The Beginning of Everything -- The Big Bang

  • Published: 03 March 2014
  • How did everything get started?

    Has the universe a beginning or was it here since forever? Well, evidence suggests that there was indeed a starting point to this universe we are part of right now. But how can this be? How can something come from nothing? And what about time? We don't have all the answers yet so let's talk about what we know.

    Also, we try to make this one not depressing. Tell us if we succeeded.

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    The Beginning of Everything -- The Big Bang

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    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

      @Fareed Patel
      _From where did energy came after big bang_
      See, ultimately, nobody knows where the Universe came from - and its components.
      But specifically in the case of energy, it seems clear that energy is NOT conserved in the case of an expanding Universe.
      Energy conservation is explained by Nöther's Theorem - and in the case of an expanding Universe, the conditions for Nöther's Theorem are NOT satisfied - therefore, energy conservation is NOT guaranteed.

    • Fareed Patel
      Fareed Patel  3 days back

      From where did energy came after big bang

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld  2 months back

      @Wade Jalpot Yes, exactly - that's the verse I have seen before. It obviously has NOTHING to do with the Big Bang.

    • Wade Jalpot
      Wade Jalpot  2 months back

      @Hilmar Zonneveld Is it CH.21 V.30 can see u it

  • YourNewDeathReaper
    YourNewDeathReaper  7 hours back

    born too late to see the beginning
    born too early to see the end
    born in perfect time to watch what i was to miss on the beginning and the end .

    • Oskar Janson
      Oskar Janson  16 hours back



      • Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr.

        This is bullshit! Don't believe it!

        • Yung Mizzle
          Yung Mizzle  8 hours back

          I know how is it bullshit can you prove its bullshit ? If not YOUR bullshit

        • Hilmar Zonneveld
          Hilmar Zonneveld  20 hours back

          Why would you call this "bullshit"? I suggest you study some actual science. See, there is VERY GOOD EVIDENCE that the Big Bang ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

      • Lukas Patros
        Lukas Patros  2 days back

        I know who did the big bang


        • Yung Mizzle
          Yung Mizzle  8 hours back

          Exactly anybody can say that but wheres your proof? .....ill wait

        • Hilmar Zonneveld
          Hilmar Zonneveld  2 days back

          How can you "know" if there is not even evidence that this "god" actually exists?
          You are GUESSING, not KNOWING.

        • Ákos Körmendi
          Ákos Körmendi  2 days back


      • Timothy Ogedengbe
        Timothy Ogedengbe  2 days back

        & God said, Let there be light, & there was light.
        (Light, Be & light was)
        . It’s that simple.

        • Yung Mizzle
          Yung Mizzle  8 hours back

          Not everyone believes in "God" so its NOT that simple because that's just what you beleive by what you read in the bible but not believes in A god there for they wont believe what's in the bible or any other book

        • Hilmar Zonneveld
          Hilmar Zonneveld  2 days back

          Sooo... Do you have ANY evidence that this "god" even exists?

      • Kritiko
        Kritiko  2 days back

        Before the universe, there was nothing. No where, no when, nothing. hell, there wasn't even nothing, that's how much of nothing there was.

        A better way of explaining it, just imagine what a blind person sees. No black, just... nothing. That's what everything looked like before the big bang.

        • Hilmar Zonneveld
          Hilmar Zonneveld  50 minutes back

          @Yung Mizzle
          _noone was alive before the big bang..._ - Well, that's a rather weak argument; sometimes you CAN make conclusions about things were nobody was present.
          You are right that nobody knows what happened before the Big Bang; but the reasons you give are not very convincing.

        • Yung Mizzle
          Yung Mizzle  8 hours back

          Nobody knows what it was before the big bang because for noone has PROOF...2 noone was alive before the big bang so no human can tell you what it was before the "big bang" all they can do is speculate and guess

        • Hilmar Zonneveld
          Hilmar Zonneveld  2 days back

          _Before the universe, there was nothing._ - Actually, nobody really knows whether there even WAS a "before the Universe".
          The Universe MAY have existed forever in the past.
          On the other hand, if time itself only exists as part of the Universe, there would be no "before", either" - that would be like asking what's north of the North Pole.

      • cody olivotto
        cody olivotto  3 days back

        "universes way of experiencing itself" very interesting concept that ties into a lot of creation myths!

