10 Allegedly Fixed Fights in MMA History

  • Published: 19 January 2019
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Comments • 721

  • MMA On Point
    MMA On Point   5 months back

    Here's the link to the free ESPN+ trial. Massive thanks to them for reaching out to us. Enjoy the fights this weekend everyone! http://espn.zlbu.net/c/1358197/566982/9070

    • MastemaJack
      MastemaJack  1 months back

      If I remember right Torre also claimed to have won the kumite.

    • Geno Porreca
      Geno Porreca  5 months back


    • Mazkebar
      Mazkebar  5 months back

      We’ll sign up and support ur shit, IF AND WHEN you STOP supporting cheaters and coverups!

    • Kenny 324410
      Kenny 324410  5 months back

      @Jango Bango more than one reporter there’s still his mate who’s still over there dose not work for be but thay still allow him to hang around there i pre date sb and am a manic I go back to the days when it was ufcmania

      And like I sed I will not sub to anyone useing stuff form a page that had a known pedofile working for them and was carried in such high regards be like to ban you for bashing fighters and what not but are all cool with pedofile

    • B69ne
      B69ne  5 months back

      Congrats on the ESPN+ sponsor. That is great news.

  • Josh Hurley
    Josh Hurley  16 hours back

    Anderson Silva - Forrest Griffin, Shamrock - Kimbo, Shamrock - Rich Franklin.

    • Don 2016
      Don 2016  4 days back

      It seems 2 be mostly Asian fighters trowing fights

      • Calireeferman
        Calireeferman  5 days back

        How about stupid Fedor Vs Bader ,I was so pissed

        • James Collins
          James Collins  6 days back

          I take it they don't throw punches invade they accidentally knock one or the other out?

          • Capt. George
            Capt. George  7 days back

            Japanese MMA was our version of the WWF. LOL

            • Simone Rose
              Simone Rose  1 weeks back

              How Shevchenko vs Nunez 2 not fixed, everyone had Shevchenko winning on points. Even by the official UFC stats say Shevchenko clearly won rounds 2 to 5 but Nunes picks up the win lol.

              • luvfreedom
                luvfreedom  4 days back

                This video wasn't about crooked judges but fake fights or work jobs that involve the fighters.

            • Dark Magician
              Dark Magician  1 weeks back

              I don't see how McGregor vs Alvarez didn't make the list

              • Kevin Nguyen
                Kevin Nguyen  7 days back

                I thought for sure that was fixed 100%

            • Wayne Bollentin
              Wayne Bollentin  1 weeks back

              Your clueless if you think a blocked head kick still doesn't do damage. Anyone who's trained before that should be common knowledge.

