Why Captain Marvel Is Stronger Than Scarlet Witch In The MCU

  • Published: 16 April 2019
  • They both got their powers from Infinity Stones, so why Is Captain Marvel more powerful than Scarlet Witch? Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant

    Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch are hands down, two of the strongest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But there is a definite winner in terms of who is stronger on the big screen and we’d wager it’s Captain Marvel who is the strongest character in the entire MCU. Marvel has even said so themselves! But it wasn’t like that in the comics. In fact, Scarlet Witch was considered to be one of the strongest in the source material. A chief example of her strength came in the X-Men comic House of M, which saw her create a whole new reality and nearly killing all of the mutants on the planet with three little words. So what happened on screen? Why isn’t Scarlet Witch taking down names left, right and center? Well, the MCU took some liberties with the character’s backstories and essentially rewrote them. This time around, both characters can trace their superpowers to two of the infinity stones, namely the Mind Stone for Wanda and the Space Stone for Carol. Each stone affected them differently but granted them immensely strong superpowers. But Scarlet’s powers seem to have a limit on her while Captain Marvel can take down a capital ship and not even break a sweat. Is this because she was granted powers from a different stone? Because of the duration of the stone’s exposure? Or could it be because Carol is a Kree hybrid and her advanced physiology has given her an edge over the very human Wanda Maximoff? Let’s find out!

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Comments • 6 284

  • שמעון שכטר
    שמעון שכטר  12 hours back

    in the coments captain marvel=o
    but scarlet witch=100👍

    • Black Wolf
      Black Wolf  18 hours back

      She wasnt tired she was drawing power from it when it is destroyed she cant use her powers cause there wasnt anything to draw from

      • _XDA_010
        _XDA_010  1 days back

        Dude captain marvel could fly and burn things with her fist only and scarlet witch could move things wif her mind, mind controlling and shes way more powerful

        • mandellorian
          mandellorian  1 days back

          Why Captain Marvel is stronger in the MCU, Because Kevin Fiege doesn`t know his source material and desperately needs a female lead for the next phase of the movies for Disney`s continuing virtue signalling. There that wasn`t so hard was it.

          • David Sinnott
            David Sinnott  1 days back

            Talking about Carol’s control over her powers in Captain Marvel. When we see her in 1995 with Fury, she has spent 6 years being trained specifically to control her powers by the Kree who have a better understanding of exactly where Carol got her powers so have more expertise.

            Wanda received her powers around 2014 after Age of Ultron? And while the people who gave her her powers were experimenting with the Mind Stone, it’s doubtful they fully understood what it was, and it’s less likely Steve would have known what exactly it was whilst training Wanda to try and control her powers more.

            So yes, Wanda has less control, but that’s because she wasn’t trained by people who understood just what her powers are and they’re full potential, which is different as Carol was trained by those who knew just what type of abilities and potential she had obtained from the Space Stone.

            I’m not gonna argue with the guys at Marvel, because it’s up to them and if they say Carol is the most powerful, they are gonna write her as the most powerful. But, it’s a fight that could go either way imo. If Wanda was given proper training and proper understanding of what her powers are (she’s literally spoken in the films about how even she doesn’t know what her abilities could truly do) she has the opportunity to be the most powerful in the entire MCU.

            • Tori Altamirano
              Tori Altamirano  2 days back

              scarlet witch i MUCH stronger!!! Captain Marvel didnt stand a CHANCE against Thanos

              • dr strange
                dr strange  15 hours back

                Thanos did not have the infinity gauntlet when he was fighting scarlet witch

            • Jake Cuevas
              Jake Cuevas  2 days back

              I think this analysis fails to identify the different meanings of strength. Carol is a warrior, she has better endurance, and her physiology is more equipped for feats of strength. The stone grants her a boost on her endurance and strength, allows her to play, and to generate powerful energy blast. In terms of a fist fight, yeah Carol isn't going to break a sweat as quickly as Wanda. Conversely, Wanda's abilities in the MCU are more variable. She isn't as much a warrior, although she has gone through training so she can probably fight better than the average person. Wanda's claim to fame is her powers. Much like the Mind stone, she can mess with peoples heads, a feat captain marvel cannot do. Her attacks aren't as much an energy blast as a series of kinetic forces splintering onto every aspect of her target. Her telekinetic attacks can lift, move, and block things much more powerful than herself. Not to mention in Infinity war we see her not only destroy a stone, but hold off the mad titan who already had all the other stones, after fighting a massive battle. Captain Marvel has not been shown to channel that much energy. Captain marvel is very powerful (mostly through her energy blast (see endgame ship destruction) but I'd challenge that Wanda could probably beat her.

