How Each Avenger Got To Endgame

  • Published: 28 March 2019
  • Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. These six heroes have led the charge within the Marvel Cinematic Universe for more than ten years and twice as many movies. And with Avengers Endgame bringing them all together again, it seems fitting to go over each of their story arcs leading up to this epic crescendo. Of course, trying to watch every MCU movie in a row is a nearly two-day-long endeavor at this point, so we've gone ahead and condensed each original Avenger's story for you: here's how each Avenger got to Endgame.

    The MCU got its start when Iron Man arrived in theaters in 2008. Robert Downey Jr.'s impressive performance introduced us to a narcissistic Tony Stark who was used to having things his own way… until he got kidnapped by the Ten Rings and had to build his first Iron Man suit to regain his freedom. From there he etched his name into the Marvel hall of fame by helping stop threats such as Iron Monger, Whiplash, the Chitauri invasion of New York, Aldrich Killian, and Ultron.

    But Stark's true arc always focused on his own inner struggle as he came to grips with who he was without his "tricks and toys." Once just a billionaire playboy, the man has slowly evolved into a thoughtful, caring hero. His loyalty to Pepper Potts and father figure status to Peter Parker are excellent examples of how he's matured over time.

    And then there's the role he's played in setting the stage for the Thanos epic. His prophetic vision in Age of Ultron gave him a unique sense of urgency that continued to fuel him as he tried to prepare for the Mad Titan's impending arrival. Thanos clearly had an affinity with the Iron Avenger, too, as shown through his assertion that they were both "cursed with knowledge" during Infinity War, leaving a potential showdown between the two in Endgame a positively tantalizing prospect.

    While Hulk has been a bit of an enigma throughout the MCU thus far, his story can basically be broken down into three eras. First, we have his solo film, which came out after Iron Man. It showcased Bruce Banner, then played by Edward Norton, already on the run, in love with Betty Ross, and relentlessly pursued by her father. The film ended with Banner having more or less come to terms with "the Other Guy."

    The second era opened up when Mark Ruffalo picked up the mantle in Avengers. Banner and the Green Machine seemed to have taken a few steps back at that point, as neither wanted to surrender control to the other. The duo continued to help the Avengers for a while afterward, and sparks even began to fly between Banner and Black Widow in Age of Ultron. But it all came to a screeching halt when Hulk took over at the end of the movie and flew the Quinjet into space.

    The third era began when Hulk showed up two years later in Thor: Ragnarok, beginning a three-movie character arc. This new story continued as Hulk remained out of sight throughout most of Infinity War. The end of the three-part story will take place in Endgame, with some sort of climactic event likely in store for the Jade Giant.

    Black Widow has proven to be an absolutely invaluable addition to the team over the years. She first appeared in Iron Man 2, already trained as an accomplished spy and assassin working for S.H.I.E.L.D. She showed up again in Avengers and played a critical role in ending the Battle of New York when she closed the portal with Loki's Scepter.

    She went on from there to help topple HYDRA's infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D and bring Ultron down in Sokovia. She turned heads yet again when she switched sides to join Team Cap in Civil War, helping Captain America and Bucky Barnes escape in the Quinjet. She re-emerged with Cap and company in the early minutes of Infinity War and made her presence known throughout the fight in Wakanda. Black Widow has been featured heavily in the Endgame trailers and seems likely to be right by Cap's side when the action picks up again. Keep watching the video to see how each Avenger got to Endgame!

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    The Iron Avenger | 0:30
    The Jade Giant | 1:39
    The Master Assassin | 2:43
    The King of Asgard | 3:27
    The Archer | 4:39
    The Super Soldier | 5:50
    The Avengers Initiative | 7:01
    The Age of Ultron | 8:10
    Civil War | 8:50
    Infinity War | 9:43
    The Infinity Saga | 10:34
    Endgame and beyond | 11:24
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    Which Avenger is your favorite?

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    Loki isn’t Asgardian

    • AlmondKnot
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      Loki isn’t Asgardian

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        “Loyalty” to pepper, wb that thing with aunt May

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          how is everyone from 2 months ago when the video was released a month ago...