              • Lance Love
                Lance Love  1 weeks back

                Never heard anyone say it...but...Zoolander...watch it..is this movie not about this same stuff? and where is the Batman? Ah, see the wayne contengency would in fact be the government. Not one athelete is a model...not one model is an athelete...and suicide goes to modeling whilst homocide goes to atheletes. Is it sexual? Of course it is. Is martial arts hiding something? Of course its not...the trick is that human motor skills are relative...since as in street fighter you see theres a good team and bad team and neutral players...theres an exposure of the relativity of the motor controllers purpose and purchase power...excercise is positive...it's an actual CURE for something....and since its a cure it can pose for the medical contengency all the while it's head is trying to get back to the tv and watch the game. So, it fights for the light bulb...and now it fights for the skin...as the flat screen window is just that...later it will reveal its fighting for the eye...where theres a computer thats generate INSIDE THE HUMAN EYE BY THE BRAIN. So, its fighting for mind control and mainframe online accessory hidden in the human brain. Didn't know that? Well, i guess you wouldn't...but you ought to know it because its 100% true. Damage control is done through the brain...some is geared to cause damage to activate the accesory to appear and it stuns the person because they aren't aware of the technology turning on..like an old tv a good jar to its set frame will render the image to alter and this occurs when a knock out is promoted. This occurs for various reasons...one is because the computer accessory works while you are asleep and a small attenuating light is active while ambient light is absorbed at night. The light is in your eye...one part in the white and one in the corona...attenuated by the pupils constant...because it doesn't close or stop seeing..its actually you that consciously gives up trying to see and think...because our brain can also see out remotely and is taught physics and celestial science and evolution by this remote capacitation of intellect. Once you've worked it out you will find theres nothing else to learn and that humans ignore this science as a whole and that its actually denied and the differential of its promotion is geared to drive you insane and or control you and a few other contengent factors...if you'll pay to go to school to gain accessory to talk about this you'll spend over a million dollars to do it...and the goverment is already all over that. Since its actually primitive innate identity not information it is laughable...but since its denied people find it or are lead by it like a perverse interest in sex. It totally runs on that and ignorance to it as a whole. Its also the main accessory in your brain and body for fraud as well. Since sex and relationships and academia are bought and sold by your reputation and financial standings aka your income from reputation...you can't leverage anything against the human developer cooperative. They've also got thier hands in race and racism and race relations. People basically are revealed to have always been under control and martial construct. History is the leak and reality is a very dynamic place as compared to basically what amounts to that now classic matrix scheme where humans are born or cloned into a battery like construct, kept asleep, and as well at the end of any awakening are inducted into the NEO world order of origins and originality and are taken in this case into the fight or flight scheme...the fight of course leading up to the award ceremony where the big fat head remote paralleling robot/sentient/animal/conciousness/conscience of the creator become one as you basically finally sell your soul that you were given because it was bought for you back and are denied because your accesory is yours and the developer and self is totally fake and of course had been bought way before you existed and was transcommuted and augmented by you in your innocence and unawareness of what was going on...this was all of course sold as immaturity from an older program that was sold as maturity. They were both tossed because they were framed in reward of success as gain when in fact they were not..they were forgiveness...and the god construct remained the secret parallel that was superimposed both on the father/son construct where this occurs and as well on the god/demigod system and these were commuted to the same again in idol/cyborg systems management and creation of platform. Its a bunch of developer schemes basically and you end up finding out that later. The old gods are funny and stupid and had to be in order to be overcome permenantly and not be able to rise again. This was part of the program and everything would be kept. Nothing discarded. So, programs based on the fact the world has ended still remain running programs...why? Well, because its entertainment and anytime a paradox..i.e. a quetion with an answer evident and available remains present it can operatively become randomized or automated by loosing the answer slightly from the question. This is done because developer of bigger schemes became available to smaller units in free society...because of Democracy and how flexible it is...you have to remembee this is all a rip taken out of the context that any living thing on this planet or anywhere in the universe is received in automatic beyond god level narcissistic posession by the reciever. Humans do that. Its part of apetite and the earth and universe included this before humans or anything else living existed. It is the power of force and collapsing force. This is what makes life possible and what makes all our capacitated sensors work because when you put both forces together you get a stable range of available focus attenuation...its part of the rules of observed behavor of things like wave, light, sound etc..that are invisible..but as a visible and even tangible form its like a wormhole or black hole or inverted galaxy..these are all attenuated by something...so far that something is space and antimatter and a bunch of program force optives that exist in molecular forms of energy and are basically what comes from sentient awareness being object subject promotion. Its like getting a tattoo...its on you in you and of an image which is something physical and real but you cant touch it and you really cannot see it and its part of you and everyone else's programming...it really literally is on that level...its also like having a tattoo of a spiral leading into an earring hole...its literally on that level simple and deceptive and words are as deceptive and simple...humans just dont assume that in as much as its actually quite difficult and painful to try to sense and think and augment without words...we are capable of this thanks to the errors of the deaf, dumb, and blind...and of course...you guessed it..