              • harshita singh Rajawat

                No for me scarlet witch is more stronger than captain marvel

              • Jjaawm Family
                Jjaawm Family  2 days back

                captain marvel is really stronger than scarlet. captain marvel can absorb scarlet witches power energy. if scarlet witches power is 100% captain marvel will absorb it then scarlet witches power will turn 0% then its has no effect to captain marvel

                • Escape The Night Tea
                  Escape The Night Tea  3 days back

                  atleast wanda isn’t so full of herself. this video said: bullshit

                  • bathtub
                    bathtub  3 days back

                    shut up

                    • CHUKWUDALU ELOIKE
                      CHUKWUDALU ELOIKE  3 days back

                      Scarlet witch has definitely become more powerful than captain marvel. In avengers endgame Thanos kicked captain marvel's behind fair and square while scarlet witch almost destroyed him that he had to rain fire down on even his own people

                      • Jean Khast
                        Jean Khast  2 days back

                        @CHUKWUDALU ELOIKE do you think if a freakin meteor fell on Earth, Cap's shield would still be fine? No. That's the impact of the Power Stone, and much bigger.

                      • CHUKWUDALU ELOIKE
                        CHUKWUDALU ELOIKE  2 days back

                        She freaking broke Thanos' blade that hacked that cap's shield

                      • Jean Khast
                        Jean Khast  2 days back

                        With the Power Stone which destroys planets.

                    • frz0
                      frz0  3 days back

                      We all love the MCU but, there's no fixing Capt marvel. She's nowhere near Scarlet Witch level.

                      • Dylan Psinakis
                        Dylan Psinakis  4 days back

                        As im scrolling the comments section. Its Wanda that really wins and take a lot of attention.

                        • Katherine Murillo
                          Katherine Murillo  5 days back

                          I’m partly disappointed that you guys don’t understand that you guys don’t know that captain marvel is the most powerful

                          • Jean Khast
                            Jean Khast  2 days back

                            @Mr. Sandman ... So it's true.

                          • Mr. Sandman
                            Mr. Sandman  3 days back

                            thats like saying roblox is better than minecraft....

                        • Ali Valdez
                          Ali Valdez  5 days back

                          Captain marvel went to space and she can save the world by herself

                          • E.J Dela Cruz612
                            E.J Dela Cruz612  5 days back

                            Thats why scarlet witch is stronger because hes a mutant

                          • Najemniczkas
                            Najemniczkas  5 days back

                            I mean, like you said, Scarlet is discovering her powers and becoming stronger with each film.
                            So there is a possibility she will surpass Marvel. And I really hope she will.
                            Especially since Marvel not only instantly got the full power strenght after gaining her abilities, but she also knew pretty much immediately how to use them.
                            And that makes Scarlet Witch as a character too. We can see how she is growing in power and that she still didn't discover full potential of her powers.
                            Meanwhile Marvel is at the maximum of her power and got it immediately, which makes kind of no sense, especially how she got the hang of them so quickly, but it also means she can't grow stronger.

                            Scarlet should surpass Cpt Marvel with time. And I hope directors will make her stronger, because for me, Wanda is much better character than Carol.
                            Besides, I prefer Wanda's actress over Marvel's actress.

                            • Jean Khast
                              Jean Khast  2 days back

                              She didn't got her full powers at the same time she got hers...

                          • Vanaja Ram
                            Vanaja Ram  5 days back

                            lets not forget doctor strange

                            • Max Cheung
                              Max Cheung  5 days back

                              Actually, the fact is cm is much older than sw

                              • GameDjeenie
                                GameDjeenie  5 days back

                                People prefer Wanda Over Carol just because of the actresses lmao People seems to forget the scene where Carol destroy Thanos's ship in 1 second lol

                                • James Mei
                                  James Mei  6 days back

                                  Thor is a god

                                  • Girberto Ortiz
                                    Girberto Ortiz  6 days back

                                    If. They bring her powers from the comics hah no one will ever beat her no more mutions

                                    • Aiden Billiu
                                      Aiden Billiu  6 days back

                                      U wrong

                                      • Aiden Billiu
                                        Aiden Billiu  6 days back

                                        She's not! Do I need 2 remind u :"holds back 5 stones and destroyed the other AT THE SAME TIME

                                        • Damien Red
                                          Damien Red  6 days back

                                          Wanda destroyed an infinity stone (mind stone) where as captain marvel got destroyed by an infinity stone (power stone)

                                          • Damien Red
                                            Damien Red  6 days back

                                            @dr strange lol

                                          • dr strange
                                            dr strange  6 days back

                                            But the mind stone did not fight back

                                        • Charisma Spencer
                                          Charisma Spencer  7 days back

                                          Scarlet witch would destroy Captain Marvel.

