to be so advanced but we have new problems as well and not much has changed
                                  How about the 1%
                                  How about our government? They still go to war JUST FOR MONEY (reminder: Lirya, Egypt, etc)
                                  They went over there to take oil and force their leaders to use the dollar bill so our government could profit from that (0.05 of every use - it's so much money!)
                                  For God's sake they still haven't recovered!

                                  I love my life and I'm not gonna mention how much capitalism has screwed us over cos we know that (and ya' know... Most of our freewill has been taken away)
                                  WE ARE TOO COMFORTABLE AND WHY DO YOU THINK CAPITALISM WANTS US HAPPY.... Happiness doesn't make us think about injustices

                                  I hate my job cos at any given time I could injure myself and die... I carry heavy coolers with my dad to high roofs... So telling me that I'm lazy isn't an argument

                                  I want another perspective on this so please comment on my reply.... And please don't be rude

                                  This was a nice video but I think it's ignoring a lot of problems
                                  What do u think?

                                  • Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
                                    Are you sure you entered your name correctly?  2 days back

                                    First of all people r greedy what your saying is u r confessed which is understable because economics is not for every1 but look we have a pie to lets say 1:1 ratio we can all get the piece of the pie equally but if more people r selfish thus maybe want more of the pie the ratio will be destroyed and some people have to settle for the crumbs which is sad but the greedy will only laugh at the despair tho lol

                                • Evelyn Ly
                                  Evelyn Ly  5 days back

                                  Poor party bird.... Like for 1 piece of cake for the bird and - 1 for the mean people

                                  • Are you sure you entered your name correctly?

                                    This selfish agurment wont make the world a better place possible tho,People r just too greedy for that to happen lol.

                                    • CAX117
                                      CAX117  5 days back

                                      Anarchocapitalism is a joke

                                      • Field Marshal Akajima
                                        Field Marshal Akajima  6 days back

                                        Cancer cures are deliberately evaded because cancer treatment is a billion dollar industry, the genuine selfishness of some people leads to the deaths of millions

                                        • Miriam Pagola
                                          Miriam Pagola  7 days back

                                          Yeah but we also need more resources and energy than we have now to give all these people a better life

                                        • Dead Eyed Demon
                                          Dead Eyed Demon  1 weeks back

                                          socialists: "THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE MEAN WHEN WE SAY REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH!"

                                          Socialism: *takes and uses all of the peoples' wealth to feed itself, it's dictator and their military*
                                          Also Socialism: *completely decimates the peoples' incentive to create wealth*
                                          Socialism Again: *inprisons and executes people for not creating wealth*

                                          socialists: "DAMMIT... NOT AGAIN!"

                                          • CAX117
                                            CAX117  5 days back

                                            This comment gave me autism.

                                        • E E
                                          E E  1 weeks back

                                          This is not critique just me rambling.
                                          I just wrote a really long comment about consumerism, global warming, but accidentally deleted it... and will now use another hour on this and I usually never post my comments because I overthink and want to get everything, every perspective in there which is impossible and my own complete thoughts. I know it seems like I'm taking everything thats being said very seriously, but I'm not really just and maybe I just haven't payed enough attention. But yeah I think even though you need to keep it a bit more fact and very concrete which is important. I think that these things with some outcomes of industry should also be more addressed that for example; we might be using a lot of ressources and people to find a cure for cancer which you know with more minds to think about this + better education for people of course is important. But also those things like demand and all of this industry also causes pollution and leads to natural disasters that kill so many people as well and I don't know but a lot of diseases we trigger ourselves: like asthma from air pollution. And I know that you also make videos about that and I know that just because you're saying one thing doesn't mean you aren't saying another thing just right now. And it's difficult cause everything is connected and everytime a problem that most people would consider a problem 'dissapears' another one begins or in the meantime cause it's just different sides of the same coin or maybe just the same side just viewed differently and everything is built into how we are living now. We probably just need to keep it simple and switch to more sustainable practises for example. Step by step to not die so much. I just always want to get to the root, but that can never really be, cause everything is everything. Being more sustainable can be to switch back to older practises and making more of our own food. Cause often we're talking about needing some new magical solutions although that magical solution probably is using your feet to walk on. But we also have a strong need to use our knowledge for something to create to try and understand this world that there's probably no right way of understanding or really knowing anything, we just gotta keep on going. We gotta experiment and see cause we'll never be quite satisfied. And things shouldn't be too restricting either cause that'll also cause killing in some way shape or form, maybe then some of us think that they just don't know the reasons to why not doing these things. And then we don't know in which way we're right or wrong or what that means everything is a mess and beautiful. Balance seems to be the perfect thing, that could never be achieved and would also get boring as everything else occasionally do which we probably just need to accept a bit more.

                                          This comment will get lost please let it be it's just rambling please don't comment on my indecisiveness or stupidity. It just seems like there's often no way of making the world 'better' cause from every new invention and fun thing that seems to solve a problem like for example communication over longer distances with phones will also cause addiction that we'll get caught up with and find new ways to forever make ourselves more anxious and we don't we just all have different definitions and will forever missunderstand and nothing seems real. Of course everything that we perceive we've created words and it's obviously just a way to make sense of and describe things, I know so yeah words be words.

