Kitchen Nightmares - S02E05 The Glass House Revisited

  • Published: 09 March 2015
  • Kitchen Nightmares - S02E05 The Glass House Revisited
    Kitchen Nightmares - S02E05 The Glass House Revisited

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Comments • 32

  • Selena Montoya
    Selena Montoya  2 days back

    Volume is badly worked

    • Keith Langman
      Keith Langman  7 days back

      45:55 what the fuck is wrong with that woman mouth.

      • Ian Dehavem
        Ian Dehavem  1 weeks back

        Fookin ‘ell.

        • Lisa Daley
          Lisa Daley  1 months back

          Gordon is only 37 wow

          • BT Savage
            BT Savage  6 days back

            @Lauri H.T. no ain't you damn Muppet

          • Lauri H.T.
            Lauri H.T.  6 days back

            He's 52

          • BT Savage
            BT Savage  2 weeks back

            Incorrect he is 55 years old

        • Jeff Larocque
          Jeff Larocque  3 months back

          Vegetarianism is on the decline? Nope!

          • Jay McD
            Jay McD  4 months back

            When was the last time you two had dinner together - no homo

            • Jay McD
              Jay McD  4 months back

              25 grand a year big money!? boy has this aged

              • Erik Ray
                Erik Ray  7 months back

                Are Everyone of These Videos Copied By the Blind Or RETARDED. Can't See Half the Screen!!!

                • RationalAxis
                  RationalAxis  8 months back

                  Ladies and gentlemen: the David Brent of cooking.

                  • Peggy Mitchell
                    Peggy Mitchell  10 months back

                    Did you see that ceiling when Gordon was scrubbing during clean up? Yuck.

                    • Andrew Barr
                      Andrew Barr  10 months back

                      I suspect a food fetish

                      • Hypatia4242
                        Hypatia4242  10 months back

                        The Glass House closed in March 2014 and is now The Fulling Mill. Anyone know what happened?

                        • Loyalty1269
                          Loyalty1269  4 months back

                          Was it the same owner up to 2014? Cause that would be a long time it stayed open since the show

                      • Norwida Sweder
                        Norwida Sweder  11 months back

                        Richard is such a dick.

                        • Jay McD
                          Jay McD  4 months back

                          he's a fuckin weirdo with a face like a rapist!

                      • Markus Munten
                        Markus Munten  11 months back

                        that Richard walking around like he of Gordons caliber, and all the time he blatantly profiles himself as a fraud.

                        • Marjorie Alcantara
                          Marjorie Alcantara  11 months back

                          i love the us kitchen nightmares!!

                          • InsertRandomName
                            InsertRandomName  2 weeks back

                            Jay McD depends on what you are looking for. of course the UK version is to be taken more seriously. But when I watch this I want real trash tv so I prefer the US version because it’s so ridiculously over the top

                          • Jay McD
                            Jay McD  4 months back

                            why? its shit compared to the UK version, too much dramatic music and OTT drama, its bloody awful

                          • CLAMHAT
                            CLAMHAT  9 months back

                            @Foxtrot Mike Lima don't correct a statement by assuming the context. This person was saying they love the US version of the show for all you know.

                          • Foxtrot Mike Lima
                            Foxtrot Mike Lima  11 months back


                        • Infestus92
                          Infestus92  12 months back

                          38:13 how kind Gordon gets when he discovers one off the workers got no sleep.
                          Just an awesome person!

                          • Michael Askey
                            Michael Askey  2 years back

                            One of the few places I've not had sex is on a plate.

                            • Rick Gano
                              Rick Gano  7 months back

                              I have thought since I first started preparing my own meals that the kitchen is a great place for sex. Very sensual.

                            • Michael Askey
                              Michael Askey  2 years back

                              ... or on a spoon.

                          • Danielle Young
                            Danielle Young  2 years back

                            Im uncomfortable with many times Richard said the word "sex" in this episode whilst talking about food

                          • Teh Tabi
                            Teh Tabi  3 years back

                            Man, Richard missed the opportunity to make Gordon his bitch for the next three hours.