        • Chris Jordan
          Chris Jordan  3 days back

          ...........We do know that something had to have created the Big Bang, the entire universe itself. Anti-Matter, atoms, energy, protons, neutrons etc. Something clearly created it before the universe itself formed....

          • Yung Mizzle
            Yung Mizzle  8 hours back

            I dont think it was a "God" I think it was jus like science particals atoms fusions etc.

          • Hilmar Zonneveld
            Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

            No, we don't know that - not at all.
            For all we know, the Universe MIGHT have existed forever in the past.
            Or it might have appeared spontaneously.
            And finally if it WAS created, I HOPE you are not implying that it must have been a god - or worse yet, a specific god - because there are actually LOTS of different options here, as well.

        • Cameron Musick
          Cameron Musick  3 days back

          It's things like this that I wish we could invest more money in. Everything seems to be moving away from each other. Our time is limited.

          • Yung Mizzle
            Yung Mizzle  8 hours back

            I know we need more answers FAST because right now it's Clearly more questions than answers

        • Dhens Codera
          Dhens Codera  3 days back

          I cannot understand well maybe you just try to explain detail by detail for us to understand the video or should I say I'm the only one who didn't understand

          question Explain the Big Bang Theory

          • Tom Tully
            Tom Tully  4 days back

            Time and space are an illusion created by light. If light did not exist we would have no reference of space or the movement through it which we measure by time. without light there would be no motion and without motion there would be no time because because we measure everything on the amount of time it takes to go from point A to point B. Without light, we could not measure this.

            • Ákos Körmendi
              Ákos Körmendi  3 days back

              Electron Microscopes disagree with you on that one.

          • Mr Colemore
            Mr Colemore  4 days back

            It's easier to believe Osama Bin Laden built the universe than this dumb speculation about absolutely bollocks

            • Hilmar Zonneveld
              Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

              It's not "dumb speculation" - it's the predominant scientific theory about the formation of the Universe. AND, there is good evidence for the Big BAng.

            • Ákos Körmendi
              Ákos Körmendi  3 days back

              The Big Bang is backed up by evidence. It might be nonsense tp you, sure, the universe isn't made to be understood by our ape brains, but doesn't make it false

          • Jffy Ifdytdts
            Jffy Ifdytdts  4 days back

            why tf are we trying to figure this shit out when we could just eat expired cereal on a Monday at Claire’s

            • Hilmar Zonneveld
              Hilmar Zonneveld  2 days back

              @Jffy Ifdytdts Oh, OK.

            • Jffy Ifdytdts
              Jffy Ifdytdts  2 days back

              It was a joke, I love science and space.

              I think it’s really interesting

            • Hilmar Zonneveld
              Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

              Well, some people are actually interested in science - in how things work. Others - like you - apparently not.

          • Emily Estrada
            Emily Estrada  4 days back

            Why is there no clear beginning of the Big Bang? It's always about what happened after. Maybe the Big Bang didn't happen and it was just a sad excuse of how everything came to be.

            • Gaming With Goku
              Gaming With Goku  2 days back

              @Ákos Körmendi Oh then I'm sorry my English is a pain in the ass but your ignorance is even more pain, lack-of evidence is unlikely to be true but doesn't mean it's false. Too much evidence doesn't mean it's true it means it's more likely to be true. Evidence is not truth and does not provide truth it helps the truth but sometimes there's so much evidence of something that it contradicts the other's.

            • Ákos Körmendi
              Ákos Körmendi  2 days back

              @Gaming With Goku No, most LIKELY false. When you assert something that you can't back up by evidence means that it's a conclusion you didn't come to by following evidence, as such it's unlikely to be true.
              For you to convince someone something is right you need to showcase it and explain it.
              It isn't my first language either but when talking about science you need to express yourself clearly because it's a complex topic, you can't really go into a scientific conversation in a language that you haven't fully learned because then your sentences seem a jumbled mess. You can talk to me in english regardless of your level but if you are talking about a topic that is complicated with lower level english trying to understand what you're saying is quite the pain in the ass.