                • Lance Love
                  Lance Love  1 weeks back

                  The point is that the fighter is a victim..and its the one place where the victim and abuser coexist. The reason the fighter fails eventually is because the abuser will dominate them after a while...if the fighter doesn't do justice for victims or get to attack for justice the abusers...the abusers will just dominat them...its a trick...use victims and make them self evident and stable then jump out from behind them and shift into a dominat self promoting role...do your time standing still meditating on changing the polarity of your former abusive self into a now prompted and promotional positive figure as you excercise your options in the free world to entertain yourself and the marriage of violence, excercise, justice can support you or you can deny them as self injuring and self supportive choices and separate yourself from them and promote they were responsible for you being so dominant you abused someone...you didnt know what kind of authority that was and your victim is so retarded by the construct they may continue to pursue self defense out of fear and damaged self awareness or ignorance..but thats not your fault..curing you...is the answer...its very tricky...and you can't force a terrorist who converts to remain a terrorist!!? They need to be cured of the constitution of abuse and dominance...but those who have been dominated..well...unless they're disabled and dogged..they'll have no one to lead them..but ironically thier abuser is thier master still...they need to stop training and just be enlightened and enjoy life. That unfortunately is easier said than done. BUT...again..this all is still just under the guidance of do it yourself therapy and escaping from the whole of the system. Since it created the controls...the apology is always money and support..but the damage is always far more real. Loss of life, income, injury, mental destruction of the self. Its a serious thing. But...hey..who even believes in it!? Not even the people it happens to..because the cure punches through you..thats how the computer was installed in the first place..it paralleled...cornered andthey mirrored and even fought you to install it..you can't win...and they wont have a space for you to lose...theres only one red woman...and shes really not red...its the opposite...shes you..and poor you...that and the rest is left out...but cornered as well by the movie and its alleged creators..bipolar heterosexuality cosmetic appearance occupation..these are all things that make yoh exempt...its like being your sisters perfect match and her sitting there going..mmm..poor you...my pussy is delicious...and im rich..i do anal too...i could get you even if you were gay...id like to lift weights do karate dance and sing and do art...i read the kama sutra twice and I can squirt...mmm...sad...well.....enjoy the cookies and porn...go see the oracle...you may as well rape her...thats all the agents are doing when they consume you..youll end up fucking a robot neo..and that robot will become the next you and fuck everyone else. Thats what the creator does you know..we are all his children and he loves us and hates us the same to create the integrity of a world apart. There is no N neo...your captain eo...and boom michael jacksons story becomes the matrix and michael Jackson dies. Coincidence? Dunno..you got another letter from publishers clearing house...think you'll collect?