                                          I'm trying to, just trying to post things and let them be, so please don't comment on it and I don't know who would wanna read this. There's more things and arguments and pulling things out of context and applying the logic of someone to something else and the logical fallacies that I'm always making up in my mind so I'm not going to counteract myself too much although I always will or sometimes cause nothing is really forever I guess. I don't think this comment is revolutional it's just me rambling, overthinking the future and past, probably pointing out obvious things and trying to sort out my thoughts even though I haven't really put too much chaos in there, trying not to care too much about this just putting my thoughts out. I need to stop and I've spent about 2 hours on this mess.
                                          Have a lovely day if you've read this or haven't then I still hope you have a good day, such a good girl I am <3

                                          • Larissa Soto
                                            Larissa Soto  1 weeks back

                                            I'm disappointed this video ignores environmental disaster, social injustice, and even genocide that economic growth has been doing this little period of "common well-being". This is colonial and ethnocentric. As a Latin American person, is hard to face some people in rich countries really believe this kind of reasoning hiding all our history and future challenges.

                                            • Nameless Niiick
                                              Nameless Niiick  1 weeks back

                                              Lol, in one word i can completely disprove your theory that more demand = more innovation


                                              • dio 21
                                                dio 21  1 weeks back

                                                But if the pie is growing , it is because of the ressources (wood,iron)
                                                What will happen when we gonna have no ressources anymore

                                                • Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
                                                  Are you sure you entered your name correctly?  2 days back

                                                  First of even if the pie grows thr gonna be still be selfish people and poor people so the situation more or less stays the same lol.

                                                • matias bonfanti
                                                  matias bonfanti  6 days back

                                                  dio 21 That is so ridiculous. We have had resources for thousands of years and the pie didn’t grow even near today’s levels. The pie is growing because of the nature of free market capitalism. Many countries today don’t have ANY natural resources and grow at incredible rates. Resources do not equal growth in a modern economy. We have grown out of a resource-based economy and in the same way that innovation has led us to exploit our resources more effectively, it will take us away from them.

                                              • Oskar Janson
                                                Oskar Janson  1 weeks back

                                                Kurzgesagt is fukin commie

                                                • ProfitableLifestyles
                                                  ProfitableLifestyles  1 weeks back

                                                  I like being alive but I don't like being a slave

                                                  • KeRen Tan
                                                    KeRen Tan  1 weeks back

                                                    I'm very busy right now sharing this video with as many selfish people as I know.
                                                    (Sharing to myself)

                                                    • Ertuğrul Çağırır
                                                      Ertuğrul Çağırır  1 weeks back

                                                      here is the most beautiful youtube video..
                                                      thx kurzgesagt!

                                                      • Laura Beltrame
                                                        Laura Beltrame  1 weeks back

                                                        Thanks to this nutshells I fell cultured.

                                                        • Crizyon 1
                                                          Crizyon 1  1 weeks back

                                                          I'm no economist, but what about inflation?

                                                          • stevekap8
                                                            stevekap8  1 weeks back

                                                            Doesn't explain zero sum game vs positive sum game. It has nothing to do with if the pie is growing, it has to do with if people can create more wealth or be better of by cooperating or competing.

                                                            • Adam&Qi ZR
                                                              Adam&Qi ZR  1 weeks back

                                                              It’s funny how this video simultaneously shuts down radical socialism at the same time it calls for robust social welfare programmes to help people reach new heights. Hooray!

                                                              • Catalonian Philosophy Major

                                                                This is a wonderful argument just as long as you live for at least two centuries, live in a hive mind where the pleasure of others is equal to your own, and don’t see how our prosperity is inevitably linked to subjugation along the chain of supply or coercion on the demand train. In other words, people don’t live long enough to egotistically give a shit about Uganda, the argument commits the Utilitarian fallacy of composition, and our technological advancements—while they might make the cake larger now—don’t work that way in the short term or the very long term.
                                                                In the end, we still need a way to overcome our selfishness and this is not it.

                                                              • Bjorlame le fourbe.
                                                                Bjorlame le fourbe.  1 weeks back

                                                                I don't think trying ti expend the market and population in a limited World would really help us. I think this Is Just a very capitalist way to see the world with a low environmental supportability.

                                                                • John Derry
                                                                  John Derry  1 weeks back

                                                                  This video completely ignored the enormous environmental damage we've done during this period of 'plus game' growth. We are living beyond the planets ability to keep us alive.

                                                                  • ogogo ogpgpg
                                                                    ogogo ogpgpg  2 days back

                                                                    @M Revilla im a pragmatist i have criticiem of capitalisem myself . But radical solutsions... I rather have steady ones.

                                                                  • M Revilla
                                                                    M Revilla  2 days back

                                                                    @ogogo ogpgpg we are talking about capitalism literally destroying the world , so obviously "work" is a subjetive thing

                                                                  • ogogo ogpgpg
                                                                    ogogo ogpgpg  2 days back

                                                                    @M Revilla true . But did some work?

                                                                  • M Revilla
                                                                    M Revilla  2 days back

                                                                    @ogogo ogpgpg everything from Bakunik, Malatesta, Kropotkin, Durruti, Marx, Engels...

                                                                  • ogogo ogpgpg
                                                                    ogogo ogpgpg  2 days back

                                                                    @M Revilla like ?

                                                                • Kang Taehoon
                                                                  Kang Taehoon  2 weeks back

                                                                  자유경제원에서 교양없는 인간들이 북한을 근거로 자유시장을 지지할때는 왜 그렇게 말도 안되는것 같았는데. 쿠르츠게작트에서 이렇게 설명하니까 이렇게 마음에 와닿고 내가 그 동안 잘못 생각해왔던것처럼 느껴지냐.