            • Gaming With Goku
              Gaming With Goku  2 days back

              @Ákos Körmendi Again, no proof = false? And now you have to explain something for it to be right? Or at least explain it with science on your side? Is that it? And I'm sorry that my English is wrong because not everyone's first language is English, how do you not know that? Do I have to learn proper English before I can talk to you? Ok see you in a few

            • Ákos Körmendi
              Ákos Körmendi  2 days back

              @Gaming With Goku Something you have proven can't be false because proof is pretty absolute.
              An explonation can be false, but you need to demonstrate that.
              If you can't show something to he false, it's unfalsifiable, and is useless.
              Science gives the answer, it's not the answer itself.
              I don't see where the logic falls short, maybe learn to phrase in english because I can barely understand what the hell you are saying

            • Hilmar Zonneveld
              Hilmar Zonneveld  2 days back

              ​@Emily Estrada _let's say you had a ball.. I asked for evidence but you didn't have one, is the ball real or fake?_
              You are missing the point here.
              Of course, the ball might be real or fake.
              But the REAL ISSUES are others.
              One: "I have a ball" is a rather trivial claim. For instance, you won't change your life habits depending on whether the ball is real or not.
              Two: If I really can't present evidence that the ball exists (for instance, simply show you the ball), then why would I claim that I had a ball in the first place? Looks suspicious, doesn't it?
              Three: If I make a claim - ANY claim - and I am not able to provide good evidence, then you are justified in being skeptic about my claim.
              Of course, the ball MAY or MAY NOT exist - but whether you BELIEVE IT or not is a different issue.
              _As I said there is a possibility that both stories are true._ - Well, then, great - you are starting to be skeptic. Welcome, fellow atheist!

          • Tear Taz
            Tear Taz  4 days back

            The more we know
            The less we know

            • fabio contini
              fabio contini  5 days back

              è sempre un piacere ascoltare puttanate.

              • Doron Cherkovsky
                Doron Cherkovsky  5 days back

                We maybe can explain what happened after the Big Bang. The problem is with our knowledge, we don't know what causes the Big Bang, but even more disturbing is that we don't know what we don't know, so we try to answer questions where we know that we have a gap in our knowledge.
                Maybe there is a limit to the ability of our understanding and we will never know what really is the universe and how it was created.

                • Deano RunningRampage25

                  The question is and the 100 million dollar question is who created the universe someone had to create it is something can't come from nothing then the question is who created the Creator

                  • Hilmar Zonneveld
                    Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                    _who created the universe..._ - For a start, that's the wrong question. By asking "who", you are already ASSUMING that it was created by something that could be called a "who". That is, by SOMEONE. The problem here is, WE DON'T KNOW whether this is the case.
                    And even the word "created" is loaded.

                    _someone had to create it_ - Not at all. Instead of a "someone", it could be a "something". Or the Universe may not have been created AT ALL.
                    So a better question would be, "What, if anything, caused the Universe to exist?"
                    And of course, the answer is that we don't know.

                  • Ákos Körmendi
                    Ákos Körmendi  4 days back

                    Everything you said is illogical to conclude because we haven't seen anything coming into existance, nor have we seen nothing, nor have we seen any intelligence outside the Earth to create something, NOR have we seen intelligent beings creating anything. The question supposes that the universe was created based on false premises.

                • Abbas Khan
                  Abbas Khan  5 days back

                  How does the temperature falls when there was nothing other than the universe in the first second of expansion

                  • Ákos Körmendi
                    Ákos Körmendi  4 days back

                    Because the universe expanded, giving more space for the heat to fill, meaning the temperature dropped since there was less heat in a given area.

                • Alina Nechiporenko
                  Alina Nechiporenko  5 days back

                  This is so much more logical to me than god. I wish I could understand my mom.

                  • Hilmar Zonneveld
                    Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                    I personally don't believe in a god... But allow me to point out that the two ideas are NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.
                    There are believers in god(s) who ALSO accept well-established scientific theories - including the Big Bang theory.

                • Paul Newfield - Pasadena, CA. USA

                  This guy didn't start with the truth! Here is the scientific truth...IN THE BEGINNING, THE UNIVERSE SPONTANEOUSLY GENERATED INTO EXISTENCE, WHICH IS SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!

                  • Ákos Körmendi
                    Ákos Körmendi  5 days back

                    We don't know what was the Beginning of the universe, to assert that it spontaniously generated into existance is nonsensical, nobody claims that.
                    We are made up of non-living material, an atom isn't living, a molecule isn't living, a protein isn't living, but all of that makes up a cell that is living, life is something that doesn't exist as one thing, it's the chemical reactions between certain molecules and macro-molecules that produces life. Also, it's called Abiogenesis, not Biogenesis, Abiogenesis is the study of how life could form through chemistry.
                    Dr. Louis Pastour proved SPONTANIOUS GENERATION wrong, not Abiogenesis. And Biogenesis is not a law, it's a general observation that complex life only comes from complex life via reproduction, which doesn't disagree with Abiogenesis, only with Spontanious generation.
                    How did you get to the start of life under a video about the Big Bang is beyond me.