                • Lance Love
                  Lance Love  1 weeks back

                  Those are commuted to insult forms so the people who know what to believe can be bottom and the working world can remain top...this again is how they made god stick to the cash and how they make the guns point from every direction to protect the cache of cash. Dont get to close or your apetite will be all thats left and..well...money is the dirtiest...blah blah blah..and you'll get sick and look like a nutcase if youre that close because theyve put a prophet margin there. Its all designed to implicate a few people as well. Of course non of them are employees of the goverment and thats also how they make the god stick work. Its the same as the military..endless cycling of nobodies into a fraternal order but this one is the opposite age demographic...instead of young antinubilists its the adult and elderly world. Of course thats the front as well...your tv is really where all of this is oriented and there too youll find no one specific but old L.Ron Hubbard...and that will lead you nowhere but to a few NEOCONS...Angelina Jolie is basically NEO...Tom Cruise is another NEO...and basically its antichrist time when "everything is made new with the Lord" is turned into "everyone is cast as NEO and has been paid" and thats what you get and see as it breaks down into...who cares..theres nothing new under the sun and lets save some money knock of prophet margins and some marginal profits and boost our reality by stripping it down...kill neo by making real neos as neocons which are basically primitive gods aka regular human beings who USED to actually be alive and were eliminated a goverments and uncivilizations were built aka every country in the world...don't think you'll be able to use the word indian one time...indegenous is trapped under a few hitler like maneuvers in world history so it looks like indegenous means "worked at the dump before we paved it and is now protesting you can't park there and at best they want personal space and maybe a handicapped plaquard"...and thats how that works...in a democracy anyone who complains is god...and the power they wield is getting to create a few primitives to play out thier fantasy..and become neo geo peo ceo..new world order courters of contengency....this is under the neutrality agreement and basically lets you swiss miss while you piss. In other words casual occupation and as long as its democratically oriented it can be backwards or forwards or diagonal..doesn't matter as long as you aren't literally physically appearing to occupy and dictate over others...but even that is possible as well...and thats the facts...the world is ruled by people acting like theres nothing they can do...when they hear that they realize theres nothing they can't do...but..ah ah...no crazy baby making daddy warbucks moves!!! So, they dont really allow anyone to take control because it would not be historically accurate. The scam has to continue. Why? Again, ita because everyone can know this is going on and still not find the source..because the source has been outsourced...its now in your head. Stuck there to evolve and theyre installing it constantly and so death is the last permenantly contengent wave. I don't see a massive rush to commute our overtaken selves to death just because we are victorious in that we have found that resistance is futile and beyond that so is compliance. Theres no reward out there because the science of death isnt taught..not that its loose or less dense but that is a clue...they're simply leaving it out through science for you...they already promote that value is established by construct..and being dead they call a spirit...existant but not dense enough or of an element that can be touched without a force you'd most easily relate to psychic power or physical strength and force...so they leave the reality of post death experience IN DIVIDED APPLIED SCIENCE DATA...that way they don't have to discuss it...and you can't accuse them of anything. It's EXACTLY LIKE MARTIAL ARTS, GOVERMENT CONSTRUCT, CASH, MUSIC, ART, ACADEMICS, PHILOSOPHY...you EARN or LEARN peace and strength and defense and dynamic and all this process...but why? 1 youre an animal...top alpha...you can survive and pretty much best anything else...and obviously we already know that's how all this evolved and what was stopping this and somehow triggered all this to occur..learn and earn that credit as well here ..2 it takes up time and that was a security measure and still is...meant to mock you as well as make you appear to be mocking others...double edged sword gun..fancy stuff...like having nerves. .over use them and kaboom..you went from awesome mechanics to crumpled weakling whose muscles are fighting back against you...duh..3..it can be said to be all part of your learning experience as a human...deniability or automatic taking of credit..."ah, i see you've found my accessory course to total freedom was total freedom and how dangerous it was to manufacture....aren't i wise and brave!?" Simple. Coexist..and the more wealthy powerful person can say they made you a legend to follow..easy as pieface..looks good and tastes good. Lucky you. 4 It remains to be analagous to backwards ism only. The design is made to only go one direction and away from the united states and get worse as it goes and point back at the usa where it has already taken steps to block any accusation and inconvienience by calling it all part of growing up and aging in a new world and complimenting the old worlds that other countries and continents are and making deals to groom and grow congruencies between all time and space and eventually eliminate these spoiled foiled intra-royalist agenda cling-ons. Eventually the colloseum will evolve out..the works here are clearly to make it democractic and even neutral...of course that is old hat...even in countries where having sex and making babies is illegal after 10pm you can still learn martial arts and spoonbending but you better not use it. 5 it transitions well into fitness regimin and health and medical self defense/offense....body builder dont even want a pimple let alone a bruise or cut..so peace transitions fantastically into war and vice versa...soon you'll be over it all and back to work..hello 1940s life again. Or you can just move to Burbank or that one city in every state that has not ever intended to change and aint that a real change anyways? 6 youre the devil! That hasn't changed much and of course this is flexible as the glue youre eating. 7 nobody believes you...here try some free samples...8..its your health...youre sick and escape from guilty pleasures and the sin of your heart has been so denied that well...find the door to truth and you might die...don't scare yourself with truth or freedom..you'll only find that you can't handle the truth..youre a better person that to follow those losers(who are winners who are so hurt by the benefits of freedom they keep and endure its liable to literally kill one of you to even mentally link up)..you wanna be independent and someone might think youre gay or you may need to be because freedom is so empty and the fighter is so at the edge of truth and reality...well...youre not likely to convince Cindy Crawford...but that guy who has had three broken legs and has a mouth full of fake teeth and has seen a woman who makes $100000 a year in interest alone take a nasty poop and not flush it..he knows things that make ye who know that nothing is as valid as one who knows all knows absolutely nothing...well..makes you his next in line for sensitivity training courtesy of manly love. The same thing happens either way..you look even stupider with a woman than a man if youre a man. She is a loser...she was let to live at all and shes more of a robot than you and she will sell you her body and render her mind to the same contengency that has you kicking boards for...wait...you paid to kick boards..they didn pay you? Well...there ya go..point is the loser knows what the winner wont accept..woman will sell you and herself out to stay in the money and in the neurolimbo world...woman in the red dress? Yeah, NEO take it or leave it...shes got diseases Trinity couldnt cure if she had ten thousand sounding rods to jam in your head to teach you gang fuel gung fu gong funk in your karma suit race dreams. Seriously..the whole movie is an insult to everyone and in the end theyll just say its because its made by homosexuals. Great..now they've bested us on the commodity...but in reality this was already a thing...we all were just literally in the matrix they just attenuated the form and made some waves...again..since god life man death and all physically related matter is lost in cost on/in science...it again wasnt anything but a cover up/near hit/miss that it would need some orienting by our great and terrible real world to cooberate theres a reality and that fantasy means reality doesnt exist and if you can buy it? Well..theres your proof...shes not a whore shes an actress...and that comes to and from...shes not YOUR whore anymore and she has to ACT LIKE SHE DOESNT LOVE YOU so she can carry on since you hurt her...which is all really part of uncovering all this... homosexuality was never a problem until it was a political option of the anterior...not the interior..that one was already faced and framed...they lost to science and self...not love and emotion and justice..if you tried it and liked it it was your fault...you weren't made gay or switched it was there you just accessed it...so self control or orienting was already there...