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            Then a time shift happened opening into a black hole which emits all the dead people Back To Life..among our best hero..and now that is a crazy event
            Hulk should be exposed to gamma radiation to get bigger and stronger as his father took some of his power in 2003

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              I just wonder is End game can beat infinity war or even star war VII..... or AVATAR

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                  KID YOU'RE AN AVENGER NOW...
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                    I meant you forgot ant man cause he is in end game

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                        Ant man

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                            Sad how we never really get to see them all in the same place at once... =/ Probably wont happen in Endgame because a lot of them are gone.

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                                5:10 extreme right
                                that is not Mark Ruffalo

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                                  20190419: I think these, and many more are absolutely pathetic. As in pathological. Because the seven stages of man have become blocked with the scat of affluence and mental discombobulation that inevitably ensues. So Naturally, children have taken over Western culture. So will it end in ICE or FIRE? Neither!....It will end in a perpetual bog of stench that started with children's comics. But all the World's just a stage and you are all just players with ever increasing roles of unimportance. So watch as many pathetic piles of animated crap that you can stomach! You stupid people of perpetual sniveling childhood fed by supermarkets of ultimate convenience filled with unlimited comfort foods. @

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                                    no mention of doctor strange?

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                                      If you look at captain America when they are eating at the table he looks depressed

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                                        Black widow was made to be with captain America

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                                          Iron man

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                                            Jade Giant?????
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                                              The stone in Loki’s scepter (Tesseract) is actually the Space Stone.

                                              The mind stone is the yellow one in visions head.

                                              It is quite confusing as you’d think the Mind Stone would control people’s minds ( and I did find it out on the wiki).

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                                                    the characters that recently got their own opening like captain marvel, black panther etc will not die...justifying their story line...but that means iron man is there for long and might die...but as thanos said he is not the only one cursed with knowledge means something similar to this character will be introduced after endgame...

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                                                          I don't know Hawkeyes actor but I thinks his name is Jeremy. He's not playing Hawkeye anymore I think. He's playing ronin for now. (Not sure but that's what I think)

                                                          • Drewdles the Noodle
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                                                            The only reason why the franchise continued is because of these two sentances:
                                                            Tony: I am Iron Man
                                                            Laufey: Run home little princess
                                                            Just think about that for a moment.

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                                                              Captain America+Iron Man+Black Widow+Spider-Man=CaptaiIronblackSpider

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                                                                The Incredible Hulk
                                                                Black Widow
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                                                                The Wasp
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                                                                Iron Man
                                                                The Incredible Hulk
                                                                Iron Man 2: Stark Legacy
                                                                Captain America the First Avenger
                                                                The Avengers
                                                                Iron Man 3: Armor Wars
                                                                Thor 2: The Dark World
                                                                Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier
                                                                Guardians Of The Galaxy
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                                                                Ant Man
                                                                Captain America 3: Civll War
                                                                Doctor Strange
                                                                Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: War Of Kings
                                                                Spider-Man Homecoming
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                                                                Avengers 3: Infinity War
                                                                Ant-Man And The Wasp
                                                                Captain Marvel
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                                                                  i'm a really big fan of marvel and i know they want to end what they started en start something new with new heroes. But that's in my opinion a terrible idee because everybody loves thor, steve rogers and iron man! I can't wait to see avengers endgame but i don't know if i'm going to feel the same when i leave the theater... If the big three dies i die inside.. Just praying that they all survive and marvel siked us all and moves on with the original avengers.. Just praying!

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                                                                    Just realized thanos Divided and conquered the avengers

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                                                                            Of course Loki,Ultron and Thanos were amazing but rest was pretty boring.

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                                                                          i've never had so many ads in a single video. had to stop watching. disappointed.

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                                                                            Malekith wasn't trying to destroy the universe. He just wanted to cover it in darkness.

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                                                                              my rankings on the avengers ranked from worst to best. least favorites: quicksilver, wong, vision, hawkeye , rocket raccoon, M'baku, hulk, dr strange, okoye, drax, groot, .They are somewhat ok or meh: antman, scarlett witch, black widow, war machine, mantis, shuri, gamora Favorites: captain america, falcon, nebula, black panther, captain marvel, star lord, spiderman, bucky, thor, iron man

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                                                                                Captain Marvel: she just kinda showed up

                                                                                • Crash Bandicoot
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                                                                                  Captain Marvel: she just kinda showed up

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                                                                                    Disappointed that they missed out Black Widow's role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She arguably had her biggest role in that movie, compared to Ironman 2, the three Avengers movies and CA: Civil War

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                                                                                      hmmm, So Incredible Hulk 1 isn't technically part of the MCU?

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