                • Marveltl Legend
                  Marveltl Legend  5 days back


                  • Chloroplast ✔
                    Chloroplast ✔  5 days back


                    • Hilmar Zonneveld
                      Hilmar Zonneveld  15 hours back

                      @Chloroplast ✔
                      Oh, right, and I forgot to ask. You said: _I'm sure God will forgive you this time._
                      OK, so he is supposed to forgive me FOR WHAT, EXACTLY? I am not aware of having committed any major crime; are you?

                    • Chloroplast ✔
                      Chloroplast ✔  20 hours back

                      @Hilmar Zonneveld dude you should watch you mouth. I'm sure God will forgive you this time. But hell is not a nice place to end up in.

                    • Hilmar Zonneveld
                      Hilmar Zonneveld  21 hours back

                      @Chloroplast ✔
                      _god made you and me._ - Prove it. Don't just claim it.
                      _He doesn't need evidence_ - If he wants us to believe in him, then YES, he DOES "need evidence".
                      Otherwise, there is really no reason to believe in a god or gods.

                    • Chloroplast ✔
                      Chloroplast ✔  1 days back

                      @Hilmar Zonneveld god made you and me. He doesn't need evidence

                  • SunsetMixologist AJ
                    SunsetMixologist AJ  6 days back

                    I wanna get a bird avatar so badly but, I don’t wanna pay

                    • Dribble Magic
                      Dribble Magic  7 days back

                      There's more then 1 universe Brodie.. .but continue

                      • Hilmar Zonneveld
                        Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                        There MAY be more than one Universe. Nobody knows for sure.

                    • Rocskatu
                      Rocskatu  7 days back

                      Alright fuck you too pigeon boy, you callin me stupid or something?

                      • Lil nix naz
                        Lil nix naz  1 weeks back

                        The big banana

                        • lord beerus
                          lord beerus  1 weeks back

                          after 2000 year ago we will see in the past and make fun of what we used to believe ..

                          • MikolajF
                            MikolajF  1 weeks back

                            Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey ;)

                            • GetDDoS_21
                              GetDDoS_21  1 weeks back

                              This video makes me think so damn hard I forget about everything for a couple seconds

                              • J DAWG
                                J DAWG  1 weeks back

                                Lmao people can believe this which they didn’t see happen either but believe in God they can’t because they can’t see him either
                                Doesn’t make since
                                And cells were smart enough to create everything perfectly for us humans
                                Use your brains folks

                                • Ákos Körmendi
                                  Ákos Körmendi  1 weeks back

                                  No, most people don't believe in God because we can't DETECT him, that includes sight, but not exclusively, many other senses are included, even devices. We can detect the Cosmic microwave background radiation, a prediction made by the Big Bang Theory. That's plenty more than for God.
                                  Cells didn't create anything. Perfect for humans? Yea, that's why people were dying by the millions before modern medicine was invented. It's easy to say the world is perfect when you live in a modern civilization that only existed for one or two centuries. Otherwise everything is literally trying to kill us, from diseases to animals to plants to the fucking Earth itself

                              • Siddharth Mehta
                                Siddharth Mehta  1 weeks back

                                What if thing like big bang never happened and we are traveling in past and if we see big bang in the sense that big bang happened in future it would just mean that it was a collision of all mass of universe due to gravity *oh shit what am I thinking*

                                • Reign Drops
                                  Reign Drops  1 weeks back

                                  Our universe was in a hot dense state
                                  Nearly 13 billion years ago expansion started, wait a year?

                                  • Reign Drops
                                    Reign Drops  3 days back

                                    Hilmar Zonneveld it’s the Big Bang theory intro (the show)

                                  • Hilmar Zonneveld
                                    Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                                    @Reign Drops Anyway, what was your question? I didn't quite get that.

                                  • Reign Drops
                                    Reign Drops  3 days back

                                    Hilmar Zonneveld hit the wrong letter

                                  • Hilmar Zonneveld
                                    Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                                    Not millions - BILLIONS of years.
                                    The Big Bang happened about 13.8 billion years ago.