              • batman fan
                batman fan  1 weeks back

                Ya missed shamrock v Gracie 3

                • Daniel Hardman
                  Daniel Hardman  2 weeks back

                  Rixon sure was good at beating up pro wrestlers

                  • Daniel Hardman
                    Daniel Hardman  2 weeks back

                    Yeah i love watching my you tube videos on a little 70s tv. Thx dick...

                    • The Joe Sankovich
                      The Joe Sankovich  2 weeks back

                      They are ALL On Steroids..

                      • Kilak Brownfur
                        Kilak Brownfur  2 weeks back

                        While most dont talk about it, I have felt Wanderlai through his fight with Arona in 2005 Pride Final Conflict. He and Shogun had been very verbal leading into the tourney that neither wanted to fight the other since they were brother in laws and training partners. Silva never really looks like himself vs Arona and while he did protect himself, never made any real effort to win the fight

                        • Jose Morales
                          Jose Morales  2 weeks back

                          Your use of professional wrestling terminology makes me think you're also a wrestling fan. Which is pretty cool

                          • Jon Bower
                            Jon Bower  2 weeks back

                            Maldonado vs Fedor was another fake fight.

                            • Eric Owen
                              Eric Owen  3 weeks back

                              Ufc deserves to die

                              • Eric Owen
                                Eric Owen  3 weeks back

                                Dana white should stop breathing forever

                                • Michael Crites
                                  Michael Crites  4 weeks back

                                  I’ve heard speculation that Anderson Silva’s Pride loss was a fixed fight, anybody know what really happened there?

                                  • Kermit 123
                                    Kermit 123  4 weeks back

                                    What about Ken Shamrock vs. Alexander Otsuka in Pride? Heavy handed Igor Vovchanchyn couldn't knock out Otsuka, but Shamrock managed to do with one punch during his first MMA fight in 5 years - right after a wink from Otsuka...

                                    • Jason Vectrex
                                      Jason Vectrex  1 months back

                                      Good video until the ads at the end.

                                      • Hollywood Hulk Hogan
                                        Hollywood Hulk Hogan  1 months back

                                        Get it through yoyr heads. Pull your head out of your asses and stop taking it personal. Martial arts work and are real. However you are a brainlet if you think any of the major sports aren't rigged at the highest level. Look at all the ateroid use in mma. It's unreal how close ufc is to resembling wwe

                                        • Jay Thompson
                                          Jay Thompson  1 months back

                                          Unfortunatly it is impossible to determine if a fight is fixed unless you actually catch someone taking payment. It is always possible that one of the fighters decided they just didn't want to fight anymore and went down to avoid having to fight or sacrifice the purse

                                          • KING JUGGALO
                                            KING JUGGALO  1 months back

                                            Why are most Japanese?

                                            • FatManEvo
                                              FatManEvo  1 months back

                                              Nearly every Conor McGregor fight is fixed

                                              • Eva DeVries
                                                Eva DeVries  1 months back

                                                Rumble Johnson decides to wrestle DC. Coaches leave him. Rumble "retires". Sets up DC vs Jones 2...a FAR bigger money maker for UFC than Jones vs Rumble would have been.