                                        • SpeeDude 016
                                          SpeeDude 016  7 days back

                                          Many people are saying Captain Marvel isn't that powerful. I get that she isn't the best character in the world and people don't want her to be the strongest, but I really shouldn't have to remind you that THE CREATORS OF THESE CHARACTERS THEMSELVES SAID THAT SHE'S THE MOST POWERFUL AVENGER!

                                          • SpeeDude 016
                                            SpeeDude 016  7 days back

                                            0:42 One of those isn't so "near" godlike

                                            • O'Neil Chung
                                              O'Neil Chung  1 weeks back

                                              Save the MCU! Just have Captain Marvel get sucked into a black hole and build on the scarlet witch!

                                              • Brittany Johnson
                                                Brittany Johnson  1 weeks back

                                                lol i just realized that more than half of these comments are just bashing captain marvel which is actually fucked up.

                                                • XxGAMES BOMBxX
                                                  XxGAMES BOMBxX  1 weeks back

                                                  Scooby needs to up his power by 0.1% to fight both of them

                                                  • Wade
                                                    Wade  1 weeks back

                                                    Screen rant over here sucking off the agendas dick that was Capt Marvel. Lol

                                                    • Frost Vernsey
                                                      Frost Vernsey  1 weeks back

                                                      Literally everyone in the comments:
                                                      Your wrong Scarlett witch is stronger

                                                      • Sage PlayzZ
                                                        Sage PlayzZ  1 weeks back

                                                        Scarlet Witch is more powerful

                                                        • Nickel 56734
                                                          Nickel 56734  1 weeks back

                                                          Marvel CONFIRMED Scarlet Witch will become the most powerful, and get her reality and time warping and changing powers. She will get WAAAY more powerful then the Captain Marvel. She will also get her chaos magic.

                                                          Edit: This isn’t a joke. I’m serious. Marvel did confirm.

                                                          • DevilDog31
                                                            DevilDog31  1 weeks back

                                                            Scarlett Witch Considered Powerful?? Whaaaa

                                                            • MrTeucro99
                                                              MrTeucro99  1 weeks back

                                                              Look i dont give two fucks if have to head canon this, Scarlet Witch > Captain Marvel in every aspect.

                                                              • Arath Alexander
                                                                Arath Alexander  1 weeks back

                                                                Captain Marvel is Strong, But Wanda is more Powerful, specially with her powers evolving

                                                                • Alexandra Georgiou
                                                                  Alexandra Georgiou  1 weeks back

                                                                  Maybe the reason Wanda and Vision are so attracted to each other is because (in the MCU at least) their origins are the same. Both of their powers come from the mind stone.

                                                                  • Dale Pascual
                                                                    Dale Pascual  1 weeks back

                                                                    OK..new question; Who's stronger between (AVENGERS - Captain Marvel) OR (XMEN - Jean Grey "Dark Phoenix")? Both absorbed that energy source and both have extreme super powers!

                                                                    • fusionaut23
                                                                      fusionaut23  1 weeks back

                                                                      The reason Captain Marvel is more powerful than Scarlet Witch in the MCU is because idiots are running Disney Marvel. That's all.

                                                                      • Jhon Feliciano
                                                                        Jhon Feliciano  1 weeks back

                                                                        Like: Doctor Strange

                                                                        Comment: Scarlet Witch

                                                                        Do Nothing: Captain Marvel

                                                                        • Watson Granger
                                                                          Watson Granger  1 weeks back

                                                                          I think is not true because Wanda is the strongest avenger

                                                                          • Lazer Luche
                                                                            Lazer Luche  1 weeks back

                                                                            In the comics, Wanda could literally bend reality to her liking. She even managed to make the mutants extinct.

                                                                          • BossManKb YT
                                                                            BossManKb YT  1 weeks back

                                                                            MCU powers

                                                                            • BossManKb YT
                                                                              BossManKb YT  1 weeks back

                                                                              In mcu Scarlett is weak compared to comics.

                                                                              • Herr Doodlesmith
                                                                                Herr Doodlesmith  1 weeks back

                                                                                Dude it’s either Thor or Wanda who is the strongest