                                • Ethan Nolen
                                  Ethan Nolen  1 weeks back

                                  It's all a lie .......this is a theory in which can not be proven ....for it says in Genesis1:1 God made the heavens and the earth this is the truth in which I speak

                                  • Hilmar Zonneveld
                                    Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                                    _this is a theory in which can not be proven ...._ - For all practical purposes, it already HAS BEEN PROVEN.
                                    _for it says in Genesis1:1 God made the heavens and the earth_ - I don't give a damn what Genesis 1:1 says; unless you ACTUALLY PROVE IT, unless you prove that a god actually exists, it's just a story.

                                  • kostas T.S.S
                                    kostas T.S.S  7 days back

                                    It can be proven mathematicaly and a lot of facts that poitns at the big bang.
                                    Also gravity is a theory but doesn't mean that don't exists!

                                  • Ákos Körmendi
                                    Ákos Körmendi  1 weeks back

                                    Nothing in science or in anything beside math can be proven. That includes every theory and even what we consider facts.
                                    Oh yea? Can Genesis 1:1 be proven?

                                • Fortnite Bro
                                  Fortnite Bro  1 weeks back

                                  WERE DEAD STARS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

                                  • Hilmar Zonneveld
                                    Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                                    Well, not exactly WE, but most of the atoms that make up our body, yes.

                                • larry khu
                                  larry khu  1 weeks back

                                  Universe was beyond my imagination

                                  • Kayzer Ali
                                    Kayzer Ali  1 weeks back

                                    What was before the universe

                                    • Hilmar Zonneveld
                                      Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                                      There is currently no way to know what happened before the Big Bang (about 13.8 billion years ago).

                                    • Jffy Ifdytdts
                                      Jffy Ifdytdts  4 days back

                                      Other universe in our dimension

                                    • kostas T.S.S
                                      kostas T.S.S  7 days back

                                      Probably Nothing ,but we don't know yet.
                                      But the most logical solution i can think is Nothing.

                                  • Michael Torres
                                    Michael Torres  1 weeks back

                                    How does the Big Bang even happen out of nothing?

                                    • Hilmar Zonneveld
                                      Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                                      @kostas T.S.S _I didn't say that is proved that big bang came from nothing, I'm just saying that is a very possible solution._ - Right. Virtual particles seem to appear "from nothing", too.
                                      HOWEVER, a Universe appearing where there was previously empty space is NOT the same as "from nothing" - such an empty space already has some complicated properties.

                                    • kostas T.S.S
                                      kostas T.S.S  3 days back

                                      @Hilmar Zonneveld I didn't say that is proved that big bang came from nothing, I'm just saying that is a very possible solution. Of course, nothing in science is not the same with the word we use every day, but we are talking about no space no mass no gravity, just particles tha t exist and don't exist at the same time .
                                      i can't explain it to you cause 1) i'm not an expert and 2) my English are not so strong.

                                    • Hilmar Zonneveld
                                      Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                                      @kostas T.S.S For all practical purposes, the Big Bang is confirmed - hardly any serious scientists doubts it any more.
                                      Anything that happened BEFORE the Big Bang, or any hypothesis about the CAUSE of the Big Bang, is NOT confirmed.

                                    • Hilmar Zonneveld
                                      Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                                      ​@kostas T.S.S _there is a huge part of science that is trying to proof that big bang came from nothing..._ - Well, that might depend on what you consider to be "nothing". The "random quantum fluctuation" is NOT about a Universe coming from "nothing", but from EMPTY SPACE, which is something completely different.
                                      But ultimately, WE DON'T KNOW what came before the Big Bang. You basically hinted this yourself: "trying to proof" - which means that so far, it hasn't been proven yet - it's just an idea.

                                    • kostas T.S.S
                                      kostas T.S.S  3 days back

                                      @Hilmar Zonneveld there is a huge part of science that is trying to proof that big bang came from nothing, they are trying to combine string theory with quantum mechanics to create , a a small equation that will contain all the physics of the universe.
                                      If you take all mass of the universe minus the gravity it will give you the number of 0, to understand that you need to understand how quantum particles work, search it on YouTube there are nice videos

                                  • Ralph Tamez
                                    Ralph Tamez  1 weeks back


                                    • Ralph Tamez
                                      Ralph Tamez  2 days back

                                      @Hilmar Zonneveld unless you can show some kind of proof other than theories then .. then it would become a fact... string theory is also a theory.. the flat earth was also a theory .. the big bang theory is yet again... a ... theory... when you can make a triangle with more than 3 corners let me know ..when you also talk to Jesus make sure to record that one too..