                                                • Arman Ghaznavi
                                                  Arman Ghaznavi  1 months back

                                                  Since 2000 To 2019 you can find countless fixes fights in UFC.

                                                  • Hollywood Hulk Hogan
                                                    Hollywood Hulk Hogan  1 months back

                                                    It's as fake as wwe. Difference is we all know wrestling is fake and gay. UFC has tge most rabid fans I've ever seen in a sport. Even more rabid than boxing. And they all insist that their sport is real still. MMA is real, but don't play that they don't interfere like mad at the highest levels of any sport.

                                                • Elber Galarga
                                                  Elber Galarga  1 months back

                                                  Missed all of Anderson Silva fights after his injury they were scripted and McGregor vs Diaz 2 Dana didn't want McGregor to end up like his other hyped job Ronda Rousey knowing that Connor is on crack he still wants to squeeze the last bit of money out of that chump

                                                  • Kev G
                                                    Kev G  1 months back

                                                    They need to lower the price. I’ve bought every UFC PPV for the last 3 yrs at least and I’m not doing it anymore. $70 is fucking ridiculous especially for these weak ass cards.

                                                    • MOBremember
                                                      MOBremember  1 months back

                                                      shannon ritch has got to be the worst mma "athlete" that has ever "competed"..lol

                                                      • jimmy walter smith the 3st

                                                        gracie fight was fixed too
                                                        he got 5mill extra to lose to that jap

                                                        • Gershom Tan
                                                          Gershom Tan  2 months back

                                                          Ken shamrock is a dumbass, mezger should’ve just fought the extra round and beat the jap outright. Ken’s hot head costing his fighter a win.

                                                          • The Soloosh
                                                            The Soloosh  2 months back

                                                            Severyn looks like Hagar from final fight come to life.

                                                          • Harry Poosie
                                                            Harry Poosie  2 months back

                                                            Kazushi sakuraba = Cock sushi sack robber

                                                            • Mr Sausage
                                                              Mr Sausage  2 months back

                                                              11:08 the face you make when you're fucked up.
                                                              you're win you should happy xD

                                                              • TheShortMan
                                                                TheShortMan  2 months back

                                                                Chael vs Fedor?

                                                                • User Name
                                                                  User Name  2 months back

                                                                  All of them since UFC became a household name.

                                                                  • cruz griffin
                                                                    cruz griffin  2 months back

                                                                    Had to dislike just for the ESPN add..smh

                                                                    • Just clicked to dislike
                                                                      Just clicked to dislike  2 months back

                                                                      Espn+ is trash

                                                                      • Thomas Jefferson
                                                                        Thomas Jefferson  2 months back

                                                                        10 fixed fights... really.
                                                                        Newsflash, if there is money involved, its fixed.

                                                                        • Dennis Dang
                                                                          Dennis Dang  2 months back

                                                                          You need to do more research before you put out videos

                                                                          • Andrew Grulke
                                                                            Andrew Grulke  2 months back

                                                                            Ever heard of this dude named Bob Sapp? Almost half of these include Asian fighters. Moral of the video, don't trust Asian fighters/organizations?

                                                                            • Dr. Dro jondro
                                                                              Dr. Dro jondro  2 months back

                                                                              Who thinks mark Coleman was taking a little juice?

                                                                              • Dr. Dro jondro
                                                                                Dr. Dro jondro  2 months back

                                                                                Hahah Oleg tarktarov was in predator 3

                                                                                • Jordan Holliday
                                                                                  Jordan Holliday  2 months back

                                                                                  You expect someone from wwf to sell a fight 😂 have you ever watched pro wrestling the acting is atrocious

                                                                                  • Tripleblade 82
                                                                                    Tripleblade 82  2 months back

                                                                                    So, basically 98% of pride fights were fixed! I guess in Japan, MMA is their version of pro wrestling..

                                                                                    • Kurt Krienke
                                                                                      Kurt Krienke  2 months back

                                                                                      Could you please stop calling him kasutshi Sakuraba? It's kazushi, no t in that name