                                    • Hilmar Zonneveld
                                      Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                                      @Ralph Tamez
                                      _Gravity is a fact..._ - So is the Big Bang. For all practical purposes, you can consider it to be proven.

                                  • Darrah and Malerie
                                    Darrah and Malerie  1 weeks back

                                    Science and religion do not mix

                                    • Riko Saikawa
                                      Riko Saikawa  1 weeks back

                                      Talk about a Gnab Gib

                                      • Strictly Foreigns
                                        Strictly Foreigns  1 weeks back

                                        If the Big Bang created the world , who created the Big Bang ? This shit got me fucked up 😂😂😂

                                        • Hilmar Zonneveld
                                          Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                                          Nobody really knows what (if anything) caused the Big Bang.

                                        • kostas T.S.S
                                          kostas T.S.S  7 days back

                                          We don't know yet, but a possible solution to which i support is ,from nothing! To understand that you need knowledge in quantum mechanics!

                                      • AUZZGames Oi
                                        AUZZGames Oi  1 weeks back

                                        Am I the only person who thinks it's weird that the big bang theory isn't actually proven and yet we are taught about it all the time like it's the answer? Really bugs me how much people hold themselves back from learning just so they can be right about something

                                        • Hilmar Zonneveld
                                          Hilmar Zonneveld  3 days back

                                          _Am I the only person who thinks it's weird that the big bang theory isn't actually proven..._ - Actually it is. It has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

                                        • Jffy Ifdytdts
                                          Jffy Ifdytdts  4 days back

                                          I believe it only cause it seems logical to me, and right now what’s more interesting is how our dimension was made, our universe prob got the gas from excess stuff the dimension left behind.

                                          My opinion though, still not 100% sure

                                        • AUZZGames Oi
                                          AUZZGames Oi  5 days back

                                          @Chaos D even suffering is just a complex action-reaction type deal which we the ln interept as pain or sadness but if we didn't react to a broken bone we would have no reason to prevent it or heal, pain is necessary man, torture isn't and that's what does suck about the world but who knows where that will lead in a 1000 years you know.

                                        • AUZZGames Oi
                                          AUZZGames Oi  5 days back

                                          @Chaos D people proclaimed god to be "good" though, good and evil is entirely subjective based on the perspective of the individual, child birth isn't considered evil even though millions of sperm are sacrificed just so one can make it through, try and look at the big picture, before mammals or even the planet, our universe was created through violent explosions and Collisions, at the beginning the earth was uninhabitable due to all the toxic gasses, but they are what formed our atmosphere... Which lead to us being able to exist..
                                          I promise I Understand what you mean but you have to think past our basic perceptions of good and evil, right and wrong when it comes to the universe because it only matters to us subjectively, if we weren't hunted by animals we never would have the abilities we do today.. life is amazing and inspiring the good and the bad bro.

                                        • Chaos D
                                          Chaos D  6 days back

                                          AUZZGames Oi Science is evidence against God though. But even if there where a way to prove God’s existence, I doubt I would follow God because God is evil. Not just evil. Pure evil. Someone who claims to be merciful, loving, all knowing and all powerful, but would allow so much suffering.

                                      • JemGamer and FX
                                        JemGamer and FX  1 weeks back

                                        If you think about it.....
                                        The other universe out there can be other persons
                                        We are made from a Universe or computers someone might be controlling us if im typing this right now maybe someone is saying and controlling it

                                        • LocDat
                                          LocDat  1 weeks back

                                          _i like em' big_

                                          _i like em' bangy_

                                          • Arent Ibro
                                            Arent Ibro  1 weeks back

                                            Hey why u don't come and suck my dick!!! Einstein too. I'm not convinced about this theories of how universe is created! From were all this materials,planets come from???!!! U must find a nother theory to convince me. By the way I don't believe in God f..k him to. 😉

                                            • renge9909
                                              renge9909  1 weeks back

                                              ....and this was the day arent idumb realized no one cared enough about him to convince of him of anything.

                                          • Low Price Edition
                                            Low Price Edition  2 weeks back

                                            So ...are you telling me I am the universe?!